Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Lupe Fiasco: "Gold Watch (Live)"

It's All The Way Live came through with yet another great live recording, this time of Lupe Fiasco back in 2007. Backed by a full band, Lupe performed "Gold Watch" for his The Cool album release party at Irving Plaza in New York City.

Lupe Fiasco: "Gold Watch (Live)"

P.O.S.: Q&A Session at McNally Smith (Videos)

Yesterday I posted a couple videos of some Doomtree members (Dessa, Sims, others) at McNally Smith doing an impromptu performance and speaking on the process of creating music videos. Now, some other videos surfaced featuring P.O.S. sitting in on a class to speak on his personal styles, the music business, and to answer some class questions. McNally Smith appears to be doing a knock up job of getting prominent artists in the local scene to help contribute to music students' education in a very interactive way. Much props to downtown St. Paul college. Also, if you haven't heard of their new Hip-Hop Studies Diploma, led by coordinator Toki Wright, make sure to read up on that, as it's the first of its kind in the nation.

Werdplay: "My Big Wheel" (Prod. Chuck Inglish) (Video)

Minneapolis rapper Werdplay just released the video for his single "My Big Wheel," which was produced by Chuck Inglish of The Cool Kids. I honestly don't know much else about Werdplay, which, if anything, serves as a testament to the depth of the Twin Cities hip-hop scene.

Kanye West & Mr. Hudson: MTV News Interview (Video)

Kanye being Kanye, in terms of his excessive hyperbolic statements. He claims that G.O.O.D. Music artist Mr. Hudson has the potential to be a bigger star than he is. I'll believe it when I see it. Via MTV News.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Guante & Big Cats!: "One Of These Mornings (Remix)"

Local rapper El Guante has created quite a buzz due to his incredible live shows together with producer Big Cats!. The two have finally hooked up to put down some studio material, in the form of their Start A Fire EP. I received a digital press copy of the EP just the other day, and I must say it more than meets my expectations. The EP may be available for a short time for digital download, pending approval from the Tru Ruts crew. In the meantime, though, here is a teaser from the EP, which Culture Bully posted earlier today. I'll be following this up with one additional leak erly next week, so keep checking back.

Additionally, Culture Bully and Tru Ruts are co-hosting the Start A Fire EP release party. Hit this link for more information.

Lastly, El Guante submitted a stellar Big Cats! produced track for the Midwest Broadcast mixtape. But I'm not gonna let you get yours hand on that. Yet.

Guante & Big Cats!: "One Of These Mornings (Remix)"

Doomtree: "The Wren" (Live at McNally Smith) + Thoughts on Music Videos

A few of the members of Doomtree recently visited McNally Smith, a college for the performing arts in downtown Saint Paul. In the first clip, Sims and Dessa perform their song, "The Wren," off of the collective's self titled album, Doomtree. The second clip features the crew showing their video for "Drumsticks" to a class, and the speaking on the logistical details of making a music video.

Big Sean: Who Is Big Sean? (Video)

Journalist Danielle Wright did a segment featuring Big Sean, which provides some interview and performance footage, as well as some insight into how the G.O.O.D. Music artist's career has evolved since signing with the label. Via the G.O.O.D. Music blog.

Kanye West: LVs & Autotune, Vol. 2 (Mixtape)

2DopeBoyz posted this odds and ends collection of recent songs Kanye West has been a part of. I'm not sure who is responsible for originally compiling it, though. Nothing special, but this might merit a download if you've missed some of these tracks when they initially leaked.
  1. Diamonds
  2. Poke Her Face f. KiD CuDi, Common & Lady Gaga
  3. We Fight, We Love (Remix) ft. Q-Tip & Consequence
  4. Maybach Music 2 ft. Rick Ross, T-Pain & Lil Wayne
  5. Flight School ft. GLC & T-Pain
  6. Amazing (Remix) ft. The-Dream, Young Jeezy & Christina Millian
  7. I’ma Be Aight ft. Lil Wayne & Joe Young
  8. Doing Girls Wrong
  9. Knock You Down ft. Keri Hilson & Ne-Yo
  10. Walking On The Moon ft. The-Dream
  11. Go Hard (Remix) ft. Jay-Z & Lil Wayne
  12. I’m the Shit (Remix)
  13. Oprah Story
  14. Kinda Like a Big Deal ft. Clipse
  15. Ego (Remix) ft. Beyonce
Kanye West: LVs & Autotune, Vol. 2 (Mixtape) (Link via 2DBz)

Monday, April 27, 2009

Knonam: "Crazy Minnesota Girl ft. Erin McCormick"

It's finally time to leak the first track from Midwest Broadcast's debut mixtape, which will be titled Flyover Land. After receiving a handful of track submissions in the past three days alone, it was a tough decision picking which song to use for the first promo single. However, Knonam's bouncy, techno-sampling "Crazy Minnesota Girl" seemed like the right choice. It represents for my home state, was one of the songs I've been sitting on for the longest, and has recently been posted up on Knonam's Myspace for everyone to see. So without further adieu, hit the download link below to listen to the song, and keep checking back for a few more leaks. Flyover Land, putting the spotlight on a plethora of the Midwest's dopest artists, will be available for free download on Midwest Broadcast sooner than you know.

