Friday, August 31, 2012

Big Jess Presents: Honorable Mention, Volume 1

If you've been following Big Jess on Twitter over the past several months, you should be aware by now that he's been actively working on a compilation project featuring tons of local artists. The concept seemed simple enough. Jess produces a bunch of original beats, and gets his friends to hop on and do their thing. I'm not sure if there's much more to it than that, but looking at the roster on the album, I'm excited to give it a few spins. For those of you who are still curious, I included the tracklist after the jump. You can download and stream Honorable Mention, Volume 1 over at

Big Jess Presents: Honorable Mention, Volume 1

  1. Charles Holley - Intro
  2. Big Quarters - Breathe Easy
  3. Versifier - The Cycle
  4. Desdamona - I Been
  5. Dwell Divine - Giving Tree
  6. Ernie Rhodes - Time Machine
  7. Haphduzn - Stuck In My Ways
  8. Capaciti - The Music
  9. Knox - Thoughts For The Mind
  10. Braille - Kiss My Gun
  11. Mike The Martyr - In Rap We Don't Trust
  12. Lucas Dix, Dig Mode and Father Focus Confucius - Fire
  13. Felix - Feels Right
  14. Prizm & Tigre (925ve) - Lift It Up
  15. Try-D - Not Emo
  16. Set The Smith - Second To None
  17. Toki Wright - Groceries

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Ryan said...

I love that Jess isnt afraid to step out of the box and not pigeon-hole his sound. The beats are fantastic, and the list of contributors to the album is impressive. Very much enjoye the first listen.