Sunday, August 30, 2009

Drake: "Forever ft. Kanye West, Lil' Wayne, & Eminem" (Mastered)

Here's the final mastered version of the song, for those of you who value sound quality. There's a couple new lyrics too.

And for the record, here's my ranking of who did this track the dirtiest:
  1. Kanye - Though his actual flow wasn't the best, Kanye delivered the most passionate and personal lyrics, and deserves credit for that.
  2. Eminem - His cadence is insane. Those first two lines are pretty great.
  3. Drake - Decently catchy.
  4. Lil' Wayne - Get outta here.
Drake: "Forever ft. Kanye West, Lil' Wayne, & Eminem" (Mastered)

Friday, August 28, 2009

Brother Ali on Illegal Downloading (Video)

Some interesting commentary from Brother Ali, in response to a comment he received on his new website. I hope his innovative website will spark a new trend of artists being more willing to have intimate dialogue with his fans.

Blueprint: "Beat of the Week (8/28/09)"

I'm not entirely sure how dilligently Print has been keeping up with this 'Beat of the Week' series, but here's a new one I just dug up. Name that sample people, it should likely take less than five seconds of the song for you to recognize.

Blueprint: "Beat of the Week (8/28/09)"

Add-2: Tale of Two's City, Vol. 3 (The Rise and Fall) (Mixtape)

After plenty of anticipation, Add-2 finally, with the help of 2DopeBoyz, brings us the third installment in his mixtape series. Last year's edition was was of the more overlooked mixtapes of the year, and with this third volume, it's time people started paying attention to Add-2. Tracklist below and download link at the end of the post.

DOWNLOAD - Add-2: Tale of Two's City, Vol. 3 (The Rise and Fall) (Mixtape)

Red Bull Big Tune Beat Battle (8/26/09 in Minneapolis)

Thanks to Toki Wright for putting together this interesting highlight compilation of what looks like what was quite a night.

Felt 3: 'A Tribute to Rosie Perez'

Quite a few of you guessed right on this one. Pretty sleek artwork, too, if I must say.

Update: The homie Jake Money is working on making Rosie Perez a Twitter trending topic. LET'S DO IT!

Really Doe: 'First Impressions' Album Commercial + "Mesmerized" (Video)

Plenty of Really Doe media in this post. First is a commercial for the album, then the video for his lead single, "Mesmerized," and finally, a 'Making Of' video at the bottom of the post. Enjoy! First Impressions is in stores now.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

One Be Lo: "Pigs ft. Mike Posner"

A new joint from one of my favorite emcees in hip-hop today. And it's nails. No surprise there.

In related news, One Be Lo just siged a record deal with Bay Area label MYX Music, and will release his album B.A.B.Y. in February of 2010. Great news there.

One Be Lo: "Pigs ft. Mike Posner"

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

The Cool Kids: "Delivery Man" (Live in Madison 8/22/09)

PREVIOUSLY: Concert Recap -- "Introduction to Ice Fishing" (Video)

A Weekend of Hip-Hop in Minneapolis (8/21/09-8/23/09)

Toki Wright and Co. kept busy this past weekend, and was able to document some of his hip-hop adventures. First off is him performing "Good" off of A Different Mirror. Then there are also shots of the Solilaquists of Sound performing at First Ave, Slum Village taking the stage at Rock The Bells, and some behind the scenes footage of Brother Ali's "Fresh Air" video shoot.

Heiruspecs: "Meters" + "5ves" (Live at Red Stag Block Party)

Thanks to Culture Bully, we got a little footage of Saint Paul's finest rocking the Red Stag Block Party in Minneapolis just last weekend. Speaking of Saint Paul, I think I'm returning to my hometown tomorrow to spend the weekend in the TC. Who's hitting up De La at First Ave on Thursday? What about the after party with Muja, M.anifest, and Illuminous 3?

Rhymefest: "Angry Black Man on an Elevator" + "Binary Code"

Here are two songs that will not make the cut for Rhymefest's endlessly delayed El Che. I swear this album was supposed to come out in 2008 or something; who knows what's happening now. Also included is an interesting "making of" video for "Angry Black Man on an Elevator," which was produced by Lil' Jon. YEEAAAAAAAH!

