Friday, October 31, 2008

J.Loonz: Saint Paul Homage Freestyle

Along with the previous video, J.Loonz also sent me a second video, where he gets all somber and serious over a contemplative beat, freestyling about the great city of Saint Paul. What up!

J.Loonz & JX Caliber: Freestyle Session In Prague (Video)

J.Loonz sent this through a little bit ago, and I figured it was about time to throw it up for you. Him and JX Caliber get down on a fun little freestyle session in Prague.

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Interview w/ Slug

Being able to work on this website is something I don't take for granted. I've been doing this for about six and a half months now, and I'm constantly trying to keep progressing. It's really gratifying whenever I see this site get noticed, so if you're a reader, much love to you. And, subsequently, the more the site gets noticed, the more unique opportunities I have to try out new things.

However, while I'm not able to do everything I want to with Midwest Broadcast (Though that will hopefully start to change soon), I have my second creative outlet, The Badger Herald, to help me out. Through them, I recently conducted my first interview, somewhat ironically with Slug of Atmosphere. The article was published today in the paper, as they are performing here in Madison tomorrow. Follow the link below to read the interview, and hear what he has to say about Lemons, working on new material, touring in Europe, and Barack Obama. It will be worth it, I promise.

Interview with Slug via The Badger Herald

The entire article is at the link above, and you should definitely check it out, but the following quotes are parts of the interview that couldn't quite make it into the newspaper version for a variety of reasons. Slug briefly discussed working on new material, the differences between American and European fans, and some other political thoughts.
Lemons was released about six months ago. Have you and Ant been working on any new material since then?

Slug: We’ve just been conceptualizing what we want to do next. And we’ve got some ideas for where we want to go, but we’ve been on tour this whole time. I generally don’t allow us to work on music when we’re on the road. I don’t like the way being on tour influences any music being made.

So, specifically, how do European hip-hop fans compare to Americans?

Slug: Actually I kind of see it the way I saw the Midwest for a long time. In Iowa City, in Minneapolis, in Saint Louis, Missouri, in Milwaukee, the kids that loved rap loved it extra much, because of the fact that it wasn’t ours. We knew we were taking part in something that was special to us. We didn’t necessarily grow up to it, but we were trying to dive in to it. When I grew up, I was all about not just rap, but DJing and graffiti and breakdancing. I tried to do everything, because, to me, that’s what you’re supposed to do if you love hip-hop. And Europe was kind of the same way. Whereas you might go to New York or LA and the breakdancers don’t even break to rap music, the rappers don’t even have DJs, and the DJs don’t even care, they spin house. In Minneapolis, much like in Europe, much like in Saint Paul, where you’re from, much like a lot of smaller towns, the audience really influences the scene and the culture very much, and in Europe it’s been like that for a long time. And I’ve just now started to see kids from other background start to show up to the concerts.

What do you think about the growing connection between hip-hop and politics?

Slug: I think it’s the same growing connection that’s happening between politics and youth. The youth have this budding connection with politics that’s just carrying over to hip-hop.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Murs, Slug, & Verbs Freestyle (Live Video)

The Murs campaign tour stopped in Columbus, OH, and coincided with Slug and Atmosphere's 'Paint The Nation' tour. Naturally, they went off on a little freestyle session during Murs' set. Accompaniment provided by Verbs and another random dude. And if you haven't done so yet, remember to check out my last post with footage of the Murs/Kidz In The Hall tour in Madison, WI.

GLC: I Ain't Even On Yet (Mixtape)

Chicago stalwart and G.O.O.D. Music label mate GLC finally put out his highly anticipated mixtape, I Ain't Even On Yet, hosted by DJ Geno. GLC is nasty, ya'll. I understand that some of you sorry souls haven't heard of him. So either get this mixtape, find some more of his music, or repeatedly hit yourself in the head with a 2x4. Big ups to FakeShoreDrive for the release.

GLC: I Ain't Even On Yet (Mixtape)

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Black Milk: Tronic (Album Review)

I reviewed Black Milk's latest album, Tronic, for The Badger Herald, and the article was published today. If you're interested in learning more about the album, hit the link below to jump to the review. As mentioned before, I can't cross-publish these sorts of things.

Black Milk: Tronic Album Review

Toki Wright: "State Of Emergency"

Toki Wright just leaked a lead single to his 2009 album, A Different Mirror. This ones got some strong political themes. Only one more week people! The songs is edited, though. Sorry about that. I know how much you all love swear words.

Toki Wright: "State Of Emergency"

Monday, October 27, 2008

Slug on "The Daily Fix" (Video)

Spotted this at MinneapolisFuckingRocks. On a similar note, I did an interview with Slug a while back for the newspaper I write for here at school. That will be published on Thursday, so expect to see a link for that soon.

Jake One/Brother Ali Speak on White Van Music

Seattle's dope producer Jake One sits down to talk about his recent album, White Van Music. The album is still getting play on my iPod. If you haven't heard it yet, check it out.

Update: Part 2, with Brother Ali, just hit the internet.

Rhymefest: VladTV Freestyle

One of Chicago's hottest spitters does a little analyzation/critique of the ironically commercial business of religion in our materialistic society.

Friday, October 24, 2008

Mac Lethal: "Calm Down Baby" (Video)

Mac Lethal performs this a lot at his shows. Now the track has a video. He's such a badass, rapping about how much he hates Fergie. No, but seriously. This is pretty ill.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Heiruspecs: "Let It Fly"

Damn. Speaking of Heiruspecs, they also recently premiered their newest single to their upcoming, self-titled album. Good to see the boys back in action. And check their album release party if you're going to be in Minneapolis. The poster above describes it.

