Monday, October 22, 2012

P.O.S: "Get Down ft. Mike Mictlan" (Music Video)

The new P.O.S album is now out. It's the electro-grime rap prescription that your doctor would order, if you could afford health care. Go buy We Don't Even Live Here when you get the chance.

Also, if you haven't heard, P.O.S needs a new kidney. You can help by donating through PayPal to

Big Quarters: "Grown Up ft. Sims"

Big Quarters announced a new EP, Somos No Joke, out Nov. 8. It's going to feature Sims (featured on the single below), Longshot, and I.B.E. And it's going to feature Big Quarters. And Big Quarters are awesome. So get excited.

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Mike Mictlan: "SNAXXX" (Mixtape)

Mike Mictlan's SNAXXX mixtape has been getting plenty of local Twitter buzz, and is finally here. It was largely produced by 2% Muck and from what I can tell so far is a grimy listen throughout. One thing that's important to point out is there's a song here called "Spicy Peeñ."There are also contributions from P.O.S, Spider Baybie Raw Dog, Greg Grease, Lizzo, and more. You can download the album for the "name your price" method at Mictlan's Bandcamp, or get the limited edition SNAXX PAXXX while supplies last. Stream the project after the jump.

Big Cats: "One" (Music Video)

Big Cats' instrumental album For My Mother is coming out in less than a week, on Tuesday Oct. 2. Based on the songs we've heard so far, and this new video for leadoff track "One," it promises to be a great overall piece of music. You can order For My Mother online on CD or vinyl; 75% of the proceeds from the album will go to the Minnesota Ovarian Cancer Alliance, in honor or Christi Wirth-Davis. Lastly, remember that Big Cats complete with a live band will perform at the For My Mother release party on Thursday 10/11 at the Cedar Cultural Center.

Prof: Kaiser Von Powderhorn 3 (Mixtape)

After "New Kid" and the video for "Me Boi," Prof has now released his newest mixtape, Kaiser Von Powderhorn 3, in full. It's a free download at Prof's Bandcamp site, and features Slug and Yelawolf, as well as production from Lazerbeak. Stream it below.

Paper Tiger: Beat Tape

Those who pre-ordered the physical copy of Paper Tiger's Summer EP received as a bonus the limited run physical copy of this beat tape. Now, fortunately for everyone else, Paper Tiger has decided to make that beat tape available as a download. Stream it below or download it for free at Paper Tiger's Bandcamp page.

Toki Wright: "High Definition" (Music Video)

Here is the music video for Toki Wright's "High Definition," off his FADERS mixtape. Adam Dunn directed the video.

Alex Frecon: "San Fran" (Music Video)

New video from Alex Frecon, directed by Jason Chorba of XGenesis Productions. Purchase Alex Frecon's The Hedgehog Dilemma on iTunes.

BdotCroc: "Not Ya Average" (Music Video)

New video from BdotCroc.

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Danny Brown: "Change"

Depending on how big of a Blu fan you are, you may have caught his 2008 album with elusive producer mainframe under the moniker Johnson&Jonson. It was an unstructured album with Blu rhyming over obscure, hazy psychedelic rock samples and ended up being one of my favorite albums of that year, and probably my second favorite Blu project to date. Now, Johnson&Jonson are teaming up to produce a new album by the prolific Danny Brown, who always seems to be wearing multiple hats. On their first single, "Change," he dials back his hyped out, grime music-inspired yelp rap, for a surprisingly smooth and subdued style. Their album, which is coming out under the name Danny Johnson, should be out relatively soon.

I.B.E: "Bottomless Bottom" (Prod. Benzilla)

In January, I.B.E will be coming out with his album This That & The Third, which is produced entirely by Benzilla and will feature I Self Devine, Slug and more as guests. Here is the first single from that album, "Bottomless Bottom."

Brother Ali: "Only Life I Know" (Music Video)

Here's the latest from Ali's quickly approaching LP with Jake One, Mourning in America and Dreaming in Color, which will be out on Tuesday next week but can still be preordered. The "Only Life I Know" video was directed by Dave Wilson. Learn more about the song after the jump.

