Thursday, October 29, 2009

P.O.S.: "Never Better" (Music Video)

MTV just premiered P.O.S.'s music video for "Never Better." Now that he's released something like 5 of the 6 he made (I could be wrong there), do you have any favorites?

Lupe Fiasco: "Say Something Freestyle"

If anyone had any doubts that Lupe is one of the best doing it right now, those should be quelled after his recent barrage of freestyles.

Lupe Fiasco: "Say Something Freestyle"

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Spike Jonze Bitch Slaps Kanye West (Video)

Kanye and Jonze's collaborative shirt film, "We Were Once a Fairytale," was just released to iTunes. In light of this, Jonze released some interesting behind the scenes footage of them filming the piece.

M.anifest: "Playback Music"

Rocking over the Justus League's "Maybach Music," M.anifest originally intended for this to appear on his upcoming mixtape, The Birds and the Beats. However, the project evolved into a full album, complete with entirely original material, and will be released for free on November 20. So, M.anifest graciously sent this my way. And he also informed me that the A.R.M. album is coming sooner than you think!

M.anifest: "Playback Music"

P.O.S.: MTV Halloween Horrors Interview (Video)

P.O.S. recounts with MTV one of his most memorable Halloweens (the infamous Twin Cities blizzard Halloween). I remember going out that same year! I was a ghost and blended right in with the snow. Good times. Now, we just drink and riot on State Street in Madison. Things done changed.

Brother Ali: "Truth Is" (Live in Paris)

Even though I personally experienced an Ali show (with Atmosphere, nonetheless) in London, it never ceases to amaze me how strong of a following the Rhymesayers star has in Europe. Here is video of Ali performing "Truth Is" in Paris. This video player only has this one song embedded, but if you feel the urge to see his entire set, hit up Grandcrew to watch the full thing.

Lupe Fiasco: "All The Way Turnt Up Freestyle"

Lupe is really putting out a lot of material lately. That means one of two things: 1) Lasers is upcoming, or 2) He really felt genuinely snubbed about not making the MTV Hottest Emcees list. Either way, we're the real winners here.

Lupe Fiasco: "All The Way Turnt Up Freestyle"

Trey Lane: "All Things Considered ft. Toki Wright" + "Celebrate"

Here are two tracks off of Trey Lane's upcoming album, All Things Considered, set to be released on December 8. The title track features Rhymesayer Toki Wright, while "Celebrate" boasts guest spots from Bru'Tal and V The Noble One. I'm not sure who produced these tracks, but whoever handled "All Things Considered" flipped it nicely.

Trey Lane: "All Things Considered ft. Toki Wright"
Trey Lane: "Celebrate ft. Bru'Tal and V The Noble One"

Mac Lethal: "Punk Bitch Clown Freestyle" + "Kinda Like A Big Wheel ft. Prof & St. Paul Slim"

New Mac Lethal is always a pleasant surprise, and he really puts it down over a couple of mainstream beats. Nice to see Mac hooking up with Prof and St. Paul Slim, too. Stophouse! Black Clover Records! Both of these tracks were originally posted at 2DopeBoyz.

Mac Lethal: "Punk Bitch Clown Freestyle"
Mac Lethal: "Kinda Like A Big Wheel ft. Prof & St. Paul Slim"

Rhymefest: "Letter"

Presumably off 'Fest's much delayed El Che. Who knows what's happening with that project, wasn't it supposed to be released in 2008 at one point? Let's hope it sees the light of day sometime.

Rhymefest: "Letter"

Mike Posner: One Foot Out The Door (Mixtape)

I know plenty of people who really like Mike Posner, so I figure, why not? Here's his latest mixtape, available for free download. Download link snatched from those Two Dope Boys.

Mike Posner: One Foot Out The Door (Mixtape)

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Greenhouse 101 with Blueprint & Illogic (Video)

Greenhouse's Electric Purgatory, Pt. 1 will be available on November 24. Get familiar.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Toki Wright: "Devil's Advocate" (Music Video)

Toki's first video off of his tremendous debut LP, A Different Mirror. If you don't have it yet, you can order it via Fifth Element.

Nice video. Well executed, and good to see Toki getting some MTV love!

Friday, October 23, 2009

Felt: "Protagonists (Full Clip Remix) ft. Blueprint, Scarub, & Cage"

"We still spittin' on that indie bullshit/ Legends, Rhymesayers, Def Jux - the full clip." - Murs

Those Felt boys weren't kidding. But no, unfortunately, I don't have the song for you right now. However, if you preorder Felt 3 right here, you can get the track instantly for free-ninety-nine. Other Felt products, such as new sweatshirts and tees are also available at Fifth Element.