Knonam: "Crazy Minnesota Girl ft. Erin McCormick"

Lupe Fiasco: Go Go Gadget Flow (Live Video)

This will appear on a DVD documenting one of Lupe's live shows. No word on the release date, but this is something I will surely be copping. As Shake notes, Lupe has really stepped up his live performance over the years. Shout out to the LupEND blog for posting.

Chuck L.I.: Some Shit I Wrote (Mixtape)

Chicago's Chuck L.I. recently dropped his mixtape, Some Shit I Wrote. While the title may indicate it to be a modest, haphazardly thrown together collection of "shit" that Chuck wrote, the actual product is anything but. The kid has some serious skills and is an artist to keep your eye on in the future. You'll probably hear from him soon, too — I just got confirmation from Chuck L.I.'s manager that he'll be contributing a track to the upcoming Midwest Broadcast mixtape. The tracklist for Some Shit I Wrote is below, and the download link for the mixtape is located at the end of the post.

Download: Chuck L.I.: Some Shit I Wrote (Mixtape)

Friday, April 24, 2009

Franz Diego: Mixtape Release Party Promo (Video)

Kanye West & GLC on BET's 106 & Park (Video)

From GLC's blog. Here's what GLC had to say regarding the event:
Today was a great day in the life of GL The Great! I had the honor of going on 106 & Park alongside Kanye & my concept was embraced! It is truly a blessing to be @ a place where you live vicariously thru yourself! Rocsi & Terrence was cool as hell & showed a player nuthin’ but Love, Life & Loyalty! Yeezy & I killed em with the double Yeezy’s! This wasn’t just a big night for GLC but it was a huge night for the city of Chicago! I Love yall & thanks for holdin’ me up! It’s been times where a G felt like falling but my city kept me going & through the grace of God & my dedication, determination & discipline we’ve been able to grow together! I thank every city that honors GLC & I ask if I can grow with you as well? My attitude is gratitude & thank you! Rocsi asked “What the game was missing?” I replied, “I have arrived!”

Kanye West: "Amazing ft. Young Jeezy" (Video)

Man, I'm late on posting everything right now. Sorry. I don't live in front of my computer.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Royce Da 5'9": "Slaughter" + "Hottest In The Hood Freestyle"

Royce has started working on The Bar Exam 3. Enough said. Props to 2DopeBoyz for leaking both of these tracks. Sorry I'm late on the posting — it's not like this is my job.

Royce Da 5'9": "Slaughter"
Royce Da 5'9": "Hottest In The Hood Freestyle"

Dwele, MarvWon, T3, & Black Milk: Random Conversation (Video)

I always think blogs are pathetic when they start posting worthless videos of rappers doing something completely pointless, so I don't feel particularly good about posting a "Random Conversation" between these Detroit artists. But, between Patron drinking and shooting the shit, all the artists speak on which classic song they wish they would have been responsible for creating. Interesting topic to consider.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Royce Da 5'9" Speaks on Street Hop (Video)

Hip-Hop Official interviewed Royce regarding his upcoming album, Street Hop. He's got a pretty impressive lineup of guest artists — though hopefully not too many — and with Premo on the boards, you know the production will be fire. The album has a July 7 release date as of right now. *crosses fingers and hopes for no delays*

Trama & DJ Snuggles: B96 Interview + Freestyle (Video)

Tram and DJ Snuggles have done this on camera before, at Soundset 2008, and Mr. Peter Parker recorded that session too. This time, they kick it old school in a much more controlled environment, the B96 studio, and it's pretty clear they've practiced this before, even though Tram is going off the top. DJ Snuggles is a monster, too, as you'll soon see.

If you haven't downloaded Trama's Mr. T .ziptape yet, do so now.

Abstract Rude: RudeNationTV (Video)

This is presumably episode 1 of RudeNationTV, but I'm not sure. What I am sure of is that I just caught a Wale concert for free at school here in Madison, WI, and his live performance is ON POINT. Carry on now.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Monday, April 20, 2009

Mac Lethal: "Undertow" (Video)

Mac just released the video to "Undertow," off of Love Potion #5, which will be available on May 5 at He co-produced the bouncy track himself, and it's got plenty of alcohol/drug references, as expected.