Prof: "Me Boi" (Music Video)

If you thought Prof had reached his limit for how ridiculous his videos can be, think again. His latest, for "Me Boi," off his upcoming Kaiser Von Powdorhorn 3 mixtape and directed by Adam Dunn, features him punching a lot of men (and some women), breaking shit, parading around town to Planned Parenthood and Hennepin County Medical Center with a bottle of Jameson and three very pregnant women. Don't even bothering acting surprised at this point.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

P.O.S: "Fuck Your Stuff" (Music Video)

Here is the epic, cameo-packed new video for P.O.S's "Fuck Your Stuff," directed by Isaac Gale and David Jensen. Like all of P.O.S's new material, the song is a monster in live performances, and gets fans in full-out riot mode. The video captures that similar energy — there's dancing, graffiti, a plethora of blurred out insignia, and lots and lots of fire. This is part of the anti-corporate, non-materialistic, posture-free section of life that P.O.S is referencing with his album title, We Don't Even Live Here. The song and video for "Fuck Your Stuff" may inspire some new people to seek that out as well.

Marijuana Deathsquads: Tamper. Disable. Destroy (Free Album)

Marijuana Deathsquads just put out a new free album titled Tamper. Disable. Destroy. I already posted their collaboration with Astronautalis and Channy of Poliça, "Top Down." It looks the the rest of the album is equally packed with collaborations. Guests on Tamper. Disable. Destroy include Lazerbeak, Lizzo, P.O.S, Mike Mictlan, Plain Ole Bill, Spyder Baybie Raw Dog, Truth Be Told, Ander Other, Sims, Makr, Ben Ivascu (Poliça), Justin Vernon (Bon Iver), Har Mar Superstar, Cecil Otter, 2% Muck, and many more. Yikes. Follow the link below to visit the band's website, where you can download the entire album.

DOWNLOAD - Marijuana Deathsquads: Tamper. Disable. Destroy

Watch Brother Ali Freestyle over the 5 Fingers of Death on Sway In the Morning (Video)

While Brother Ali was recently out in New York he visited the Sway in the Morning radio show and took on the 5 Fingers of Death challenge. Watch the video above to see how that turned out. Hint: he bodies it, as evidenced by the guy in the back constantly fist-pumping.

Update: Wow. The "guy in the back" is Murs, and it took me a while to realize that. Murs cut his hair!

Friday, September 7, 2012

Marijuana Deathsquads: "Top Down" ft. Astronautalis & Channy Leaneagh

Next Tuesday local experimental electronic group Marijuana Deathsquads will release Tamper, Disable, Destroy, a free album via Totally Gross National Product. "Top Down" is the synthy, wobbly single from that album, and it features a chorus from Channy of Poliça and intermittent appearances from Astronautalis, who drops by to rap what sound to be freestyles. Stream the song below.

The Chalice: "Mama" (Music Video)

"Mama" is the latest song to come from Minneapolis trio The Chalice, composed of Lizzo, Sophia Eris and Claire de Lune. This black and white video was directed by Nicholas Larkins Perez. The group will release their debut EP WE ARE THE CHALICE on Sept. 28.

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

House Shoes: "Sweet" ft. Danny Brown (Music Video)

Danny Brown, despite not having put out an album in 2012, is still impressively delivering one of the strongest years of anyone on the national scene. Every time it seems Brown's momentum is starting to fade, he'll pop up with a killer guest verse or a great single. Despite surely making a comfortable living playing festivals like Bonnaroo and touring extensively, Brown is still rapping each verse with a reckless passion, like his whole career rests on the delivery of each line. It's been a joy to follow.

His latest case for Rapper of the Year, a prestigious honor which I just made up right now, is the video for "Sweet" off House Shoes' latest album Let It Go. Watch the shapeshifting Brown above, in his second excellent music video of 2012.

Friday, August 31, 2012

Big Jess Presents: Honorable Mention, Volume 1

If you've been following Big Jess on Twitter over the past several months, you should be aware by now that he's been actively working on a compilation project featuring tons of local artists. The concept seemed simple enough. Jess produces a bunch of original beats, and gets his friends to hop on and do their thing. I'm not sure if there's much more to it than that, but looking at the roster on the album, I'm excited to give it a few spins. For those of you who are still curious, I included the tracklist after the jump. You can download and stream Honorable Mention, Volume 1 over at

Big Jess Presents: Honorable Mention, Volume 1

Listen to Audio Perm Perform on Radio K

Audio Perm recently crammed in to the studio at Radio K and performed a few songs live on air. Stream the session at Radio K's website, or download it below. You can also hit the jump for video of Fresh Squeeze performing "Yo."