Unknown Prophets: "Hate Face ft. Grieves"

One of the Twin Cities most slept on groups, Unknown Prophets, is back after a 3-year hiatus and ready to release their long awaited album, Le System D. This is their lead single, "Hate Face," a very mature sound for the group. The album has an exciting concept, I'll let Big Jess sum it up:
Le System D is an original composition, free of samples, and one that yet again takes the listener in a different direction. Scheduled for release December 1st, with a release show to follow in First Avenue's mainroom (December 3rd with Cunninlynguists, Grieves, and Looptroop), the UPs have created their own fresh, mature new sound. Their first single, "HATE FACE", features Grieves, and is that in your face break up song that we can all relate to at least once in our lives. The album also has appearances from Braille, New MC, Promoe of Looptroop, and Aaron Cosgrove of New Congress. As always, we appreciate your support, and hope you will post this song, and tell your friends about it!
Unknown Prophets: "Hate Face ft. Grieves"

P.O.S. Interviewed by City Pages

City Pages blog Gimme Noise just posted an interview with P.O.S. In the brief discussion, the Minneapolis rapper discusses touring, his hometown, and his recent success. Below is a snippit from the interview, but you can read the rest here.
Is there any part of your recent few years of success that means more to you than the other stuff?

I like that everybody keeps calling it success. I played Coachella last year and I didn't want to do it because they wanted to add me three days before the show. So I wasn't in any of the printed materials, no one knew I was going to be there. I still had a pretty massive crowd, though. That was the thing that was so exciting to me - that with three days notice at Coachella of all places, I could still draw a crowd. It just felt really good and I can't wait to to do it for real.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

F. Stokes Performing at SOB's in New York City (Videos)

F dot Stokes putting it down in NYC at SOB's, performing a handful of tracks off his Death of a Handsome Bride EP (Review).

Heiruspecs: "Bright Lights" (Video)

PREVIOUSLY: "Pay To Play" (Video) -- "I Know" (Video)

Ray Shemersy Tonight: Felt Interview, Part 1

"Them Felt boys are back to heat up your [autumn]."

UPDATE: Tracklist revealed. 21 TRACKS? We all win.
1. Protagonists
2. Felt Chewed Up
3. Get Cake
4. Bass For Your Truck
5. Like You
6. Permanent Standby
7. Kevin Spacey
8. Ghost Dance Deluxe
9. Revisiting the Styleetron
10. Whaleface
11. Glory Burning
12. Henrietta Longbottom
13. She Sonnet
14. Felt Good
15. Deathmurdermayhem
16. The Prize
17. G.I. Josephine
18. The Clap
19. We Have You Surrounded
20. Give It Up
21. Paul Reubens

Hey Champ: "(We Are) Champions"

Spotted this via URB. DubFrquency is relasing a remix project featuring the likes of Mike Posner, The Sounds, and more. But this is the first leak, a remix of The Cool Kids' "Champions," by indie group Hey Champ.

Hey Champ: "(We Are) Champions"

Monday, October 19, 2009

Greenhouse (Blueprint + Illogic) In the Studio (Video)

M.anifest: "Ghana, 52"

Via M.anifest:
Last week i told my facebook friends/fans i would liberate a song if Ghana beat Brazil to win the under 20 soccer world cup last Friday. Well they did. so as advertised i'm liberating this song, "Ghana, 52" i did with producer Budo. So 2/3 of A.R.M. is featured on this song(download link is below). This cut will be featured on "the birds & the beats" mixtape i'll be putting out for free 99 on my birthday November 20. Wrote this song on March 5th, the eve of Ghana's 52 indenpendence anniversary.its a reflective one, and i sought a more organic feel to the music to match the feel. Budo killed it with the instruments. Enjoy.
M.anifest: "Ghana, 52"

No Bird Sing: "Devil Trombones" (Music Video)

No Bird Sing's music video for their second single from the self-titled debut album. Video by 14 year old stop-motion artist Malone Mischke.

Friday, October 16, 2009

Heiruspecs: "Pay To Play" (Video)

More goodies from Heiruspecs. This one's "Pay To Play," off of their latest, self-titled LP. I know I might offend a few Twin Cities people by saying this, but I honestly believe their latest release is their best work yet. By far. And I'm a big fan of their old stuff.

PREVIOUSLY — "I Know" (Video)

Lupe Fiasco: "Solar Midnite"

Lupe got recruited to make a song for the soundtrack to 'Twilight: New Moon." Not sure about this whole Twilight thing, but I am always sure about new Lupe. Props to GoWhere Hip-Hop.