All of this scoped at 2DopeBoyz.

Rhymefest: "Angry Black Man on an Elevator"
Rhymefest: "Binary Code ft. LadyBug Mecca"

Young Son: "We'll Be Alright ft. Ashley DuBose"

This song will be featured on Young Son's Dreamer's Poetry, which will be presented by 2DopeBoyz and

Young Son: "We'll Be Alright ft. Ashley DuBose"

Monday, August 24, 2009

Kid Cudi: URB Magazine Feature (Video)

Nifty little video player. Spotted this at 2DopeBoyz.

The Cool Kids: "Introduction To Ice Fishing" (Live in Madison 8/22/09)

As promised...

Concert Recap: The Cool Kids in Madison (8/22/09)

The Cool Kids were initally slated to perform in Madison on August 22 at the Orpheum Theatre, a ritzy, ornate venue with plenty of seating and not so much standing room. However, in a serendipitous turn of events, the concert was transferred to a new location: The Majestic Theatre. The new setting couldn't have been more fitting for Chicago's rambunctious hip-hop duo. The floor was packed shoulder-to-shoulder with sweaty college students, all ready to nod their heads to the group's unique hipster boom bap sound.

The party didn't start immediately, though. Opener F. Stokes kicked the show off, but I unfortunately had to miss that act due to prior obligations. Next was Milwaukee's hip-hop band Fresh Cut Collective, who made up for in exuberance what they lacked in coherence. The group's sound was at times garbled (do you ever really need two electric pianos, and a violin player?), but the crowd seemed to be enjoying themselves.

Just as anticipation for The Cool Kids to take the stage was peaking, they took to the stage rapping the intro track to their Gone Fishing mixtape, "Introduction to Ice Fishing." On records, there's something infinitely fresh about how Chuck Inglish and Mikey Rocks are almost completely unwilling to raise their voices above talking volume. Despite my skepticism, this was not a problem during their live sets, as they were completely audible throughout the performance. The duo maintained a relaxed yet fun demeanor, and were always composed and in control during the set. Another fun feature about the performance was the video screen hanging high above the stage. During every song, a custom-made video was playing, which was designed to match the theme of the song playing. For example, during "Champions," a highlight montage of cool sports moments was playing, and the opening minuute of "Hammer Bros" featuring a compilation of crushing hockey checks. It was tough at times to decide what to pay attention to, but the video screen was a nice additional aspect of the show.

The Cool Kids continued by running through several tracks off Gone Fishing, including top notch renditions of "Champions" and "Hammer Bros." They brought out flashy guest Tennille to do "Jump Rope," and she stayed on stage for the rest of the show, dancing around and occasionally chipping in on backup vocals. The night really picked up steam, though, during the second half of the show, when they dived into some of their older songs. "88" had the speakers rattling and the crowd bouncing off the walls, as did "Gold and Pager," two of the more exciting songs of the night.

For a final hurrah, however, the group put on quite an encore performance. With the crowd demanding "one more song!", Chuck and Mikey performed "One Two" over a medley of Beastie Boys beats, such as "No Sleep Till Brooklyn" and "Paul Revere." That officially validated Mikey Rock's self-proclamation as The Cool Kids being "the new black version of the Beastie Boys," and was undoubtedly my highlight of the night.

Overall, the crowd at The Majestic that night got exactly what they bargained for: a high-octane dance party, courtesy of The Cool Kids. The group clearly has put time and effort into developing their live show, and it paid off in full.

As a bonus addendum to this review, I'll be uploading YouTube footage of songs at the show throughout the week, so you can get a taste of what it was like. You can subscribe to my YouTube account in case you want to catch those videos when they come out, and I'll also be posting them on this site.

Add-2: "Superman"

Add-2 really outdid himself with this one. Wow. Tale of Two's City, Vol. 3 will be coming out on Friday. Prepare yourselves.

Add-2: "Superman"

D/Will: "Never Talk ft. Rhymedy"

D/Will really does bring the heat on the boards. This beat is fresh.