DOWNLOAD - Audio Perm, live on Radio K

1. Attention Deficit Disorder (Ft. Art School Girls)
2. Pepper Shaker (Ft. Chantz Erolin & 80H20)
3. Skin & Bones (Ft. Bobby Raps, Yakub, & Big Dylan)
4. YO! (Ft. Fresh Squeeze)

Brother Ali: "Mourning in America" (Music Video)

The sort of self-titled single to Brother Ali's upcoming album now has a video, which powerfully accompanies the song's appraisal of America as a country whose entire existence is based around violence and the way that's reflected in our current culture. Read Brother Ali's eloquent description below:
This is the title track to my new album, Mourning in America and Dreaming in Color. The first half of the album highlights and critiques the dire situation in which we live. The second half outlines the tremendous opportunity we have to re-imagine and reform our society. This song is an observation and a critique of our culture of death and murder. From actual war zones around the world to our own inner cities where this summer's death rates rival war zones. I also address our national hypocrisy regarding violence. We have a zero tolerance policy of violence committed against us, but we're a lot more lenient and patient when it comes to the violence we commit. "A life is a life and a killer is a killer".
Below, you can also listen to Ali's recent performance and interview at the Minnesota State Fair. The session with The Current goes far beyond the lighthearted typical fair performances we're used to, and covers many of the topics you can expect to be featured on his upcoming album: racism, violence, economic inequality, and more.

Toki Wright: "Hell On Earth"

"Hell on Earth" is a free verse Toki recorded over the instrumental to the Mobb Deep single of the same name. Toki is currently working on Channels, the follow-up to 2009's A Different Mirror.

Knox: "LOVE"

Knox is making a Re-Classic series right now, taking some of his favorite instrumentals and recreating the songs in his vision. His latest version is "LOVE," which deserves at least two listens: once for the technique, and then again for the content.

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Watch/Listen to P.O.S Perform at the Minnesota State Fair

Just yesterday P.O.S performed at the Current's booth at the MN State Fair in support of his upcoming album We Don't Even Live Here. P.O.S was briefly interviewed by Mary Lucia and spoke about the meaning of the album, his song writing process, the differences between writing solo and for Doomtree, and more. He also performed four songs, including his latest trunk rattler/party starter/face melter "Bumper." I was there to witness it all. It was fun. Watch video of the "Bumper" performance above, and stream the entire session below.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

"Shameless," ft. Slug, MaLLy, Mike the Martyr and Haphduzn (Prod. Dimitry Killstorm)

Check the Blog just premiered "Shameless," the first track from Flood Watch, an upcoming compilation album put together by That Dude Reeg and Tek. The track features Slug, MaLLy, Mike the Martyr and Haphduzn trading verses over some Dimitry Killstorm production. I don't know if the four Minneapolis rappers were together when composing their verses, but you can feel the spirit of competition in this track. Everyone knew they had to bring their best work, and they all definitely showed up for this track. Listen to it below.

Monday, August 20, 2012

Greg Grease: "Basement Soul" (Music Video)

Bobby Raps and Alejandro P produced this new song from Greg Grease, off his Cornbread's Coming. Greg's album Cornbread, Pearl & G, will be out this fall.

Greg Grease: "Basement Soul"

PREVIOUSLY - Greg Grease: "Rip Well"

Brother Ali: "4th King"

Brother Ali's musical relationship with Jake One has proved to be an exciting one ever since they dropped "The Truth." But with their full-length Mourning in America and Dreaming in Color coming soon, that partnership is proving to be beneficial in unexpected ways. Jake One recently got the most high-profile beat placement of his career in "Three Kings," the Rick Ross song featuring Dr. Dre and Jay-Z. Jake had announced that he wouldn't leak the instrumental, as to avoid avoid the inevitable deluge of shitty freestyles that always happens when a trendy industry beat comes out. However, Ali heard the song and realized he already had Jake One's beat from their previous sessions together. Naturally, Ali had to make the song his own, and eclipsed the generic and lifeless verses delivered by Rozay and Dre. Listen to "4th King" below.