Homeless: "Arms (An Open Letter To Asher Roth)" (Video)

Minneapolis emcee Homeless just sent me an email putting me up on a recent song he made. In the event of Asher Roth's debut album being released today, he put together a song expressing his thoughts about the arguably gimmicky rapper who has so quickly captivated college America's interest. Take a listen and see what he has to say; I can't say I disagree.

Elzhi: "Deep" (Produced by Black Milk)

Arguably hip-hop's fiercest emcee-producer tandem (if you can officially call them a tandem) team up for another dope cut. Elzhi over Black Milk beats = success. Apparently this is off some project called The Feed.

Elzhi: "Deep" (Produced by Black Milk)

Rhymefest: "Rhymefest vs. Big Daddy Kane" (Video)

Off of Fest's latest mixtape, The Manual. Directed by Konee Rok.

Chip Tha Ripper: "Okay ft. GLC & Big Sean"

Chip gets down with a couple G.O.O.D. Music compatriots. The track appeared on Big Sean's UKNOWBIGSEAN mixtape, which I posted a couple of days ago, and will also appear on Chip Tha Ripper's upcoming mixtape, The Cleveland Show, hence the repost as a single.

Chip Tha Ripper: "Okay ft. GLC & Big Sean"

Invincible: "Ropes ft. Tiombe Lockhart" (Video)

Detroit rapper Invincible submitted the video for her latest single, "Ropes" to MTVU for airplay. The station initially approved the video, but later reneged on their offer because the video had themes of suicide, depression, and mental health that were too strong for MTVU's liking. Invincible subsequently released the video online to help bring a discussion of the nation's inexcusably negligent mental health system to the forefront.

As a psychology student who has recently studied many of the issues assessed in this track, I encourage you to share the video, forward it on to your friends, and help promote the message that Invincible is expressing. It's always a welcome change of pace to see artists stand up for often overlooked problems or subjects. The least we can do as fans is to help support their activism.

Clipse: "Kinda Like A Big Deal ft. Kanye West"

The Clipse and kanye West hook up for the biggest collaboration of 2009 thus far. Kanye continues to be the cameo king of 2009, and this track does not disappoint one bit. Clipse have been on fire ever since their last mixtape. Now if only we can hear that Clipse x Rick Rubin collaboration! KAWS did the artwork above, New Music Cartel leaked the song.

Update: Got the dirty version. Till The Casket Drops, August 25.

Clipse: "Kinda Like A Big Deal ft. Kanye West"

Plain Ole Bill: Interview with Peter Parker at Soundset 2008 (Video)

Apparently Mister Peter Parker thought it would be a brilliant idea to promote Soundset 2009 by finally uploading to YouTube interviews he did from Soundset 2008. Yeah, me neither.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Atmosphere: 91X Interview at Coachella (Video)

I always cringe when interviews with Slug get labeled as interviews with Atmosphere, but I'm doing the same for this post, so I suppose I can't complain. The group performed at last weekend's Coachella festival, and Slug stopped to do a brief interview with 91X, apparently a San Diego radio station. Slug is at his most unfocused here, which leads to a mildly interesting interview at times. Via Minneapolis Fucking Rocks.

Bonus: A quick YouTube search yields some fan-made recordings of several songs Atmosphere performed during their set. Hit this link to see "God Loves Ugly," "Sunshine," "Shrapnel," "Shoulda Known," and more.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

St. Paul Slim & Prof: Recession Music Mixtape (Promo Video)

On May 12, St. Paul Slim and Prof will be releasing Recession Music, a mixtape featuring the two Twin Cities artists. If you've been around Dinkeytown lately, you may have seen these humorous posters promoting the mixtape. Some tracks from the project can be heard at Prof's Myspace.

Found this at Pwelbs' house.

J Dilla: "Reality Check ft. Black Thought"

OKP, who premiered this, wrote, "Tired of hearing wack rappers rhyming over J Dilla beats?" Yes, yes I am. On June 2, Nature Sounds will be releasing Jay Stay Paid. J$P is a 25 track collection of unreleased (some have leaked) Dilla beats mixed and arranged by Pete Rock. The project is mostly instrumental, but includes vocals from Black Thought, DOOM, Raekwon, Illa J, Blu, Havoc, M.O.P. and more. Oh boy.

Here's the first leak official leak, "Reality Check ft. Black Thought." Black really snaps on this one. Every time a track like this leaks I start desiring the ever-elusive yet rumored Black Thought solo album. He's easily in my top 10-15 emcees of all time.