D/Will: "Never Talk ft. Rhymedy"

Friday, August 21, 2009

Black Milk: "Set Go"

Black Milk comes back with his second self-produced song in just a few days. Once again, it's a little short, but beggers can't be choosers. Props to Shake.

Black Milk: "Set Go"

Franz Diego: "Good Feelin' ft. Alissa Paris"

Franz Diego has been putting out a slew of mixtapes and various other tracks lately, and it all leads up to his self-titled solo album, scheduled for an early September release. In the meantime, here's a breezy, smooth summertime jam for you to vibe with (if only it would stop raining here in Madison). Shouts to Jon Jon for the debut.

Franz Diego: "Good Feelin' ft. Alissa Paris"

YP: "They Know" (Music Video)

I was sent a link for this video yesterday, but the YouTube upload, for some unknown reason, has no audio. I spotted this Vimeo version, complete with music, at Fake Shore Drive.

Atmosphere: "Shoulda Known" (Live at Lollapalooza)

Stumbled upon this on YouTube, looks like Slug and the crew held it down at one of America's largest music festivals.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Eyedea & Abilities: Hands On 'By The Throat' Vinyl Album

My ex-roommate recently got a record player and we've been bumping old vinyl records pretty frequently. Lots of goodies: Marvin Gaye, MJ, Beach Boys, Run DMC, and more. Vinyl is a really underrated music medium that I'm glad to see is making a comeback lately. Such a good investment. I also appreciate how Rhymesayers helps contribute to the vinyl movement, they almost always make the extra effort for their fans. Here's a look at what you're getting if you purchase By The Throat on vinyl.

Dave Coresh: RHTV Freestyle In The Park (Video)

Too bad he's wearing a Sox hat. Ha!

Via Ruby Hornet.

Invincible: "Emperor's Clothes" (Video)

More goodies from Invincible's Emergence Travel Agency website.
In January 2009, Israel launched an assault on the Gaza Strip, causing massive damage to civilian infrastructure, killing more than 1,300 Palestinians and wounding 5,300. Israel has held Gaza under siege, controlling the borders, air and water space, preventing even the most basic humanitarian goods from entering.

The Emperor's Clothes i
s a call to action. One of the most effective strategies we can pursue right now is boycott, divestment and sanctions (BDS) campaigns against Israel, as we demand an end to Israel's 60-plus years of occupation and war on Palestinian life.

Black Milk at the Montreux Jazz Festival

Midway through the video there is some footage of him performing "Sound The Alarm."

Jay-Z: "Run This Town ft. Kanye West & Rihanna" (Music Video)

Lupe Fiasco Speaks on the Importance of Lyrics (Video)

Via the LupEND Blog.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

XV: "G.O.O.D. ft. Really Doe" (Prod. J Dilla)

So it turns out XV is from Kansas — who knew? It's about time an artist from The Sunflower State got some love on Midwest Broadcast. Apparently this song didn't make the cut for XV's latest mixtape, Everybody's Nobody, which I supposed I listen to, ha! Props to 2DopeBoyz for the premiere.

XV: "G.O.O.D. ft. Really Doe" (Prod. J Dilla)

Muja Messiah: "Bobby's Angels" + "Officer Officer" (Live at First Ave)

Muja Messiah could also be found in Minneapolis for the Sneaker Pimps concert. Here is more Culture Bully footage of him performing a new track, "Bobby's Angels," as well as "Officer, Officer." I wonder if we'll get a MPLS Massacre, Vol. 2 anytime soon... Shouts to Jon Jon once more for the heads up.

Clipse: "Kinda Like A Big Deal" (Live at First Ave)

Clipse performed at First Ave in Minneapolis recently on the Minnesota stop of the nationwide Sneaker Pimps tour. Wish I could have been there. Shouts to Jon Jon and Culture Bully. You can also find tons of more footage from the Clipse performance at Culture Bully's Vimeo channel.

Black Milk: "In The A.M."

Keeping things Detroit-centric 2DopeBoyz posted a new Black Milk track — good to hear from him again. As expected, this beat is pretty crazy.

Black Milk: "In The A.M."