Brother Ali: "4th King"

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

P.O.S: "Bumper"

This morning delivered one of the best possible surprises with the official lead single to P.O.S's upcoming album, We Don't Even Live Here, due on October 23. I'm pretty sure I've seen "Bumper" played live once or twice — I've definitely heard the brilliant "They on some nonsense, we on some nonstop" hook before — but getting to dissect the studio version is exciting as it hints at what we can expect from the album, which you can read about further on in this post.

Brother Ali: "Mourning in America" (Prod. Jake One)

Brother Ali's new album Mourning in America and Dreaming in Color is due on Sept. 12 (pushed back from it's original August date). Here is "Mourning in America," the raging sort-of title track to the album, which can be pre-ordered now.

Greg Grease: "Rip Well"

Greg Grease's "Rip Well" is a song 3 years in the making. The Mic Titan-produced track is inspired by unwarranted acts of violence in large American cities like Chicago, Detroit, Minneapolis and Atlanta, but gained deeper significance due to the recent passing of Greg's friend and musical collaborator Abdulle Elmi. The song builds from Greg starting his rhymes over little more than guitar and 808 kicks to a full-flegged emotional yet paranoid dedication. Greg stated, “I wanted it to be sad but not weepy, angry not aggressive...I really feel like it has its own energy that isn't Greg Grease, I'm just a feature on it”. This intention comes through and makes the track a tribute in the finest form: a statement that resonates powerfully and emotionally without Grease having to preach from a soapbox.

DOWNLOAD - Greg Grease: "Rip Well"

Sean Anonymous: "Hot to Death" (Music Video)

Here is the second music video from Sean Anonymous' Anonymo EP, which can be purchased on iTunes now. The video was directed by Dave Wilson and show in Austin, TX during SXSW 2012.

Prof: "New Kid" ft. Yelawolf

Prof's Kaiser Von Powerhorn 3 is coming out on September 25 and the first single from that project is here, "New Kid," which features a high profile guest in Yelawolf.

Paper Tiger: "The Fortunate Wayfarer" (Music Video)

Paper Tiger just released his Summer EP, an aptly titled collection of breezy beats perfect for enjoying outdoors in these waning days of heat and sunshine. Here is the video for one track off that EP, "The Fortunate Wayfarer," which documents the delightful seaside adventures of a boombox and reminds me of this fan-made video for LCD Soundsystem's "Home." It also makes me want to go to the No Kings Arcade.

Stream the Summer EP after the jump or download it from iTunes.

Franz Diego: "Turnt Up"

The monthly Turnt Up parties at Honey just celebrated their 2-year anniversary (which was documented by Greg Grease via the above video) and Franz Diego released a song to celebrate that milestone.

Franz Diego: "Turnt Up"

BONUS! Here is Noam the Drummer's August 2012 Turnt Up mix:

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

MasterMind: DenMark Vesey: ICFS, Vol. 1 (Mixtape)

After the excellent single "Hood Dreamin" helping to build anticipation, MasterMind's debut solo mixtape DenMark Vesey: ICFS, Vol. 1 is finally here. This should be a good one. Production from Reggie Reg, and the entire project was mixed by Booka B of the Wants Vs. Needs crew. Hit the jump to stream and download the mixtape.

Maria Isa: "Revolutionary Bums (Illegal Characters)"

This new song from Maria Isa is an early preview from her next album Valley of the Dolls.

M.anifest: "Way Too Gold (Enfa Me Ho)"

Since I just posted the new video for Kanye's "Cold," I might as well share M.anifest's take on that track. He got a hold of the instrumental and came up with "Way Too Gold (Enfa me Ho)." Spotted at Jon Jon's excellent Sound Verite blog.

M.anifest: "Way Too Gold (Enfa Me Ho)"

DJ Khaled: "I Wish You Would" + "Cold" ft. Kanye West & Rick Ross (Music Video)

Here is the simple yet visually striking Hype Williams-directed double video for two DJ Khaled tracks. First is "I Wish You Would" with Ricky Rozay and Kanye, second is the Kanye West boastathon/Kardashian love confession "Cold" (formerly known as "Way Too Cold" formerly known as "Threaflu").

