Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Black Milk & Danny Brown: Black & Brown EP (Stream)

Stream the new Black Milk and Danny Brown EP below. It's as good as you'd expect it to be. Or at least as good as I'd expect it to be. (Which is damn good.)

Big Quarters: "C'mon" (Music Video)

Here is the lead single from Big Quarters' third studio release Party Like A Young Commie. The album will be out on November 29. Get your preorders in at

Guante: "Just A Song" + 'A Loud Heart' EP Announcement

Up above is Guante doing his spoken word thing with "A Prayer for Indie Rappers." Below is Guante doing his rap thing with accompaniment from Claire Taubenhaus, Big Cats! and more. I suggest you check them both out. Be on the lookout for Guante's upcoming EP, A Loud Heart, due on 11/11/11.

Friday, October 14, 2011

Doomtree: "The Grand Experiment" + No Kings Pre-Order

There's a lot to digest in this post, I'll try to keep it simple.
  • Doomtree's sophomore crew album No Kings is due November 22.
  • The pre-order for the album has launched today. It includes CD and 2xLP options, as well as tons of other goodies and gadgets, like t-shirts, stickers, buttons, posters, and commemorative boxes. Who doesn't love commemorative boxes?
  • All pre-orders gain automatic entry into random drawings for Doomtree's mind blowing upcoming residency at First Ave/7th St Entry. Random winners, announced every week, get tickets to all seven shows. A lucky winner gets VIP treatment at every show, one night in a lucury Minneapolis hotel, and $77.77 to blow on gas/booze/etc that weekend.
  • Place your pre-orders at Doomtree's website.
  • Below is a stream of "The Grand Experiment," the first single from No Kings. Everyone raps but P.O.S., who sings the hook.

Villa Rosa: "Uma Thurman"

Villa Rosa's Blue Diamond Island is available now. Find it at Bandcamp or your local record store.

Villa Rosa: "Uma Thurman"

Jordan Looney: "Crab Rangoon"

Here's some new material from St. Paul native/Chicago resident Jordan Looney, whose Nerd-Hop, Vol. 3: Side B is coming soon.

The Tribe & Big Cats!: "Good Life ft. Smoke DZA" (Music Video)

Here is the final video in The Tribe & Big Cats! Make Good project, a series that saw them releasing some of their best work to date. Check it out.

You should probably also grab their NUN FUX GVN t-shirt, because it's awesome.

I.B.E.: "Holdin Somethin ft. Dodi Phy" (Music Video)

Here is the first music video from I.B.E.'s That Tape release. You can check out and download the entire mixtape below.

I.B.E.: That Tape