J Dilla: "Reality Check ft. Black Thought" (Link from OkayPlayer)

Abstract Rude: "Nuff Fire" (Video)

Rhymesayer Abstract Rude just released this timely video. With 4/20 right around the corner, I know this will be the soundtrack of more than a few people. Rejuvenation will be in stores on May 5, but can be pre-ordered at Fifth Element.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Big Sean: UKNOWBIGSEAN (Mixtape)

It's been a long time coming, but the G.O.O.D. Music rapper has finally dropped his highly-hyped mixtape, UKNOWBIGSEAN. You know what it is. Tracklist in the image below, and download link at the bottom of the post.

Big Sean: UKNOWBIGSEAN (Mixtape)

Kanye West & Jay-Z: Vintage Studio Footage

This is crazy. I'll let it speak for itself. HUGE shouts to FakeShoreDrive.

Jay-Z: "'Ye West? Hot! Fire! Put my money on it."

I'd say that prediction ended up working out pretty well.

Ill Poetic: "Legendary ft. Zone & T3" + Re:Definition Tour Announcement

Ill Poetic just sent me an email containging the press release for his upcoming Re:Definition tour, as well as a banging promotional track featuring himself, Zone, an up and coming Cincinnati artist who will be joining in on the tour, and Slum Village's T3. The track will appear on Zone's mixtape, which has presumably in-the-works title and a tentative release date for sometime this summer. If the tour comes through your town (check dates in the poster above), make sure to stop by and show some love.

Ill Poetic: "Legendary ft. Zone & T3"

Rhymefest & Crucial Conflict: "Mouth"

El Che and another Chicago heavyweight, Crucial Conflict, teamed up a while back to record a track dedicated to females and their unfortunate mouth infections. Props to Andrew for premiering the track, I jacked his download link.

Rhymefest & Crucial Conflict: "Mouth"

Peter Parker: The E/Tox (Mixtape)

B96's own Peter Parker put together an interesting collection of semi-rare Eminem tracks to tide you over until The Relapse is released.

Mr. Peter Park: The E/Tox

Rhymesayers Soundset 2009 Poster

I'm posting this again now that I have the poster/image thing, just for good measure.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Mac Lethal: "Drunk Flow (Painkillers & New Glarus)"

Mac Lethal gets drunk and records a flow with countless quotables. Premiered by HipHopDX, I think. Well, back to writing this paper. Although I wish I could have a Spotted Cow, what ya'll know about New Glarus?

Mac Lethal: "Drunk Flow (Painkillers & New Glarus)"

JR & PH7: "Top Rank ft. Guilty Simpson & Black Milk" + Adlib Remix

JR & Ph7 are a German production duo, who just released their album, The Standard. As you may know, Black Milk, Guilty Simpson, and other prominent Detroit artists have been touring throughout Europe for the past two months or so. I'm going to put two and two together, and say that this track was recorded during their tour. As a bonus, I have included the non-album Adlib remix of the track. Yes, Adlib, not Madlib. I'm not sure either.

JR & PH7: "Top Rank ft. Guilty Simpson & Black Milk"
JR & PH7: "Top Rank ft. Guilty Simpson & Black Milk (Adlib Remix)"

Nametag: "Forfeit ft. Marv Won & Quest M.C.O.D.Y." (Produced by Black Milk)

This track appeared on Nametag's Courtesy of Ambition, which can be downloaded on iTunes. Michigan is doing it big on this track. Shouts to Michigan Hip-Hop.

Nametag: "Forfeit ft. Marv Won & Quest M.C.O.D.Y." (Produced by Black Milk)

Illuminous 3: New Franz Diego Mixtape Promo (Video)

Franz isn't really present in the video, but I3 is still representing, with Freez and Mavin MC kicking verses. The mixtape will be released on May 2, but the question on everyone's mind is, "Does it have a name yet?" Only time will tell.

Illa J: Interview (Video)

These mysterious interviews surface again. He speaks on Yancey Boys (Review), J Dilla, and a bunch of other stuff. Getting tired of everyone only asking Illa J about his brother, though. Shout out to 2Dopeboyz.

G.O.O.D. Music Freestyle Session (Video)

SXSW footage continues to surface, even into April. I posted Big Sean's freestyle from this same session a while back, but it looks as if someone else was doing some recording also.

Rhymesayers Announces Soundset 2009 Lineup

Ok, well actually, some of the Soundset lineup had been released previously, but more artists have been added, and I can confidently say that this year RSE has outdone themselves. Is Soundset quickly becoming the best hip-hop day of the year, each year? I would put this on par with the best Rock The Bells has to offer. Here's what the RSE press release says:
Confirmed artists for Soundset 09 include: Atmosphere, The Pharcyde, MF
Doom, Brother Ali, Freeway & Jake One, Sage Francis with B. Dolan,
Immortal Technique, P.O.S, El-P with Mr. Dibbs & TMQ, Eyedea & Abilities,
Abstract Rude + Aceyalone & Myka 9 = Haiku D'Etat with DJ Drez, Prince
Paul, Buck 65, Blueprint with DJ Rare Groove, DJ Numark, Heiruspecs,
Cunninlynguists, Blue Scholars, Sims of Doomtree, One Be Lo, I Self
Devine, Awol One, Mike Mictlan & Lazerbeak = Hand Over Fist of
Doomtree, Toki Wright, Grieves, Unknown Prophets, Lil Buddy Mclain,
Just.Live, Kristoff Krane, El Guante, Plain Ole Bill, BK One, King Otto, and
DJ Nikoless.