Finale & Invincible: "Locusts" (Video)

Detroit rappers Finale and Invincible teamed up for this song, which is a part of Invincible's new website, Emergence Travel Agency, which is an offshoot of her label. To quote from the website:
ETA reveals the connection between people & places by creating media that resists displacement, gentrification, colonization, occupation, obstruction of movement, denial of the right to leave, and denial of the right to return. ETA is beyond borders, checkpoints, deportations, passports and dehumanizing immigration application processes. Our journey will begin here, online, and continue until we can all travel or stay where our hearts desire.
And here's a caption from the site describing the intentions behind this particular video:
Finale and Invincible spent over five years writing "Locusts." The song writing process began with them each collecting oral histories from friends, mentors, and family. Finale's grandfather drove him around Detroit and showed him the sites of his old stomping grounds, now long gone. He told Finale stories of how the city had changed in his lifetime. Invincible spent time with her mentors learning about the history of anti-displacement organizing in Detroit.

Trey Lane: "Gone ft. F.Dux, Overflow, & Marsio"

Here's some new Trey Lane, featuring a handful of his Flame On Entertainment coworkers.

Trey Lane: "Gone ft. F.Dux, Overflow, & Marsio"

Junkyard Empire Album Release Party (Promo Video)

PREVIOUSLY - Junkyard Empire: "Rebellion Politik!" -- Junkyard Empire EPK (Video)

Naledge: "Cool, Relax ft. Jay Electronica"

There was a Double-O remix of this song that appeared on Naledge's Chicago Picasso mixtape. This, however, is the original cut. Spotted at 2DopeBoyz.

Naledge: "Cool, Relax ft. Jay Electronica"

Monday, August 17, 2009

Brother Ali: "Fresh Air"

In all honesty, I woke up on my front porch this morning and haven't been feeling too hot so far today. I think I need some fresh air myself, so I'm outty. But here's a new Ali single for you. Only YouTube streaming until Rhymesayers actually puts it up for download. Also, under that is Ali performing this track at Soundset 2009.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Felt: "Protagonists"

"Felt 3, the final frontier." -Murs

Aesop Rock is producing, still not sure who it's dedicated to. I think Rhymesayers should not have revealed the producer so quickly, but what can you do. This song knocks.

Felt: "Protagonists"

Thursday, August 13, 2009

No Bird Sing: "Dead Leaves ft. Bo Ramsey"

No Bird Sing's self-titled debut album is on it's way in just a matter of weeks. Here's a cut from the project, "Dead Leaves." Also, their CD release party will be at the Triple Rock in Minneapolis on September 12. The digital flier is included below, in case you're interested in attending.

No Bird Sing: "Dead Leaves ft. Bo Ramsey"

Slum Village: "Actin' Normal" (Music Video)

Off SV's upcoming Villa Manifesto. Rest in peace to Titus "Baatin" Glover.

Toki Wright, M.anifest, & BDF Working On A New Song

New Felt 3 Clue Released

From Rhymesayers: "This producer once attended a New York City movie premiere with this leading lady."

Let the games begin! Any new guesses people?

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Eyedea: UGHH Interview, Pt. 2 (Video)

Hey, they're sitting up now! Here's part 1 of the interview, in case you missed it. Via
Eyedea discusses the identity crisis he faced touring the country with Atmosphere at age 17. Referred to by Slug as a child prodigy, he discusses the book he co-wrote with Abilities' brother Derek before finishing high school: the main character having spawned his alias Oliver Heart. Heartbreak, addiction, death, regret and... dealing shrooms to his boss back when he worked as a medical records clerk form the underpinnings of a life Eyedea claims to be book worthy. Will there be an Eyedea autobiography in the near future?

Analyrical: "Y.O.U. (Young, Overhyped, Useless)"

Analyrical of the Background Noise Crew recorded this song back in 2008 for the Rhymesayers/Jake One contest, if you remember that. This track, featuring Analyrical going in over the "Kissing The Curb" instrumental, did not make the cut to be among the finalists, so it has not been heard until now. Props to Egypto for the assist.

