Monday, April 25, 2011

I.B.E.: "The Pad ft. Mally & K.Raydio"

Here's the second single from I.B.E.'s upcoming project That Tape. "The Pad" features Mally and K. Raydio and was produced by Bobby Richardson. The release of That Tape will also coincide with the release party, where I.B.E. will headline a show at the Triple Rock. Check the flyer above for more information.

I.B.E.: "The Pad ft. Mally & K.Raydio"

No Bird Sing: 'Theft Of The Commons' Album Release (Video)

Friday, April 22, 2011

Lipset: "Feel It In Your Soul ft. Lokes"

A couple days late on this one, but the latest release in the Level Heads Project is "Feel It In Your Soul," a weed song with a political bent to it. Enjoy.

Lipset: "Feel It In Your Soul ft. Lokes"

Toki Wright & Scarub: "Last Call"

New material from Toki Wright and Living Legends rapper Scarub who are finishing up performing three shows in Colorado tomorrow. This one was produced by The Commission.

Toki Wright & Scarub: "Last Call"

Face Candy: "Fifteen"

Waste Age Teen will be available 5/25, through RSE:
Rhymesayers have announced Waste Age Teen Land, the second album from Twin Cities quartet Face Candy slated for a May 25th release. The album features the talents of dual vocalists Micheal "Eyedea" Larsen and Kristoff Krane freestyling over the improvisations of bassist Casey O'Brien and drummer JT Bates. Waste Age marks the final record Eyedea was able to completely finish before his tragic passing in October of 2010 and shows his growth as an artist and musician, with influences spanning jazz, hip-hop, and ambient music.
Face Candy: "Fifteen"

I.B.E. Interview (Video)

That Tape is coming soon.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

M.anifest: "Suffer" (Music Video)

M.anifest is back, and it's about time we heard from him again. "Suffer" will be on the upcoming Coming to America: Immigrant Chronicles, which is slated for a September 2011 release. This song was produced by Budo. The video was directed by Justin Schell, who you may remember was working with M.anifest on his documentary We Rock Long Distance. Grab "Suffer"on iTunes below.

M.anifest: "Suffer" (Prod. Budo)

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Greg Grease: The Giving Tree

After a string of excellent promotional singles and videos, here's Greg Grease's latest offering: The Giving Tree. The mixtape is 16 tracks that Grease collaborated on with all his friends and family. The project intends to channel his feelings of being a youth growing up in Southside Minneapolis. It's a engaging and satisfying listen, so I suggest you either stream or download it through the options below.

Greg Grease: The Giving Tree

Brother Ali Covers Eyedea & Abilities' "Smile" (Video)

Brother Ali recently performed at Earlham College in Indiana where he paid homage to his friend and the late Rhymesayers rapper Eyedea by coving "Smile." C-Rayz Walz joined Ali on stage to freestyle as well. Beautiful moment from the Rhymesayers family. Rest in peace Eyedea.

[via 2DopeBoyz]

Random Axe (Black Milk, Guity Simpson & Sean Price): "The Hex"

Here's the unexpected yet pleasant arrival of Random Axe's first single, something along the lines of a dedication to their manager and notorious Twitter loudmouth Hex Murda. If they share anything in common, it's being hard as nails. This song is a serious head nodder.

Bobby Raps: "Riff Raff" (Music Video)

Bobby Raps is a youngster (judging by those St. Paul Central letter jackets) in the local rap scene. I don't have much information to share about him at the moment, as his video was passed to me somewhat unexpectedly. Still, the kid is years ahead of many rappers his age. Check out his debut music video for "Riff Raff" above.

GAYNGS: "No Sweat" (Live at Coachella)

GAYNGS closed out opening night at Coachella with a fantastic set. Everyone got a chance to be featured, from Justin Vernon to Har Mar Superstar to P.O.S. Here P.O.S. breaking it down for "No Sweat." There was plenty of MN pride at the show too. It was beautiful seeing everyone throwing up the GAYNGS sign; a few people scattered throughout the crowd were repping the Wings + Teeth too. Then to open up the next day at Coachella I caught Duluth bluegrass band Trampled By Turtles throwing it down on the main stage. Minnesota represent.

