Thursday, June 28, 2012

The Tribe & Big Cats!: "Dopeness" (Music Video)

Here is the music video for "Dopeness," another excellent track from the Tribe and Big Cats! upcoming album Space. The album is coming out on July 10. The album release party, meanwhile, is on July 14 at the 7th St. Entry.

PREVIOUSLY - The Tribe & Big Cats!: "P.I.L.L.S"

The Tribe & Big Cats!
Space Album Release Show
Saturday, July 14 // 7th St. Entry
with F. Stokes, Metasota and Jimmy 2 Times
Facebook RSVP // Tickets

Audio Perm: "Dylan's Song" ft. Big Dylan (Prod. Julian Fairbanks)

Audio Perm week continues as we get closer to tomorrow, when they headline the Cabooze for their second Permed Out Showcase. Here is Wednesday's release from the crew, "Dylan's Song," which naturally features Big Dylan and was produced by Julian Fairbanks.

"Twenty One A" ft. Chantz Erolin & 80H20 (Prod. Cory Grindberg) 
"Refrigerator Raider" ft. Biter Fighters (Prod. Taylor Madrigal)

Mike the Martyr: Grand Marye (Mixtape)

In 2011 and 2012 Mike the Martyr has established himself in the Twin Cities as a sought after producer. He can rhyme too, though, and his recent mixtape Grand Marye puts his abilities on full display. The tape features him rapping over mostly Kanye West beats — hence the mixtape's title and album cover — and also features guest work from Metasota, Bobby Raps, KnoX and more.

DOWNLOAD - Mike the Martyr: Grand Marye (Mixtape)

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Audio Perm: "Refrigerator Raider" ft. Biter Fighters (Prod. Taylor Madrigal)

Here is Tuesday's release from Audio Perm, leading up to the Showcase on Friday. Biter Fighters are composed of Unfuh Qwittable & Taylor Madrigal.

Audio Perm
Permed Out Showcase #2
Friday, June 29 // The Cabooze
ft. Metasota and Jason Anxious
Facebook RSVP // Tickets

Audio Perm: "Twenty One A" ft. Chantz Erolin & 80H20 (Prod. Cory Grindberg)

Audio Perm are releasing one track per day this week leading up to their second Permed Out Showcase, taking place this Friday at the Cabooze. Monday's song, "Twenty One A," was produced by Cory Grindberg and features Chantz Erolin and 80H20 on the raps.

Audio Perm
Permed Out Showcase #2
Friday, June 29 // The Cabooze
ft. Metasota and Jason Anxious
Facebook RSVP // Tickets

Homeless: "Get Gone" ft. K.Raydio (Prod. Big Cats!)

"Get Gone" is a new song from Homeless featuring some assistance from K.Raydio on vocals and Big Cats! on production.

Claire de Lune: Be Scene Mpls Interview (Video)

Check out the interview Claire de Lune recently did with Jake of Be Scene Mpls, part 2 is after the jump. Claire's EP New Lion is out now, so go buy that, and stream it below if you need any convincing first. Keep in mind her release party is tomorrow evening at the 7th St. Entry.

Claire de Lune
New Lion EP Release Party
Thursday, June 28 // 7th St. Entry
with Greg Grease, K.Raydio, and DJ Noam the Drummer
$7 door, $5 advance // 18+ // Tickets

Mankwe: Science and Spirit, Pt. 4 (Video)

Here is the final video of Mankwe and Medium Zach's Science and Spirit improvisational video series. Mankwe's debut album Science and Spirit is coming out on July 17.

Previously - Mankwe: "Henrietta Goes Electric"

KnoX: "Flippin Birdz"

Here's something new from KnoX.

DOWNLOAD - KnoX: "Flippin Birdz"

Listen to a Brother Ali Interview with the Sanpablito Blog

Brother Ali conducted an extended interview with the Sanpablito blog that is very candid and thoughtful, as usual. Listen to the audio below.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Claire de Lune: "Save the Day" ft. MaLLy & Truth Be Told (Music Video)

The Local Current blog premiered the new music video, done by River Life Media aka Greg Grease, to "Save the Day", Claire de Lune's lead single to New Lion, her debut EP that is getting released next Tuesday, June 26. The song features MaLLy and Truth Be Told, and was produced by Big Cats!. Pre-order New Lion through Claire's Bandcamp.

Claire de Lune
New Lion EP Release Party
Thursday, June 28 // 7th St. Entry
with Greg Grease, K.Raydio, and DJ Noam the Drummer
$7 door, $5 advance // 18+ // Tickets

Mankwe: Science and Spirit, Pts. 2 & 3 (Videos)

Mankwe Ndosi's debut solo album Science and Spirit is coming out on July 17, and you may remember her and Medium Zach are doing a video series where they create new songs on the spot to demonstrate the creative process they used to create Mankwe's album. Here are the second and third videos in that series. Part 2 is above, part 3 is below after the jump.

