Friday, March 26, 2010

Prof: "Animal" (Music Video)

St. Paul Slim: "Wax Garlic"

Slim waxes garlic (whatever that means) on a new release from his upcoming Bald-Headed Samsun. The first couple of songs I've heard from that project have me quite excited for its release on May 4. Peace to Sound Verite and Rock The Dub.

St. Paul Slim: "Wax Garlic"

Kid Cudi: "Soundtrack To My Life" (Music Video)

Richy Pitch: "Blackstar ft. M.anifest" (Music Video)

Via M.anifest:
Here goes the very awesome and uber creative animated 8-bit video for the single off Producer/DJ Richy Pitch's upcoming LP, "Ye Fre Mi Richy Pitch," featuring yours truly. The album will be released on famed record label BBE (Jay Dee, Dj Jazzy Jeff,, etc).

Richy Pitch spent a good chunk of the last 2 years in Ghana and assembled an all-star all-Ghanaian cast for this LP (June Release). The album will feature some of Ghana’s finest contemporary music stars such as: Reggie Rockstone, Samini, M.anifest, M3NSA, Wanlov the Kubolor, Yasmeen, Sena, AB, DJ Black and Kwesi Dankwa. Richy Pitch first made his name back in 1996 as resident DJ at the legendary London Hip Hop club night Scratch. He has recorded and produced music in the US with many respected MCs including J-Live, El da Sensei, Mr Complex, Asheru and Apani B where he recorded his critically acclaimed Live at Home LP on New York label Sevenheads.

PS: "Blackstar" alludes to the name of Ghana's beloved soccer team, the "Black Stars."
Richy Pitch: "Blackstar ft. M.anifest"

Donwill: "Pussy Rules The World (Music Video)

Donwill of Tanya Morgan fame just released his debut solo LP, Don Cusack in High Fidelity. Donwill explained this single from the LP as follows: "The song is about being more critical of chasing skirts. It's not a song degrading women, but more so questioning motives."

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Brother Ali: Interview with (Video)

Despite giving this interview in what appears to be a kitchen, Ali spoke with about some rather interesting topics. Among them are differences between European and American fans, meeting the Rhymesayers crew, producing records, and future projects. Apparently a possible collabative EP with Jake One could be in the works...

Eyedea & Abilities: "This Story" (Video)

Eyedea and Abilities came through Madison last month to perform at the High Noon Saloon. Here is some footage of "This Story," off their new album By The Throat.

Brother Ali's European Tour Blog (Video)

Toki Wright: BlackMale EP Release Party (Video)

Pacific Division: "Shut Up ft. The Cool Kids" (Music Video)

Off Pac Div's spectacular (and spectacularly titled) mixtape Church League Champions.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Danny Brown: The Hybrid (Album)

Detroit rapper Danny Brown's (the one with the weird voice but who raps well) debut album, The Hybrid, was just released for free via Rappers I Know Records. Spotted at Nah Right.

Danny Brown: The Hybrid

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Prof: Kaiser Von Powderhorn 2 (EP)

Prof just released his new EP, Kaiser Von Powderhorn 2, via Stophouse.
Brace yourself, kiddies. Prof is back with the second installment of his Kaiser Von Powderhorn EP series. This much anticipated follow-up to his first Kaiser EP features eight of Prof's most humorous and polished tracks to date. The upbeat, light-hearted Kaiser Von Powderhorn 2 makes a perfect party soundtrack. Each track reinforces Prof’s status as the best Twin Cities MC, as he switches seamlessly between playfully pawing at and powerfully pouncing on the beat.
Highly dubious claims from that press release aside, Prof is no slouch on the mic, and this should be an enjoyable EP. The download link is below, but keep in mind that you can also purchase the physical copy of the EP at Fifth Element or online at the Stophouse store.

Prof: Kaiser Von Powderhorn 2 (EP)

Muja Messiah & DJ Turtleneck at The Triple Rock (Live Audio Downloads)

Empty was able to record a few songs at Muja Messiah's recent show at the Triple Rock. I haven't had much from Muja to post on Midwest Broadcast lately, but from my understanding he's working on the follow up to 2008's The Adventures of a B-Boy/D-Boy. Hopefully we'll hear about how that's coming along soon. Peace to Sound Verite and Empty's Tapes.

Booka B & Espada: "Blame It On The Boogie (Remix)"

Minneaplis DJs Booka B and Espada are collaborting on an EP that is due out this coming summer. Here is a first preview of their work together, a remix of Jackson 5's "Blame It On The Boogie." Peace to Wants vs. Needs, where I spotted this.

Booka B & Espada: "Blame It On The Boogie (Remix)"

Lokal Celebrities Radio: Episode 35 ft. Mally & Prizm

David "Depth" Powell actually requested I post the Lokal Celebrities Radio show on MWB a couple weeks ago when they had M.anifest, and I clumsily forgot to do that. So, here is the latest episode, featuring Mally and Prizm. The show can be downloaded as an iTunes podcast, or can be streamed at the zshare link below.

Lokal Celebrities Radio: Episode 35 ft. Mally & Prizm

Brother Ali & Grieves Actin' A Fool In France (Video)

The title pretty much explains everything. Good thing they're having fun over there.

Monday, March 15, 2010

Brother Ali: "Fresh Air" (Live) + Interview

Brother Ali has been touring throughout Europe with Grieves. The Euros love Rhymesayers, as I learned back in 2008. Also, down below is an interview that Ali did while on this tour.