Tickets are on sale NOW to the general public through Ticketmaster and Fifth Element.
General admission tickets are $30 plus applicable fees (parking is included in ticket price),
After Party and VIP options are also available.

Finale: A Pipe Dream and a Promise (Album Review)

While Detroit may be a struggling city on some accounts (economists, the auto industry, Barack Obama), their hip-hop scene has been on a creative high for the past year now. The Motor City (and surrounding areas throughout Michigan) is churning out high-caliber rappers and producers at a rate unparalleled by any other region in America. While artists like Black Milk and Elzhi were the kings of the underground in 2008, and a certain legendary white-skinned rapper is presently experiencing a monumental resurgence of sorts, Finale is next in the line of promising emcees helping solidify Detroit’s claim as hip-hop’s epicenter of the moment.

Finale worked for years in Detroit’s auto industry before finally catching his break in hip-hop: Meeting J Dilla. Since then, rapping has been his full-time career. Although Finale released a noteworthy album in 2007 with producer Spier 1200, titled Develop, he considers his latest solo LP, A Pipe Dream and a Promise, to be his proper debut work. This is none more apparent than on the album’s opening track, “Arrival.” Finale rides a drum-heavy beat backed by some squeaky synthesizers, announcing his presence in both Detroit and the national rap scene.

Finale’s flow takes a bit of getting used to. He seldom uses the same rhyme for more than four bars, and often switches up rhymes mid-line. However, after hearing a couple of songs, his baritone delivery changes from sounding off-kilter to deft and comfortable. His raps come relentlessly, with a brash yet composed sense of confidence and control on the mic, especially on the Black Milk-produced — and aptly titled — “One Man Show.”

Furthermore, Finale has no problem assessing personal beliefs or topics in his songs. “Pay Attention” evaluates the difficulty of gaining notice in an especially flooded rap game, where everyone thinks that they are the “next big thing.” “Issues,” on which Finale raps uptempo over a mellow, Dimlite-produced beat, is a melancholy admittance of certain struggles in Finale’s life. “Brother’s Keeper” features a bouncy beat from Nottz, yet an intimate message from Finale to his sibling. He manages to strike an impressive balance between heartfelt lyricism and overall listenability.

Lastly, Finale makes a point of keeping Detroit at the forefront of the album. “Motor Music” is the second song on A Pipe Dream and a Promise that Black Milk produced, and highlights Finale spitting some of the city’s finest braggadocio. He also gets beats from Detroit stalwart Ta’Raach (“The Reason”) and the immortal J Dilla (“Heat”). The album closes on a sentiment of remembrance, though, as Finale proclaims his respects and shows tinges of sorrow on the Flying Lotus-assisted “Paid Homage (R.I.P. J Dilla).”

Although A Pipe Dream and a Promise is not without its flaws, it marks the official arrival of yet another truly gifted artist from Detroit. Featuring an incredibly song production lineup for a “debut” album, the release is a polished-sounding product from start to finish. Finale, in following his dreams and pursuing a career in rap, reminds us once again that Detroit is a stronghold for much of the best hip-hop being created today; he will be an artist to follow for years to come.

Big Quarters: "Barter System" Digital Single Pack (Free Download)

With the release date of Big Quarters' sophomore album drawing nearer (May 5!), they group has decided to release the complete "digital single pack" for their lead single, "Barter System." Included in the pack is the album version of the song, the radio edit, an a cappella version, and the instrumental. As I said, From The Home of Brown Babies and White Mothers is in stores on May 5, or go ahead an get your pre-order on at the BQ Blog, which is also where I jacked the download links from.

"Barter System" Digital Single Pack: Album | Clean | Instrumental | Acapella

Bonus: For good measure, let's top this whole thing off with the video.

Young Son: "My Bus Ride Home"

Minneapolis' Young Son addresses the city's public transit system in a song he wrote while riding the bus. Young Son has an album forthcoming, Dreamer's Poetry, which will be out in early June.

Young Son: "My Bus Ride Home"

Big Sean: "Rollin'"

Big Sean's highly anticipated (and delayed) mixtape debut, UKNOWBIGSEAN, finally has a release date: Thursday. With that being said, heres is what's probably the final leak before the entire thing drops.

