Friday, August 31, 2012

Brother Ali: "Mourning in America" (Music Video)

The sort of self-titled single to Brother Ali's upcoming album now has a video, which powerfully accompanies the song's appraisal of America as a country whose entire existence is based around violence and the way that's reflected in our current culture. Read Brother Ali's eloquent description below:
This is the title track to my new album, Mourning in America and Dreaming in Color. The first half of the album highlights and critiques the dire situation in which we live. The second half outlines the tremendous opportunity we have to re-imagine and reform our society. This song is an observation and a critique of our culture of death and murder. From actual war zones around the world to our own inner cities where this summer's death rates rival war zones. I also address our national hypocrisy regarding violence. We have a zero tolerance policy of violence committed against us, but we're a lot more lenient and patient when it comes to the violence we commit. "A life is a life and a killer is a killer".
Below, you can also listen to Ali's recent performance and interview at the Minnesota State Fair. The session with The Current goes far beyond the lighthearted typical fair performances we're used to, and covers many of the topics you can expect to be featured on his upcoming album: racism, violence, economic inequality, and more.

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