Every Never Is Now Tour: West Coast Communique (Video)

This entertaining video montage will keep you updated on what P.O.S. and company have been up to on their latest tour, if you're so inclined. They'll be performing in Madison on Friday night, and I'll definitely be checking that out.

Soulcrate Music: "Electric Heavy Glow" (Music Video)

I haven't posted anything on here in nearly a week. Sorry. Anyway, here's the latest video from Soulcrate Music, off their latest album, The Heartland Panic.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Mally: "On The Way Up"

New heat from one of the Twin Cities' finest young rappers, Mally. And I must say, not a moment too soon. Mally had some words regarding what he's been up to, so instead of paraphrasing, I'll share them with you here:

[Here is] my new track, titled “On The Way Up,” that will be on my next full length album, The Quality of Mind, produced by Mydus. This song touches on my appreciation for those that believe in me as an artist, got me to where I am, and why I want to maintain this journey as a progressive hip hop artist. We (Mydus and I) are planning to provide you all with another 10-12 track serving of great hip-hop music. Although a release date has not been set, please believe that we will be working hard to deliver greatness in its rawest form.

I want to continue to explore myself as a human being lyrically and challenge myself conceptually, and this is just a sample to what’s in store. Daily experiences and support (personally and electronically) have kept me going and I thank you. Until The Quality of Mind is materialized, be sure to spread the word about my current album The Passion and keep listening!

Mally is also currently working on a second project, The Essence, with Rem', another Miami, FL producer. Heat rocks!

Mally: "On The Way Up"

Monday, March 8, 2010

The Tribe & Big Cats!: The Let's Be Professional Mixtape

The Tribe & Big Cats! collaborated for one of 2009's diamonds in the rough, their Supply and Demand EP. Just under one full year later, the three midwest artists have returned to share their latest joint project with us, The Let's Be Professional Mixtape, and Pwelbs and myself are here to present it to you.

If their EP was any indication of what's in store for us this time around, expect traditionally lush production from Big Cats! and DJ Pete and honest, reflective lyricism from Truth Be Told. And, of course, unprecedented levels of professionalism. The mixtape also boasts guest appearances from Franz Diego, Guante, Chantz Erolin, and Big Zach. It will serve as an appetizer for their full-length release, Forward Thinkers, Movers, Shakers, which is due out in the summer of 2010. Enjoy!

Elzhi: "Deep" (Music Video)

Off of Elzhi's The Leftovers Unmixtape.

Kid Cudi: "I Do My Thing ft. Snoop Dogg" (Prod. Dr. Dre)

This track will supposedly appear on Kid Cudi's second album, the collaboration-filled Cudder. Dr. Dre — who I believe some of you may have heard of — handled production for this track. Picture and link via Nah Right.

Royce Da 5'9": "Over (Freestyle)"

Royce Da 5'9" jacked the instrumental for Drake's underwhelming lead single for his debut album (someone please tell me how "Over" is any different from "Forever"). Nothing out of the ordinary here, but Royce is always good for a clever punchline or two. Or nine. Thanks to Nah Right.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

A.R.M.: "Fear Of The Mundane ft. Slug"

This song and its instrumental can be purchased at the iTunes store, so it's video streaming only.

Greg Grease: Tribute to the Lakes (FreEP)

Pwelbs posted this up a while back, so you may have seen it already if you check his site regularly. It's the debut solo project from Minneapolis' own Greg Grease. The EP is an 8 track free download with special guests Alicia Steele, Alissa Paris, Freeze (Illuminous 3), Akrite (T.U.S.S.), and Proper-T, with production by Benzilla, Pc, Javier Santiago, and Greg Birth. Grease is also working on his debut solo LP, The Giving Tree. Below is the download link to the EP, and the electronic press kit video.

Kidz In The Hall: "Flickin' (Nick Catchdubs x Proper Villains Remix)"

This was initially intended to be a fun remix for DJs, but apparently Naledge & Double O embraced it and have been performing the track live.

Toki Wright: "Kyendi Kyendi ft. Syvester & Abrams" (Music Video)

Here is a long lost music video Toki Wright made while in Uganda in 2007. The song was produced by
Katrah Quey and was featured on Toki's old mixtape, Meal Plan.

Wize Guyz: 80's Babies, Vol. 2 (Mixtape)

Twin Cities duo Wise Guyz just released 80's Babies, Vol. 2 as a prelude to their summer 2010 album, 85.

Lipset: Fifth Element Flow (Video)

At the weekly open mix session at Fifth Element.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

DJ Z-Trip: "Treat Me Like Your Mother (Remix) ft. Slug"

DJ Z-Trip recently remixed The Dead Weather's "Treat Me Like Your Mother," and snuck a Slug verse at the tail end of the song. If you have not yet listened to Horehound, you really should do that immediately. If you don't know you Slug is, I don't know why you're visiting this website. Much love, as always, to Rhymesayers Entertainment.

DJ Z-Trip: "Treat Me Like Your Mother (Remix) ft. Slug" (Right click + 'Save As' to Download)

Longshot: "Burn It Up"

Longshot has been working on a new project in Minneapolis for quite some time now. This is actually a track he gave me a while back for Flyover Land, Vol. 2. No, I don't know when I'm going to finally put the finishing touches on that, but I do know I've been too busy lately to take care of it. Sorry. Either way, Longshot just hit me up and asked me to let this track loose.

Also, on March 5 Longshot will be performing at the Subterranean in Chicago with Toki Wright. And on March 13 Longshot will be performing at Anthem Heart Studios in Northeast Minneapolis.