Big Sean: "Rollin'"

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Illogic: "Diabolical Fun (Remix) ft. Slug, Aesop Rock, & Zerostar" (Produced by Ill Poetic) (CDQ)

Update: Reuploaded the download with a CD-Quality version. There you have it.

I recently posted a video of Illogic recording his verse for this track, and alluded to Slug's guest verse. Well, here's the track, also featuring guest verses from Aesop Rock and Zerostar. It's produced by Ill Poetic, so you know the beat bangs.

Oh, also, I've been talking with both Illogic and Ill Poetic about submitting tracks for the MWB mixtape, so get ready.

Illogic: "Diabolical Fun (Remix) ft. Slug, Aesop Rock, & Zerostar" (Produced by Ill Poetic)

Trama: Bertram Cambridge Art Exhibit

One thing you may not know about Minneapolis rapper Trama — I know I didn't — is that he was into painting before he began he rapping career. Tram just sent me this email promoting the launch of his new art website, Bert Paints, where he highlights much of his recent artwork. Tram specializes in acrylic paintings and boasts his self-proclaimed unique form of Cubism. If you're interested in checking out his work firsthand, he has his own art exhibit on display at two locations for the next month or so. Check the flyer above for more details.

Or, if acrylic paintings aren't your thing, you can always just go bump his recent Mr. T mixtape/.ziptape.

Kid Cudi: Karmaloop TV Performance Footage (Video)

Via eskay at NahRight.

GLC: Interview

GLC recently sat down with this mysterious organization called KiwiBox (they also interviewed P.O.S. once) for an interview. He speaks on how his single "Big Screen" featuring Kanye West pays homage to the Negro Leagues, what we can expect to hear on his forthcoming debut Love, Life and Loyalty, why he's going to have the internet "under attack" in the next few months, and more.

Rhymefest: VladTV Freestyle (Video)

Did you catch Fest's new mixtape, The Manual, yet?

Monday, April 13, 2009

H.I.R.E. Minnesota Awareness Concert w/ Brother Ali, Maria Isa, & I Self Devine (Video)

We getting political out here. On April 20th 2009 at the Capitol, Brother Ali, Maria Isa, I Self Devine and more are playing a concert supporting H.I.R.E. Minnesota to show the legislature where we want Minnesotans Stimulus money to go. Check to video for more information.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Reef The Lost Cauze: "Big Deal (Remix) ft. Brother Ali"

Brother Ali continues his string of semi-random guest appearances, and jumps on a track with Philly emcee Reef The Lost Cauze. Both kick some fresh nice punchlines on this one. This will appear on Reef's upcoming Big Deal EP, which drops on April 14. Found it at 2DopeBoyz.

Reef The Lost Cauze: "Big Deal (Remix) ft. Brother Ali"

Brother Ali & P.O.S.: SXSW Interviews (Videos)

These SXSW posts are relentless. How long ago was the festival? And people are still uploading new content?? Either way, Beyond Race Magazine caught up with Brother Ali and P.O.S. at the Austin, TX festival. Ali speaks on his upcoming album, Street Preacher, his independent status, and gives shout outs to Freeway and Toki Wright. P.O.S. mentions his future plans and speaks on the great reception he has received for Never Better. There is also some brief performance footage spliced in to the interview, but with poor sound quality.

Abstract Rude: "Rejuvenation" (Live at SXSW)

Abstract Rude performs the title track off his upcoming album Rejuvenation, to be released via Rhymesayers Entertainment. You can pre-order the album for a special discounted price at Fifth Element. Do it NOW.

Friday, April 10, 2009

Guilty Simpson: "Killer" (Produced by Oh No)

Producer Oh No remixed Guilty Simpson's song, "Kill 'Em," off of last year's Ode To The Ghetto, for a result that's better than the original song. I can dig it.

Guilty Simpson: "Killer" (Produced by Oh No)

Kill The Vultures: "14th St. Ritual"

Kill The Vultures, the Minneapolis hip-hop duo of emcee Crescent Moon and producer Anatomy, are performing at the Triple Rock in Minneapolis tonight to celebrate the release of their third album, Ecce Beast. If you haven't checked out the minimalist, slightly foreboding album yet, order it at Fifth element, or go buy it from them at the show tonight.

Kill The Vultures: "14th St. Ritual"

88-Keys & Kanye West: The Making of "Stay Up! (Viagra)" (Video)

On Sunday April 12, MTV Sucker Free will present an entire episode dedicated to the making of this video. I'm sure hilarity will ensue. Also, I never posted the video myself because I was gone when it dropped, so if you haven't seen it yet you need to hit this link.

Elzhi: "The World Is Yours" (Snippit)

Elzhi hits us with another snippit of a track from his Nas tribute mixtape, Elmatic. This time he bodies the instrumental to "The World Is Yours." Zshare link from 2DBz.

