Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Greg Grease: "Rip Well"

Greg Grease's "Rip Well" is a song 3 years in the making. The Mic Titan-produced track is inspired by unwarranted acts of violence in large American cities like Chicago, Detroit, Minneapolis and Atlanta, but gained deeper significance due to the recent passing of Greg's friend and musical collaborator Abdulle Elmi. The song builds from Greg starting his rhymes over little more than guitar and 808 kicks to a full-flegged emotional yet paranoid dedication. Greg stated, “I wanted it to be sad but not weepy, angry not aggressive...I really feel like it has its own energy that isn't Greg Grease, I'm just a feature on it”. This intention comes through and makes the track a tribute in the finest form: a statement that resonates powerfully and emotionally without Grease having to preach from a soapbox.

DOWNLOAD - Greg Grease: "Rip Well"

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