Analyrical: "Y.O.U. (Young, Overhyped, Useless)"

Naledge: "Flickin'" (Live)

Naledge performs the newest Kidz In The Hall single, "Flickin'," sans his producer brethren, Double O. This song has really grown on me. Spotted at Andrew's place.

Nametag: Classic Cadence, Vol. 2 (Mixtape)

Michigan rapper and Black Milk's cousin (who knew?), Nametag, just released his second mixtape in the Classic Cadence series. Featuring guest rappers Skyzoo and Quest MCODY, as well as production from Black Milk and more.

DOWNLOAD - Nametag: Classic Cadence, Vol. 2 (Mixtape)

Really Doe: "Marvelous"

Reallly Doe made his first mainstream appearance years ago back on Kanye's Late Registration. Now, the G.O.O.D. Music artist is finally putting out his debut album, First Impressions, on August 18. This is the second single from that album, "Marvelous."

Really Doe: "Marvelous"

Monday, August 10, 2009

Felt 3: A Tribute to ______?

'Nuff said.

K'naan: "Waving Flag" (Live at The Fineline)

Shouts to Mr. Peter Parker and the whole B96 crew for getting this nice footage of one-time Minneapolis resident K'naan performing "Waving Flag" a couple weeks ago at The Fineline. Apparently Peter Parker also recorded the entire live performance and will be dropping it as a mixtape on Wednesday, August 12.

A.R.M.: "I Shine ft. Supastition"

Upon the completion of the group's upcoming full-length LP, Uprising, A.R.M. has decided to release one of their favorite tracks, "I Shine," featuring North Carolina rapper Supastition. Though this song will not be featured on their album, it is yet another gem trio, and a preview of what's more to come.

Speaking of which, next up for the group is A.R.M.'s first official video release, "Heaven Only Knows," featuring none other than Brother Ali. That song will be on Uprising, so stay tuned.

A.R.M.: "I Shine ft. Supastition"

St. Paul's 'Soap Boxing’ Slam Poetry Team Crowned National Champions

The Saint Paul 'Soap Boxing' slam poetry team, which includes local emcee Kyle "Guante" Myhre, just won the slam poetry national championship. Congrats to the local poets; following is the press release, written by the team's coach, about their tremendous accomplishment:
The St. Paul ‘Soap Boxing’ Slam team has been crowned the champions of the 2009 National Poetry Slam.

The 20th annual National Poetry Slam (NPS) was held in West Palm Beach, Florida from August 4thth. This competition (basically the Olympics for poetry) brought 68 4 to 5 person teams together from the US, Canada and Europe. through 8

This is the third year that the Soap Boxing Poetry Slam (held at the Artists’ Quarter every first Monday) has sent a team to NPS. The team advanced to semi-finals the first two times it was at NPS. The team ranked 15th place overall in 2007 and 13th place in 2008 but did not make it to finals (reserved for the top 4 teams) until this year.

This year’s finals set St. Paul against 3 teams who were not new to the finals stage: Albuquerque - who won NPS in 2005, San Francisco - who won in 1999, and the always-tough Nuyorican team from NYC.

Team members Khary "6 is 9" Jackson, Michael Mlekoday, Kyle "Guante" Myhre, Sierra DeMulder and team alternate Jenn Parks had been writing, rehearsing and fundraising since the team was selected in May, coached by St Paul SlamMaster Matthew Rucker. All That hard work paid off as this is the first time a team from Minnesota has even made the finals stage, let alone took home the trophy.

On behalf of the St. Paul Slam team, I would like to personally thank everyone who supported us by coming to the Slams, buying raffle tickets and team DVDs, and making contributions of money and/or goods. We couldn’t have done it without you.

Members of the team will be at the Artists’ Quarter tonight (Monday August 10th) to perform and answer questions from 9pm until 11pm, during the Artists’ Quarter’s weekly open mic.

Add-2: "August 28th (Kinda Like A Big Deal Freestyle)"

Add-2's upcoming mixtape Tale of Two's City, Vol. 3, will be dropping on — you guessed it — August 28th. In the meantime, here's him going in over the popular Clipse instrumental. This track will not be featured on the mixtape.