Here's a quote Lupe himself put on his Myspace. Spotted at NahRight.
Solar Midnite is my first commercial release that I actually produced as well as wrote. The New Moon team asked me if I could do a song specifically for the film. They invited me to an early screening of the unfinished film from which I pulled different elements that I thought would translate into a great song. I pulled in vocalist and bassist Graham Burris and acclaimed musician Matt Nelson to help fill it out my vision musically and "joila" Solar Midnite was born. The song basically deals with the chaotic love story that takes place between the characters. It's more on the rock side of my musical catalog and comes straight from my die hard fanhood of Red Hot Chili Peppers and Anthony Keidis, one of my FAVORITE RAPPERS.
Lupe Fiasco: "Solar Midnite"

Guante & Big Cats!: 'An Unwelcome Guest' (Noam The Drummer Megamix)

Message via Guante, post originally spotted at Culture Bully:
Noam the Drummer put together this megamix of our new album, An Unwelcome Guest, essentially condensing an hour-long zombie-superhero-love-story concept album into 15 crazy minutes. In it, you’ll hear some flashes of the story, a few of our guests (Haley Bonar, Chastity Brown, Eric Blair of No Bird Sing; the album also features Big Quarters and Prolyphic, though they’re not in this mix) and an idea of how the album as a whole sounds. We’ll be releasing the LP in December on Tru Ruts/Speakeasy Records. Think of this as the trailer.
Guante & Big Cats!: 'An Unwelcome Guest' (Noam The Drummer Megamix)

Greenhouse: "Gettin' There"

Greenhouse, composed of Blueprint and Illogic will be releasing their Electric Purgatory EP ond November 24. Here's a teaser from that project. And if you don't have their previous album, Columbus or Bust (under the group name Greenhouse Effect), pick that up ASAP.

On a related note, Blueprint's track "Blue Balls" off of Radio do Canibal is my jam; one of the best songs on the album, in my opinion. A great assessment of the trials of the creative process in hip-hop. Also a pleasing reminder that Blueprint is crafting his next solo LP, too.

Greenhouse: "Gettin' There"

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Heiruspecs: "I Know" (Live)

The Twin Cities' favorite hip-hop band gets down at First Ave during the release party of their 2008 self-titled album. Video edited by Gantry Productions.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Big Quarters: 'Zip Disks Break' iPhone Ringtones (Free Download)

Those fellas are too generous. Big shout out to Zach and Brandon of Big Quarters. I'll be installing these on my phone pronto. Click the image above, or the link below to download.

Big Quarters: 'Zip Disks Break' iPhone Ringtones (Free Download)

Royce Da 5'9": "Count For Nothing (One Shot)" (Music Video)

Off of Royce's The Revival EP and his upcoming LP, Street Hop (schedule for a quickly approaching October 20 release). This video is the latest installment in Court Dunn and Nah Right’s “One Shot” video series. Shouts to NahRight.

Finale: "The Senator" (Music Video)

Off of A Pipe Dream and a Promise (Review). The good folks at Audible Treats sent this message along with the video:
Detroit emcee Finale has drawn inspiration from another rust belt city for his newest video, "The Senator," from his spring-released, highly acclaimed A Pipe Dream And A Promise. Both the song and video are based largely on David Simon and HBO's Baltimore epic The Wire. The Senator in question is State Senator Clay Davis, not one of the show's main characters but certainly one of its most fascinating and divisive. Davis is an exploitative figure that acts as an intermediary between drug dealers and real estate developers, pocketing cash from both sides all the while. Finale uses Davis as a means of getting the point of the song across: calling out liars who are fronting as something they aren't. The song opens with the line "I heard a lot of y'all talkin' / A lot of you not walkin'." Finale even manages to make Davis' trademark exclamation "sheeeeeiiiiittttt" a centerpiece of the song's chorus. The video seamlessly blends Finale's Detroit with The Wire's Baltimore and employs key scenes and lines from the show to carry across Finale's punchlines.

The video is directed by Roy Miles Jr., who developed the vide concept along with Interdependent Media General Manager/A&R, iD. On working together to create the video, Finale says, "I shot the footage of myself rapping while I was on the west coast doing interviews and press runs with Interdependent Media. When I left town I told iD and Roy what season's clip I used from The Wire. Roy and his assistant took the time to go through episodes of the show and find clips that synced up with various lines in the song. It's kind of dope that they were able to find specific scenes that matched up with what i was saying in the song."

Warning! This video should come with a spoiler alert. If you haven't seen the entirety of The Wire and plan to watch it some day, DO NOT watch the video. It contains key plot moments and spoilers.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Peter Parker Covers Brother Ali's 'Us' Release Party

I'm going to be honest. Mr. Peter Parker has one of the dopest jobs in Minneapolis.

Monday, October 5, 2009

Doomtree: Freestyle on B96 with Mr. Peter Parker (Video)

Good to here from the Doomtree crew for the first time in a little bit. I'm pretty sure they're all keeping busy right now, but you can catch Doomtree Blowout V at First Ave on Saturday December 5, 2009.

Dodi Phy: "Love & Lust ft. M.anifest"

Jon Jon at Sound Verite posted this quite a while back, and I've been slacking pretty hard, so I'm only just throwing it up now. Anyway, here's a new joint from Dodi Phy, and Minneap emcee who flies way too far under the radar of most people. If you remember, though, you should have caught him on Flyover Land, Vol. 1.

Dodi Phy: "Love & Lust ft. M.anifest"