Atmosphere: "The Last To Say" (Live on The Current)

I'm back from Coachella and caught up on sleep, which means I am resuming posting for MWB. Atmosphere performed their Family Sign cut in the Current studios a while ago. Above is video from their visit. Below is the full session audio. Now a week after the release date, what do you guys think of the album?

Friday, April 15, 2011

MaLLy: "All Out ft. TiRon" (Prod. The Sundance Kid)

I'm out in Indio, CA at Coachella Music Festival, but thanks to scheduling this post ahead of time, I can still provide you with some excellent new rap for the weekend. Twin Cities rookie phenom MaLLy recruited TiRon for the latest in his 'Free On The 15th' series. Finally, two rappers who like to capitalize letters in the middle of their name unite!

MaLLy: "All Out ft. TiRon" (Prod. The Sundance Kid)

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Concert Announcement: 'Pink_A_Palooza' featuring Jordan Looney

Saturday night at the Triple Rock Social Club Jordan Looney will headline Pink_A_Palooza. The night will feature rappers/bands from the Twin Cities and Chicago, and there will be plenty of free giveaways to supplement the music. I'd go if I weren't out of town. You should attend too.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Hands On Atmosphere's The Family Sign (Video)

The album is in stores today. And it's beautiful, as you can see from this video. But the real question is why has mine not come in the mail yet???

Atmosphere: "She's Enough" (Music Video)

Here's the immensely cute video for Atmosphere's "She's Enough, " featuring a humorous cameo from Brother Ali as "The Lunchman." The Family Sign is in stores today; what are you waiting for?

Monday, April 11, 2011

Wide Eyes: "Heavy Hitters ft. Illuminous 3 & The Usual Suspects" (Video)

Wide Eyes got all of Southside on stage last weekend at The Nomad for their album release party. Follow Through is available now and you should pick that up. As Franz Diego and others would say, #WAG.

Psalm One: "Better Than My Last (Brandon Allday Remix)" (Video)

Brandon Allday recently remixed "Better Than My Last" from Psalm One's #WomanAtWork. Check out some accompanying visuals above, or download/stream the song below, via 2DopeBoyz.

Psalm One: "Better Than My Last (Brandon Allday Remix)"

Atmosphere on The Current's Local Show (Audio)

Slug and Ant of Atmosphere went on air with Dave Campbell on yesterday's The Local Show to spin some of their favorite local tracks (including Mally and The Sundance Kid's "Lights Off") and speak on their new album, The Family Sign.

I.B.E.: "Manchild (Remix)"

The homie I.B.E. was kind enough to let loose the first song from his upcoming project, the aptly titled That Tape. I.B.E. claims That Tape will capture the a slice of life in Minneapolis from his South Side/Nigerian background. Here is "Manchild (Remix)."

I.B.E.: "Manchild (Remix)"

Friday, April 8, 2011

Atmosphere: "She's Enough" (Music Video Trailer)

Greg Grease and Freez: "Dreams" (Music Video)

Greg Grease and Freez are the Grittee Committee. We'll give em a pass on the spelling errors because the music is good. "Dreams" touches on the oft-used indie rap theme of not striving for materialistic goals but only the basic necessities in life, which is all you need to be truly happy. This song will also be on Greg Grease's The Giving Tree, available for free download on 4/20/11.

Blueprint: 'Adventures in Counter-Culture' Interview, Pt. 2 (Fifth Element TV)

View part 1 here.

Big Jess: "Evil Woman ft. Sab The Artist" + Self Therapy/Good Clean Fun 3

Here's another song off Big Jess' Self Therapy/Good Clean Fun 3 double album. For "Evil Woman," off the Self Therapy side, Jess recruited the artist formerly known as Musab to kick a guest verse. The beat to this one knocks.

Both Self Therapy and Good Clean Fun 3 are available at Big Jess' Bandcamp site.