Muja Messiah: "Escape 2 Isla Verde" (Prod. Nicademus)

"Escape 2 Isla Verde" is Muja Messiah's recap of his 10-day trip to Puerto Rico with Villa Rosa and Malamanya as part of the Latina Ritual Project. Muja's got a new album in the works called Caviar.

Prof: "Peep Show" (Music Video)

"Peep Show" is Prof's fourth music video off of the King Gampo album, and it's as equally original as the previous three.

Mike Dreams: Millenial (Free Album)

Fresh off a release party at the 7th St. Entry last weekend, Mike Dreams' new album Millenial is now here for free coutesy of DJBooth. Hit the link below to stream or download the project.

Mike Dreams: Millenial (Free Album)

Sound of the City, Vol. 12 (Mixtape)

The folks at 4seen Magazine have been putting out these monthly Sound of the City mixtapes for a year now. Coming from someone who writes a blog — and does so horribly inconsistently — this is a respectable feat. The latest tape features the late Fly Henderson, Mike Dreams, K.Raydio, Bobby Raps, Tek, Big Dylan, MaLLy, Mike the Martyr, I Self Divine, and more. Hit the jump to stream it.

Monday, August 6, 2012

Watch Astronautalis Perform "The River, The Woods" for MN Original

Astronautalis recently performed the opening track to This is Our Science for Twin Cities Public Television's MN Original series.

Ill Poetic: "Autonomy"

Ill Poetic has been fairly inactive on the music front in recent years, so it's nice to see him return with such a quality song — and hopefully a new album in the future. "Autonomy" is a fitting "comeback" track. It features Ill Poetic rapping in a choppy and occasionally conversational flow about his penchant for taking his time to release new material. It's clear that this isn't a half-cooked concept sent out to generate blog fodder. I'm excited to see what he's got next in line.

Background Noise Crew: Everybody Does This, Vol. 2

Here is the new album from Background Noise Crew, Everbody Does This, Vol. 2. The album features contributions from the entire crew and is notable for the addition of the group's two new rappers, JL Magee & Legend Has It. The crew kept production in-house from the album, with Egypto Knuckles and Phingaz responsible for every beat. Stream it below.

Culture Cry Wolf: "Second Wind" ft. Sims (Music Video)

Here's another video from Culture Cry Wolf's Día De Los Muertos album. The video was directed by Adam Dunn.

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

The Tribe & Big Cats: "DMT Flow" (Music Video)

Here is the awesome new video for TTxBC's "DMT Flow."

Read my review of TTxBC's great new album, Space, here.

Big Cats: "One"

On October 2, Big Cats will be releasing his instrumental solo project For My Mother. The album can be pre-ordered on CD or vinyl here. You can also use that link to buy tickets to the album release party on October 11 at the Cedar, where Big Cats will be performing with a full band. Stream "One" below.

Big Cats
For My Mother release party
The Cedar // October 11
with K.Raydio and the Chalice
Tickets // Facebook RSVP

Mike the Martyr: Lake Street Bar 3 (Instrumental EP)

More instrumentals from one of the Twin Cities most prolific beat makers. Mike the Martyr recently dropped the third and final installment in his Lake Street Bar instrumental EP series via Check the Blog.

Paper Tiger: "Gold Pass"

Paper Tiger's Summer EP will be out on 8/14. Pre-order it here. Stream the first single "Gold Pass" below.

Saturday, July 14, 2012

The Tribe & Big Cats: 'Space' (Review)

For the past two years, each time the Tribe and Big Cats release a new album I declare it “their best work yet.” That trend continues with Space, which came out on July 10 and is available for free download. On Space we find TTxBC taking progressive artistic strides that show their evolution as a group. Unlike FTMS (which was good) and Make Good (which was even better), Space eschews any significant contributions from other artists. Leaving this one up solely to Truth Be Told and Big Cats (this is their first full-length since Pete left the group) is rewarding. As a whole, the album holds up very well sonically and thematically, as Space is their most focused effort yet.

Guante: "This Is The Opposite Of A Suicide Note" (Graham O'Brien Remix)

Graham O'Brien remixed Guante's song "This is the Opposite of a Suicide Note" to give the song some extra kick with his punchy live drums. Guante and Big Cats' album You Better Weaponize is due in the Fall of 2012.
“This is the Opposite of a Suicide Note” is a war cry, a manifesto, an acknowledgement that as bad as things can get, there is always hope and power in community. Guante’s trademark gallows humor and distaste for saccharine, positive-rap platitudes, however, make the journey to that conclusion engaging and unpredictable. And O’Brien’s dynamic, propulsive production work provides a powerful foundation, shifting and evolving along with the lyrics.