Elzhi: "The World Is Yours" (Snippit)

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Cas One: "Flashbacks ft. Brother Ali"

I don't really know who Cas One is. But apparently he is a Kentucky rapper who released his album Liberation a few years ago, and it just got re-released. This is a cut from the album featuring the big bad Brother Ali. Snatched from NahRight and 2DopeBoyz.

Cas One: "Flashbacks ft. Brother Ali"

Illogic: Recording "Diabolic Fun (Remix)" (Video)

Have you copped Diabolical Fun, yet? Is Slug going to be on this remix? (Hmm...) Is Aesop Rock on this remix? (Yes.)

Kanye West on South Park (Video) + Kanye's Commentary

Not sure how long this will be available, but check it while you can. I watched this last night and thought it was hillarious. I wonder if Kanye will respond? Found it at FSD.

Update: Well, as expected, the video was taken down. But now you can watch the whole thing at South Park Studios. Also, Kanye responded to the show, in true (but seemingly good humored) Kanye fashion:

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

The Cool Kids: Karmaloop TV Spotlight

Chuck and Mikey speak on their craziest SXSW experience.

Previously - The Cool Kids & Don Cannon: Gone Fishin' Mixtape Promo

T.Q.D.: The Appetizer EP (Free Download)

The homie Chris at Culture Bully dropped this free EP yesterday from T.Q.D. of Background Noise Crew. It was initally released as a supplemental album with a BNC mixtape, but eventually I would have posted yesterday, but I wanted to let the Background Noise Crew Sampler that I premiered get its shine for a while. This is a succinct, six-track preview for his upcoming sophomore LP, Clench, Grit, Breathe. The EP has a mellow, dark vibe, and highlights T.Q.D.'s abilities as a descriptive storyteller. For a track-by-track breakdown of each song, see what T.Q.D. has to say at Culture Bully.

T.Q.D.: The Appetizer EP

Elzhi: "The Genesis" (Snippet)

While I'm dealing with Detroit artists, HipHopDX just leaked a quick snippit of a track fro Elzhi's upcoming project. Elmatic, will feature the gifted Motown spitter rocking over instrumentals from Nas instrumentals. If anyone modern emcee can attempt to mimic Nas' early-career magic lyrically, it might be Elzhi. But trying to recreate Illmatic? Impossible. No shots.

Elzhi: "The Genesis" (Snippet) (Link from 2DB)

Black Milk: "Mo Power"

I leave my computer for 30 minutes to clean my kitchen, and what do you know, Audible Treats hits me with Black Milk's new track. "Mo Power" is the second track he's done in about two weeks, while he has been touring over in Europe. I hope you've all heard Tronic by now!

Black Milk: "Mo Power"

BK-One: Live SXSW Set (Download)

Rhymesayers just released a recording of BK-One's live set at the Rhymesayers Showcase at SXSW.

BK-One: Live SXSW Set

Common: "NY State of Mind" + "I Used To Love H.E.R." + "Announcement" (Video)

From Andrew at FakeShoreDrive:
Last night Microsoft and VH1 hosted a Musicology 101/launch party for Common's new clothing line with Microsoft, Softwear, at the Hard Rock Cafe in Chicago. Biz Markie spun the majority of the evening with Common taking the stage for his set a bit later. Microsoft really went all out for this event. I'm not a PC, but g'dang if they didn't show me a good time.

Big Jess: Studio Tour + Last of the Record Buyers Promo (Video)

Big Jess of the Unknown Prophets gives a tour of his home studio. That keyboard he had set up at the beginning of the video looks on point! No wonder he's one of the finest producers in the Twin Cities. That silky Big Jess beat you hear during the middle of the video is the instrumental for "Sunshine," one of my favorite tracks from Kanser's latest album.

Lastly, Big Jess will be hosting Last Of The Record Buyers on April 16 — why does it always happen on weekends I'm not coming home? Huh, Medium Zach?

The Cool Kids & Don Cannon: Gone Fishin' Mixtape Promo (Video)

Basically this is an extended trailer hyping up The Cool Kids' upcoming mixtape, Gone Fishin'. Which is, in a way, a trailer for their upcoming debut full length LP, When Fish Ride Bicycles, which I hear is crazy. Shouts to FSD.

Eminem: "We Made You" (Video + Download)

Eminem's first, and long-awaited leak from the upcoming Relapse, "We Made You," just leaked, along with the video. Enjoy. Shouts to RapRadar for the mp3 link. I uploaded it via Mediafire because zshare is having some serious problems.

Eminem: "We Made You"

Monday, April 6, 2009

Trama: "Numbers Game" (Video)

Off of Trama's recent (and dope) Mr. T mixtape/.ziptape. Visuals inspired from Menace II Society.