Previously - Mankwe: "Henrietta Goes Electric"

The Anchormen: "Doors ft. Fancy Ray & AbhiNav" (Music Video)

The Anchormen (Big Wiz, Aquafresh & T La Shawn) and AbhiNav have got a new video out for "Doors" and recruit some help from Fancy Ray for the video. This one's from their Southside Action News mixtape, if you haven't caught that yet.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Brother Ali: "Stop the Press" (Prod. Jake One)

"Stop the Press" is the first official single from Brother Ali's Mourning in America and Dreaming in Color, produced entirely by Jake One. I first saw Ali perform it over Evidence's "Red Carpet" instrumental at Sims' 7th St. Entry performance during last year's Doomtree Blowout week. Then he did it again a few weeks ago, again at the Entry, while debuting his new live band Blank Tape Beloved. In either form it's a powerful and highly personal piece of work. Ali raps passionately about several of the most significant events in his life from the past few years: losing his touring DJ (but not his friend) BK-One, his father committing suicide, Eyedea passing away, and more.

With all their one-off singles and finally the first official release from the album, Ali and Jake One have continually displayed their excellent chemistry together and set the bar high for August 21, when Mourning in America and Dreaming in Color will be released. You can pre-order the album now, via Fifth Element.

Carnage the Executioner: "Respect The Name" (Music Video)

Carnage's great new Medium Zach-produced single, "Respect the Name," from his upcoming album of the same title, dropped last week. Now here is the video, directed by Arlo Myren. Watch Carnage solve some comic-book style capers with Desdamona as his sidekick, and look for cameos from the perfectly cast villains Slug and Prof. Carnage's Respect the Name will be released on September 11 via Fill In The Breaks/Hecatomb.

Toki Wright's Fade Left Tour Preview (Video)

Toki is hitting the road soon with Burnell Washburn, DJ So Gold, and special guest Yakub for their Fade Left Tour. Check out the video above to see what's in store for the tour.

Culture Cry Wolf: "Me, Myself, and I" (Music Video)

Check out Culture Cry Wolf's simple yet effective video to "Me, Myself, and I," from their album Dia de los Muertos. The video was directed by Adam Dunn.

BeSceneMpls Presents: Rooftop Cypher I (Video)

Much of the rhetoric in hip-hop media these days centers around the false dichotomy between what's "real rap" and what's not; Nicki Minaj backing out of Hot 97's Summerjam becuase of DJ Peter Rosenberg's comments is the latest example in that clash. The debate often centers around a traditionalist vs. non-traditionalist approach. If you watch the BET Award cyphers or listen to a "freestyle" on Nah Right and grumble that it's prepared or pre-written material, you probably sympathize with the traditionalist stance. If so, you'll definitely be a fan of this new Be Scene Mpls video series (if not, there's still a good chance you'll enjoy it). Jake and Eamon at Be Scene want to take the cypher back to it's older iteration, where the gathering is more free flowing and improvised. So they rounded up Lizzo, Manny Phesto, Freez, Big Dylan, Yakub along with Tristan (aka Mic Technique) to beat-box. Check out the results above, and stay tuned for more videos from the Be Scene crew.

Sam Scott: "We Get Around" (ft. Mod Sun & Mike Dreams)

The homie Zeke just sent me this new track by Sam Scott featuring two Minneapolis rappers, Mod Sun and Mike Dreams. Check out "We Get Around" below.

Monday, June 18, 2012

Longshot: Live from the Gravebomb, Vol. 2 (Mixtape)

Here is the latest mixtape from Chicago/Minneapolis rapper Longshot. At twenty tracks, Live from the Gravebomb, Vol. 2 is a lengthy one, but there a plenty of gems in there. The tape has got features from Big Zach, Felix, Psalm One, Carnage and Truth Be Told, as well as production from Jake One. Stream it after the jump.

Sound of the City, Vol​.​10 (Mixtape)

Here is the newest Sound of the City mixtape, from 4Seen Magazine. This one features Greg Grease, Metasota, Mike the Martyr, Fly Henderson, I Self Devine, MaLLy, Toki Wright, Phonetic One, Audio Perm and more. Stream it below.

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Carnage The Executioner: "Respect the Name" (Prod. Medium Zach)

Here is "Respect the Name," the excellent new Medium Zach-produced single from Carnage. It'll take a few listens to catch everything Carnage is saying on this one.

Mastermind: "Hood Dreamin" (Music Video)

Mastermind came out with "Hood Dreamin," the lead single to his upcoming mixtape Mastermind is Denmark Vesey, in late May. Now here is the equally awesome video, naturally directed by Adam Dunn.

Nazeem: "H & M" (Prod. WizzKid)

Nazeem is a 16 year old rapper from Minneapolis who also happens to be Muja Messiah's son. This won't be surprising once you listen to his new track "H & M," taken from his EP The Coliseum, because the kid can rap. Very well. Thanks to jon jon who has been telling me to look out for Nazeem for the past month, and is the one who shared this track.