Homeless: "Get Gone" ft. K.Raydio (Music Video)

Adam Dunn made a music video for the new Homeless track "Get Gone", so now you can follow along with the lyrics of this Big Cats produced song.

Family Records: The Forest Floor (EP)

The Forest Floor is a brief collection of new tracks from Family Records, which is composed of local rapper/producer Oppi, along with Vinnie, Dada and Monty Montana. The Forest Floor is a appropriate title for the 3-song EP, as the opening and closing tracks are both ambient, atmospheric tracks made for mellow summer drives through the country. The middle track "Bassline" is more of a lyrical exercise cypher joint. Click on through to stream and download the project.

Elzhi: "Blue Window"

Detroit rapper Elzhi, one of my favorite rappers on a purely technical level, has a new single to build anticipation for his recently announced upcoming album, The Weather Man.

Monday, July 9, 2012

Behind Brother Ali's 'Mourning in America and Dreaming in Color' (Video)

Here's a video that gives a deeper look into Brother Ali's upcoming album Mourning in America and Dreaming in Color. The album will be released on August 21 and can be pre-ordered right now.

Hear Three New Songs from Toki Wright's "Speed of Life" Project

Despite the loss of a close friend, Abdulle Elmi, that has touched many artists in the local hip-hop community, Toki Wright has continued his week-long "Speed of Life" project. Here are the three latest songs, which include a dedication to Elmi and a song with Yakub, who recently joined Wright on the Fade Left tour.

Sound of the City, Vol. 11 (Mixtape)

Here is the latest Sound of the City mixtape, presetned by 4Seen Magazine. This one features Toki Wright, I Self Devine, Tribe and Big Cats!, MaLLy, Tek, Mike Dreams, Tomorrow Genius, several Audio Perm rappers, and a monstrous collaboration track from Mike the Martyr, Meta, Muja Messiah and Mac Irv, "Dial M for Murder." Grab the mixtape after the jump.

Friday, July 6, 2012

Toki Wright: "Therapy" ft. Felix, Mastermind, & Mayda

Last year Toki Wright completed his first "Speed of Life" project, where he creates from scratch one new song each day for a week. Now, fresh after heading west for his brief Fade Left tour, Toki is working on the second volume of "Speed of Life." "Therapy" is the first song, and features Felix of Heiruspecs, Mastermind, and Mayda.

Hit the jump for the second song Toki has written, produced, recorded, and mixed this week, the trippy, spacey instrumental "лицо краской."

Mike Dreams: Youngin' from '88 (Mixtape)

Mike Dreams' Youngin' From 88 mixtape is a prelude to his upcoming album Millenial, due out on August 7. The tape should keep you busy for a few days until July 9, when you can head to and pre-order the album.

Mike Dreams: Youngin' from '88 (Mixtape)


Mike Dreams: "The Lights, The Life"
Mike Dreams: "We The Ones" (Prod. Gmo)
Mike Dreams: "In The Sky" ft. Tameya Clark

Just Wulf: "The Fire" (Prod. Nicademus)

Saint Paul lyricist Just Wulf is working on a monthly release series title "Just In Time Monthly" where he puts out a new song on the last day of every month. The latest song he's given us is "The Fire" a hard hitting verbal exercise with a beat produced by Nicademus. Listen to it below.

Thursday, June 28, 2012

The Tribe & Big Cats!: "Dopeness" (Music Video)

Here is the music video for "Dopeness," another excellent track from the Tribe and Big Cats! upcoming album Space. The album is coming out on July 10. The album release party, meanwhile, is on July 14 at the 7th St. Entry.

PREVIOUSLY - The Tribe & Big Cats!: "P.I.L.L.S"

The Tribe & Big Cats!
Space Album Release Show
Saturday, July 14 // 7th St. Entry
with F. Stokes, Metasota and Jimmy 2 Times
Facebook RSVP // Tickets

Audio Perm: "Dylan's Song" ft. Big Dylan (Prod. Julian Fairbanks)

Audio Perm week continues as we get closer to tomorrow, when they headline the Cabooze for their second Permed Out Showcase. Here is Wednesday's release from the crew, "Dylan's Song," which naturally features Big Dylan and was produced by Julian Fairbanks.