Big Jess: "Evil Woman ft. Sab The Artist"

Big Jess: "Evil Woman ft. Sab The Artist" + Self Therapy/Good Clean Fun 3

Here's another song off Big Jess' Self Therapy/Good Clean Fun 3 double album. For "Evil Woman," off the Self Therapy side, Jess recruited the artist formerly known as Musab to kick a guest verse. The beat to this one knocks.

Both Self Therapy and Good Clean Fun 3 are available at Big Jess' Bandcamp site.

Big Jess: "Evil Woman ft. Sab The Artist"

'Seven Years with Atmosphere and Rhymesayers' Book Signing in LA (Video)

To celebrate a promote the release of their book, Slug and Dan Monick spent some time at Turntable Lab in Los Angeles to hang out with fans. I know LA is a big market, but I still find it amazing t0 see fans lining up outside a venue that far away from home, and not for a concert, but a book signing. Seven Years with Atmosphere and Rhymesayers is an absolutely beautiful book and is available now.

Freddie Gibbs: "Rock Bottom" (Music Video)

Gangsta gangsta Gibbs comes out with a video for one of the best songs on his Str8 Killa EP.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Dessa: "Into The Spin" (Music Video)

Dessa is hitting the road soon on her first ever headlining tour. The Into The Spin Tour will head out west, so if you're in the vicinity of one of her shows (dates are shown in the video or the following link), try to make it out. Tickets are available at — no surprises what they're selling here — Sims and Lazerbeak will be supporting acts.

Man Mantis: "Red Dragonfly" (Music Video)

"Red Dragonfly" appears on Man Mantis' Sea Ambulance EP, which you can download or stream for free over at Bandcamp. The Madison, Wi producer is coming out with a full-length project titled Cities Without Houses on April 11th via World Around Records.

Atmosphere: Family Therapy, Pt. 5 (Video)

Get the new single, it's called "Mad Wrinkles"/ After the party we'll play some Bingo.

Lipset: "Dreams Come True ft. Lokes"

Next song up on the Level Heads LP rerelease. I believe we're about halfway through the album now, so make sure you haven't missed a song!

Lipset: "Dreams Come True ft. Lokes"

Previous tracks from the Level Heads LP:
1) Outro (Credits Roll)
2) Distortion
3) Murderous Cypher
4) Frustrated
5) New Era Kids ft. Duenday
6) Misled ft. Alissa Paris

Blueprint: 'Adventures in Counter-Culture' Interview, Pt. 1 (Fifth Element TV)

Part one of two.

Kings Of The City: Kings Of The City (Album)

I really don't know much about this group other then that Brother Ali tweeted about them the other day. I believe Buddah Tye is a part of the group, and possibly Mr. Gene Poole too. Doing research on these guys isn't easy. Either way, check out the album, and know that they've got a show at The Fine Line Music Cafe on April 20.

Kings Of The City: Kings Of The City (Album)

View Blueprint's Album Packaging (Video)

Adventures in Counter-Culture is available now, so pick that up! Check out the video Rhymesayers filmed for the absolutely beautiful vinyl, too.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Mac Lethal: North Korean BBQ (Mixtape)

Here is Kansas City rapper Mac Lethal's most recent mixtape. It's not for free, but you can stream it at his Bandcamp site, where he claims it's currently the #1 download on the entire network. Props.

Mac Lethal: North Korean BBQ (Mixtape)

Illuminous 3: "Actin Like a Junkie" (Prod. Cory Grindberg of Audio Perm)

Next up in the Audio Perm string of Illuminous Free featured producers is Cory Grindberg. Hit the link below to download and stream their new song, "Actin Like A Junkie."

Illuminous 3: "Actin Like a Junkie" (Prod. Cory Grindberg of Audio Perm)

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Cleva: "Reach For The Stars ft. A.G." (Music Video)

Cleva of Long D.O.E. Records linked up with A.G. of Diggin In The Crates for a new song. Mike The Martyr produced this one.