Add-2: "August 28th (Kinda Like A Big Deal Freestyle)"

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Eyedea: UGHH Interview, Pt. 1 (Video)

Good lord, Eyedea sure is a quirky dude. By The Throat is in stores now. Props to Underground Hip-Hop.
One half of the duo Eyedea & Abilities, MC Eyedea lies down (literally) on the grass with UGHH's Van Stylez (no, yes, maybe homo) for a conversation, which immediately veers away from music and into the metaphysical. The time-space continuum, existence, the afterlife, the soul and energy are all pondered in this offbeat discussion.

Psalm One: "Metro Puppy Love"

New Psalm Uno for ya'll to enjoy. Props to Andrew.

Psalm One: "Metro Puppy Love"

Friday, August 7, 2009

Kanye West's Outrageous Freestyle (Video)

Do yourself a favor, and watch this all the way through. It just keeps getting better. I always praise Kanye for not hesitating to actually freestyle at his live shows, and I suppose he deserves similar praise for being especially candid during this session, but wow.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Blueprint: "Beat of the Week (8/3/09)"

So Blueprint has been doing a "Beat of the Week" series, and uploading the songs to YouTube. This is the third or fourth installment in the series, but I neglected to post them on Midwest Broadcast until now. You can check out all the rest of his songs on Blueprint's YouTube page.

Blueprint: "Beat of the Week (8/3/09)"

P.O.S. Live at Warped Tour (Videos)

The venerable and articulate Ian Anderson over at Minneapolis Fucking Rocks recently caught a little footy of Rhymesayer P.O.S. at the Minneapolis stop of Warped Tour. He says, "This was one of the best P.O.S. shows I have ever seen." Impressive words considering P.O.S. consistently leaves every last ounce of energy he has on the stage at his shows. Check out his videos below, and decide for yourself.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Brother Ali: B96 Interview with Mr. Peter Parker (Video)

Black Milk Speaks About Baatin's Passing (Video)

Black Milk mentions how Slum Village emcee Baatin, who tragically is no longer with us anymore, was the one who discovered his production abilities, and then reminisces with some personal and touching stories.

Monday, August 3, 2009

F. Stokes: "Jeremiah" (Prod. Lazerbeak) (Music Video)

This joint was off of F. Stokes and Lazerbeak's collaborative EP, Death of a Handsome Bride (Review). Video was directed by Dissent Films. I actually interviewed F. Stokes a very long time ago, and have had some extreme technical difficulties with transcribing the interview (my recorder had a major malfunction). But I have recently gotten that fixed up, and should finally be hitting you guys with the interview in a short matter of time. Sorry for the delay.

The Bloody Beetroots: "Awesome ft. The Cool Kids"

The Bloody Beetroots (yeah, me neither) are an Itallian production duo, and managed to snag Chicago's The Cool Kids to jump on one of their tracks. This should be featured on the Beetroots upcoming studio album, Romborama, due out on September 7. Props due to the City Pages.

The Bloody Beetroots: "Awesome ft. The Cool Kids"

Junkyard Empire EPK (Video)

The group is currently working on their debut Rebellion Politik EP.

Kidz In The Hall: "Flickin'"

I posted a new Naledge joint this morning, and lo and behold a new Kidz In The Hall track follows right after that. This is the lead single to the duo's upcoming album, Land of Make Believe, which should be in stores on October 13, 2009. I only posted the song for streaming, but you can purchase it on the iTunes store.

Mastermind: "Hancock"

This hard-hitting new track from St. Paul's own, Master Mind, is the first leak from his upcoming project, Watch Me Fly, to be released on T.A.R. Inc. In case you are curious, it samples "Icky Thump," by The White Stripes.

Master Mind: "Hancock"

Naledge: "Rubbers"

The Kidz In The Hall rapper spits some lines over what I believe is the instrumental to Lil' Wayne's ode to condoms. Strap up, children!

Naledge: "Rubbers"

Quest MCODY: "Get 'Em Cody" (Music Video)

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Heiruspecs' "Get Up" Featured on MTV's 'Making The Band'

You really only need to watch the first minute or so, but it's nice to see Saint Paul's finest get some shine on such a big stage.