"Twenty One A" ft. Chantz Erolin & 80H20 (Prod. Cory Grindberg) 
"Refrigerator Raider" ft. Biter Fighters (Prod. Taylor Madrigal)

Mike the Martyr: Grand Marye (Mixtape)

In 2011 and 2012 Mike the Martyr has established himself in the Twin Cities as a sought after producer. He can rhyme too, though, and his recent mixtape Grand Marye puts his abilities on full display. The tape features him rapping over mostly Kanye West beats — hence the mixtape's title and album cover — and also features guest work from Metasota, Bobby Raps, KnoX and more.

DOWNLOAD - Mike the Martyr: Grand Marye (Mixtape)

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Audio Perm: "Refrigerator Raider" ft. Biter Fighters (Prod. Taylor Madrigal)

Here is Tuesday's release from Audio Perm, leading up to the Showcase on Friday. Biter Fighters are composed of Unfuh Qwittable & Taylor Madrigal.

Audio Perm
Permed Out Showcase #2
Friday, June 29 // The Cabooze
ft. Metasota and Jason Anxious
Facebook RSVP // Tickets

Audio Perm: "Twenty One A" ft. Chantz Erolin & 80H20 (Prod. Cory Grindberg)

Audio Perm are releasing one track per day this week leading up to their second Permed Out Showcase, taking place this Friday at the Cabooze. Monday's song, "Twenty One A," was produced by Cory Grindberg and features Chantz Erolin and 80H20 on the raps.

Audio Perm
Permed Out Showcase #2
Friday, June 29 // The Cabooze
ft. Metasota and Jason Anxious
Facebook RSVP // Tickets

Homeless: "Get Gone" ft. K.Raydio (Prod. Big Cats!)

"Get Gone" is a new song from Homeless featuring some assistance from K.Raydio on vocals and Big Cats! on production.

Claire de Lune: Be Scene Mpls Interview (Video)

Check out the interview Claire de Lune recently did with Jake of Be Scene Mpls, part 2 is after the jump. Claire's EP New Lion is out now, so go buy that, and stream it below if you need any convincing first. Keep in mind her release party is tomorrow evening at the 7th St. Entry.

Claire de Lune
New Lion EP Release Party
Thursday, June 28 // 7th St. Entry
with Greg Grease, K.Raydio, and DJ Noam the Drummer
$7 door, $5 advance // 18+ // Tickets

Mankwe: Science and Spirit, Pt. 4 (Video)

Here is the final video of Mankwe and Medium Zach's Science and Spirit improvisational video series. Mankwe's debut album Science and Spirit is coming out on July 17.

Previously - Mankwe: "Henrietta Goes Electric"

KnoX: "Flippin Birdz"

Here's something new from KnoX.

DOWNLOAD - KnoX: "Flippin Birdz"

Listen to a Brother Ali Interview with the Sanpablito Blog

Brother Ali conducted an extended interview with the Sanpablito blog that is very candid and thoughtful, as usual. Listen to the audio below.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Claire de Lune: "Save the Day" ft. MaLLy & Truth Be Told (Music Video)

The Local Current blog premiered the new music video, done by River Life Media aka Greg Grease, to "Save the Day", Claire de Lune's lead single to New Lion, her debut EP that is getting released next Tuesday, June 26. The song features MaLLy and Truth Be Told, and was produced by Big Cats!. Pre-order New Lion through Claire's Bandcamp.

Claire de Lune
New Lion EP Release Party
Thursday, June 28 // 7th St. Entry
with Greg Grease, K.Raydio, and DJ Noam the Drummer
$7 door, $5 advance // 18+ // Tickets

Mankwe: Science and Spirit, Pts. 2 & 3 (Videos)

Mankwe Ndosi's debut solo album Science and Spirit is coming out on July 17, and you may remember her and Medium Zach are doing a video series where they create new songs on the spot to demonstrate the creative process they used to create Mankwe's album. Here are the second and third videos in that series. Part 2 is above, part 3 is below after the jump.