Rhymefest: The Manual (Mixtape)

Well, I don't have much to say about this, except that Rhymefest's highly anticipated mixtape has finally arrvied. The download premiered at HipHopDX earlier, and I jacked the zshare link from them. This is FIYA! Hit the download link here, or below the following tracklist.

Rhymefest: The Manual (Mixtape)

Background Noise Crew: Background Noise Crew Sampler, Vol. 1 (Free Download)

So I've actually been sitting on this for about a week now, but have been incredible lazy with posting. Not too worry, though, as it's an exclusive MWB premier. Minneapolis's Background Noise Crew, consisting of six rappers/producers, released their group sampler a while back. The hard copy was sold at Fifth Element and a handful of other stores; they only pressed about 1000 copies, and it has since sold out and been hard to come by. Thankfully, Egypto Knuckles hit me up and offered to let me release the sampler for free download on MWB. So, there you have it. Make sure to hit the download link below to get a good taste of the dope crew from Minneapolis. There's plenty of other projects in the works with BNC, as well. For now, hit up Culture Bully for T.Q.D.'s latest EP, which I will be posting later today. And know that T.Q.D. has also contributed an exclsuive track for the upcoming Midwest Broadcast mixtape.

Background Noise Crew: Background Noise Crew Sampler, Vol. 1 (Free Download)

Y.P.: "Flight School"

Y.P. gives GLC's track the remix treatment. If you didn't catch his previous release, "I Hustle," make sure to do that, too.

Y.P.: "Flight School"

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Kid Cudi: "I Poke Her Face ft. Kanye West, Common, Lady Gaga, Scratches from A-Trak

Via Yeezy's blog. Jacked the photo from him, as well.

Kid Cudi: "I Poke Her Face ft. Kanye West, Common, Lady Gaga, Scratches from A-Trak

Wafeek: "My Friends" (Video)

Wafeek, whom you may remember for making my Best Mixtapes of 2008 list, just dropped an... interesting video for "My Friends," his latest song which gives a classic Beatles record the autotune remix treatment.

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Y.P.: "I Hustle"

Y.P. is a new artist coming out of Chicago. This song, "I Hustle," will gain official release via iTunes, etc., next week. And I must say, this beat is ridiculous. The track will be featured on his official LP Street Royalty, though I'm not aware of the release date yet. Y.P. is also shooting the video for "I Hustle," and some behind the scene footage of the video shoot can be found here.

Y.P.: "I Hustle"

Add-2: "Starter Jacket"

Add-2 just hit me with this new track, "Starter Jacket," and I'm digging it. Add-2 himself describes it as "less of a fashion statement as it is more so a reflective gateway into the thoughts of the young Chicago emcee." There's an upcoming video on the way for this track, and he's got a handful of collaborative projects in the works, so stay tuned.

Add-2: "Starter Jacket"

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Trama: Mr. T (Mixtape)

Trama, the Minneapolis import via Queens, just dropped his latest mixtape (or .zip tape, as Trama calls it), Mr. T. 11 succinct tracks deep, the tape features Trama in all of this elements. "Bangin' Da Whole Summer" is an aptly named track, perfect for blasting in the whip. "Numbers Game" is a sharp lyrical song, featuring Trama basing his raps on a clever numerical concept. "Who Shot Ya 2009" is a remake of the classic Biggie track. "If I Was Emo" is a satirical remake of the recent Beyonce hit, sure to spark a few laughs. But the true highlight of the mixtape is "Lot Better," with Trama waxing intelectual over a smooth sample.

On Mr. T, Trama manages to provide an effective and thorough example of his many different styles. The tape is sure to satisfy all his longtime fans, and should also bring attention to one of Minneapolis' rising talents. And clocking in under 30 minutes, there's really no reason not to download Mr. T and give it a listen. You'll likely be more than satisfied. Download link at the bottom of the post.

Trama: Mr. T (Mixtape)

J.Loonz: "Oh Really" + "Euros" + "Nothin' To Lose" (Live)

It was a family affair last weekend at Tiffany's in St. Paul, where J.Loonz and the Outside crew put on a Solid Gold St. Paul Hip-Hop show (or should I just say party?). Big shout out to my man Brok for getting this footage. Sound quality is a little iffy, likely due to the loud sound system that they were rocking out with. I hear rappers like that kind of thing.

There may or may not be more videos coming on the way. There also may or may not be an official mp3 for "Nothin' To Lose," J.Loonz's newest track, which I have had the pleasure of listening to. At the very latest, you'll hear it on Nerd-Hop, Vol. 2, which is coming soon.

Atmosphere: "Your Glasshouse" (Video)

Atmosphere releases yet another video off of 2008's excellent album, Lemons (Review).