Heidi Barton Stink: A Charming Gut (Album)

Here is the debut full-length album from self-proclaimed Minneapolis transgender activist and queer/trans social justice oriented hip-hop artist Heidi Barton Stink. The album was produced entirely by See More Perspective and features a guest spot from Guante. Since I've been away from the Internet for the past week or so, I haven't had the chance to listen to it yet, but I've heard positive remarks from several different sources so it should definitely be worth checking out.  You can stream the album below or download it for $8 from Barton Stink's Bandcamp page.

Doomtree: "Beacon" (Music Video)

Here is the high concept new music video for "Beacon," off Doomtree's No Kings record. It was directed by Bo Hakala. Hit the jump below to view a behind the scenes recap of how they made the video, via SPIN.

Axel Foley: "Stacking the Game" (Music Video)

Here is the debut music video from local rapper Axel Foley of the True Mutiny Collective.

Footage of the Level Heads at the Cabooze Last May

The Level Heads performed last May 15 at the Cabooze, opening for somebody named Hoodie Allen (me neither). Here is some footage from that show.

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

The Tribe & Big Cats!: "P.I.L.L.S"

If you saw the Tribe & Big Cats!'s thrilling performing at Soundset or their recent opening set at MaLLy's album release party, you've already heard many of the excellent new songs from their upcoming album Space, which will be out on July 10. Here's everything else you need to know: the first single "P.I.L.L.S" can be streamed/downloaded below right now, the tracklist to the album can be found after the jump, as can the flyer for their album release party, which is happening July 14 at the 7th St. Entry with F. Stokes and Metasota. I've been listening to Space for the better part of the past week. To put it simply, it's great and you're going to love it.

Kanye West, Big Sean, Pusha T & 2 Chainz: "Mercy" (Music Video)

Here is the video for "Mercy," the first single to the upcoming G.O.O.D. Music crew album, supposedly titled Cruel Summer, and one of the first high profile crew albums I've been excited for in quite some time.

Mankwe: Science and Spirit, Pt. 1 (Video)

As was announced yesterday through the beautiful single "Henrietta Goes Electric," Mankwe Ndosi is putting out her debut solo album Science and Spirit on July 17. Leading up to the release of that album, Mankwe and Medium Zach will be putting out a weekly video series of them improvising new songs on the spot, capturing the collaborative energy that helped drive the creation of the album. Check out the first video above.

Illuminous 3: "No Turnin Back" (Prod. Bobby Raps)

Illuminous 3 is back with another Illuinous Free track, this one done by St. Paul native, Audio Perm affiliate, and multi-talented youngster in the Twin Cities scene, Bobby Raps. Check out the video for a breakdown of Bobby's production setup, and download/listen to the song below.

DOWNLOAD - Illuminous 3: "No Turnin Back" (Prod. Bobby Raps

Soundset 2012 Video Recap

The big boss Reed Fisher over at Gimme Noise just posted this sweet video recap of Soundset 2012, featuring footage of Lupe, Kendrick, Prof, Danny Brown, and more. It was done by Sean Phazes. Check it out.

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

MaLLy: "Good One ft. K.Raydio" (Music Video)

"Good One" is the second single to get a music video from MaLLy and the Sundance Kid's excellent album The Last Great... The album is one of the stronger local or national rap releases of the year so far, and it's a free album, so if you don't have it by now, make sure to download it or purchase the physical copy from local retailers like Electric Fetus, Fifth Element or Cheapo.

Blueprint: "Wanna Be Like You" (Music Video)

In April Blueprint dropped the video for "Go Hard or Go Home," and now he's back with another video from his 2011 album Adventures in Counter-Culture. Blueprint plays a concert in Minneapolis tomorrow night at the Triple Rock, and tickets are only $5. If you're in town, you'd be remiss to skip this show.

Danny Brown: "Grown Up" (Music Video)

Here is the playful music video to Danny Brown's equally delightful song "Grown Up," which came out in March. In the video a young Danny Brown terrorizes local parks, stores, and bathrooms, and we find out how he lost one of his front teeth.

On a related note, did a dirty version of this song ever get released?

Mankwe: "Henrietta Goes Electric"

On July 17 local singer Mankwe Ndosi will be releasing her debut solo album, Science and Spirit. I had a chance to speak with Medium Zach about this project after I Self Devine's release show, and he explained that he and Mankwe have been hard at work on this project for a couple of years. After all the excellent work Mankwe has done in collaboration with other local artists, it's excellent to see her solo work coming to fruition. This single, "Henrietta Goes Electric," is an excellent introduction of what's to come. Stream it below, and pre-order Science and Spirit at Mankwe's website.

Alex Frecon: Still Wrapped (Mixtape) + "Ray Charles" (Music Video)

Alex Frecon just released a new mixtape, Still Wrapped. He describes the central focus of the mixtape as trying to have fun in an industry that just tries to bring you down. Hit the jump to check out the mixtape, along with a music video for his song "Ray Charles."

Alex Frecon: Still Wrapped (Mixtape)