Previously - Mankwe: "Henrietta Goes Electric"

The Anchormen: "Doors ft. Fancy Ray & AbhiNav" (Music Video)

The Anchormen (Big Wiz, Aquafresh & T La Shawn) and AbhiNav have got a new video out for "Doors" and recruit some help from Fancy Ray for the video. This one's from their Southside Action News mixtape, if you haven't caught that yet.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Brother Ali: "Stop the Press" (Prod. Jake One)

"Stop the Press" is the first official single from Brother Ali's Mourning in America and Dreaming in Color, produced entirely by Jake One. I first saw Ali perform it over Evidence's "Red Carpet" instrumental at Sims' 7th St. Entry performance during last year's Doomtree Blowout week. Then he did it again a few weeks ago, again at the Entry, while debuting his new live band Blank Tape Beloved. In either form it's a powerful and highly personal piece of work. Ali raps passionately about several of the most significant events in his life from the past few years: losing his touring DJ (but not his friend) BK-One, his father committing suicide, Eyedea passing away, and more.

With all their one-off singles and finally the first official release from the album, Ali and Jake One have continually displayed their excellent chemistry together and set the bar high for August 21, when Mourning in America and Dreaming in Color will be released. You can pre-order the album now, via Fifth Element.

Carnage the Executioner: "Respect The Name" (Music Video)

Carnage's great new Medium Zach-produced single, "Respect the Name," from his upcoming album of the same title, dropped last week. Now here is the video, directed by Arlo Myren. Watch Carnage solve some comic-book style capers with Desdamona as his sidekick, and look for cameos from the perfectly cast villains Slug and Prof. Carnage's Respect the Name will be released on September 11 via Fill In The Breaks/Hecatomb.

Toki Wright's Fade Left Tour Preview (Video)

Toki is hitting the road soon with Burnell Washburn, DJ So Gold, and special guest Yakub for their Fade Left Tour. Check out the video above to see what's in store for the tour.

Culture Cry Wolf: "Me, Myself, and I" (Music Video)

Check out Culture Cry Wolf's simple yet effective video to "Me, Myself, and I," from their album Dia de los Muertos. The video was directed by Adam Dunn.

BeSceneMpls Presents: Rooftop Cypher I (Video)

Much of the rhetoric in hip-hop media these days centers around the false dichotomy between what's "real rap" and what's not; Nicki Minaj backing out of Hot 97's Summerjam becuase of DJ Peter Rosenberg's comments is the latest example in that clash. The debate often centers around a traditionalist vs. non-traditionalist approach. If you watch the BET Award cyphers or listen to a "freestyle" on Nah Right and grumble that it's prepared or pre-written material, you probably sympathize with the traditionalist stance. If so, you'll definitely be a fan of this new Be Scene Mpls video series (if not, there's still a good chance you'll enjoy it). Jake and Eamon at Be Scene want to take the cypher back to it's older iteration, where the gathering is more free flowing and improvised. So they rounded up Lizzo, Manny Phesto, Freez, Big Dylan, Yakub along with Tristan (aka Mic Technique) to beat-box. Check out the results above, and stay tuned for more videos from the Be Scene crew.

Sam Scott: "We Get Around" (ft. Mod Sun & Mike Dreams)

The homie Zeke just sent me this new track by Sam Scott featuring two Minneapolis rappers, Mod Sun and Mike Dreams. Check out "We Get Around" below.

Monday, June 18, 2012

Longshot: Live from the Gravebomb, Vol. 2 (Mixtape)

Here is the latest mixtape from Chicago/Minneapolis rapper Longshot. At twenty tracks, Live from the Gravebomb, Vol. 2 is a lengthy one, but there a plenty of gems in there. The tape has got features from Big Zach, Felix, Psalm One, Carnage and Truth Be Told, as well as production from Jake One. Stream it after the jump.

Sound of the City, Vol​.​10 (Mixtape)

Here is the newest Sound of the City mixtape, from 4Seen Magazine. This one features Greg Grease, Metasota, Mike the Martyr, Fly Henderson, I Self Devine, MaLLy, Toki Wright, Phonetic One, Audio Perm and more. Stream it below.

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Carnage The Executioner: "Respect the Name" (Prod. Medium Zach)

Here is "Respect the Name," the excellent new Medium Zach-produced single from Carnage. It'll take a few listens to catch everything Carnage is saying on this one.