Heiruspecs: "Let It Fly"

Heiruspecs: "Get Up" (Video)

Twin Cities hip-hop band Heiruspecs are back, ya'll.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Murs & Kidz In The Hall In Madison

So on Monday, October 20, the Murs & Kidz In The Hall tour stopped through Madison. I know I kind of blasted Murs For President in my recent review, but Murs is still my boy for all his older material. And you know Kidz In The Hall can put on a solid performance. So naturally, I made the trip to Madison's High Noon Saloon to check out this show.

After some absolutely terrible opening acts, Kidz In The Hall came on. They basically ran through about 75% of The In Crowd, as well as some older material and other assorted singles. But, since lots of their songs feature guest verses from rappers who obviously weren't there, Kidz In The Hall basically did a quick-hit barrage of parts of many songs. There were two unexpected sections of the show which made it a very satisfying experience: 1.) Naledge kicked a freestyle while Double O was rocking his drum pad, which I'll explain in more detail below, and 2.) They performed Naledge's section of "Swagger Like Chi," which I did not see coming at all.

I understand that I don't have to explain the Murs set much. It was fairly typical. Murs was full of energy, jumping and running around, clowning in between songs, and just overall having a good time. That man puts his heart and soul in to putting on the best show he possibly can, and it pays off in the form of great entertainment and mad respect from fans. It's early in the tour, and he was already nursing a groin injury - not quite sure why he has this groin injury, haha - but Murs still didn't hold back. He was wearing sweat pants, but probably because it was Madison, WI, on a Monday night (Although, considering the circumstances, the crowd was pretty live). For reasons you already know (if you read my review), I didn't feel like getting footage of many of his new songs, but the crowd got super hyped for a couple of them. I cared more about relatively older material from 3:16 and Murray's Revenge, but it was all dope. Enjoy the footage (In semi-chronological order).

Kidz In The Hall: "Black Out"

Kidz In The Hall: Freestyle
Side Note: Double O was having some trouble finding the instrumental to whatever track they were intending to perform. So, after Naledge BSing with the crowd for a bit to buy time, they just said fuck it and kicked a freestyle.

Kidz In The Hall: "Love Hangover"

Kidz In The Hall: "Swagger Like Chi"

Kidz In The Hall: "Mr. Alladatshit"

Murs: "H-U-S-T-L-E"

Murs: "Can It Be (Half A Million Dollars and 18 Months Later)"

Murs: "Road Is My Religion"

Murs: "Dirty Girl"

Murs: "L.A."

J.Loonz: "It's Obvious ft. JX Caliber"

I do know one thing: I will never run out of clowning photo from the inaugural Nerd-Hop photo shoot, work provided by the lovely and talented Andrea Brubaker. That is, unless J.Loonz gets another 300-some odd posts on Midwest Broadcast. Which, I suppose, is actually somewhat likely considering his work ethic of late. Loonz just shot me some more new jawn that he put down over in Prague with fellow spitter JX Caliber. He told me he's got some video, too, which is intriging. Expect that getting thrown up shortly.

J.Loonz: "It's Obvious ft. JX Caliber"

Friday, October 17, 2008

Big Quarters: "Good Look"

Big Quarters (Blog / Myspace) is dropping 5 songs a month for a small fee of $5, as part of their new promotional system. Here's a little teaser. If you like what you hear, check out their sites (posted above), and get up on some good music.

Big Quarters: "Good Look"
(Zshare is down so you have to settle for Rapidshare right now.)

Slug Speaks on the Youth Vote (Video)

Here's a little video featuring some Atmosphere performance footage, interspersed with clips of Slug/others talking about the upcoming election.
Side Note: I realize many of you who check this are from Minnesota, but that's UW-Madison's campus where a lot of this footage was shot. Beautiful, huh? Haha.
Side Note 2: I just did a 10 minute phone interview with Slug yesterday morning. He's coming to Madison Halloween night for the Atmos tour, and my interview will be published at the basecamp on Thursday, October 30. I'll provide a heads up when that happens.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Kanye West: "Heartless"

Kanye just released a new, yet unmastered, version of another single from the upcoming 808s and Heartbreak, titled Heartless. More singing, more autotune. Download link is via Kanye's Blog, because sometimes if I post songs like these on my own, I get threatened by Blogger for violating various publishing laws and they warn that I might get my site deleted. Damn.

Kanye West: "Heartless"

Bonus: Here is an excerpt from The Fader's recap of Kanye's album listening party:
As for album: yes, it's almost entirely sung by West, aside from one verse by Young Jeezy on "Amazing" and a duet with Lil Wayne; yes, it is sung almost entirely through Auto-Tune; yes, some people are not going to be sure what to make of it, but we applaud West's decision to step off a creative ledge wearing a jetpack that no one else is sure will actually work.

Granted, I do agree with all of that, and I commend Kanye's desire to just make music and get it out there. But it doesn't mean I'll indefinitely like the album. And for those that are getting less and less excited about this, Kanye claims that he'll have another album out in June.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Eyezon & Sean Lane: "Out 'O Mines"

Eyezon, who I posted about a while back, recently dropped a new track. This one, called "Out 'O Mines," is dedicated to the universal loved one who unfortunately slipped away. Yeah, tough guys, I know you still got a soft side. Sean Lane uses a nice, foggy soul sample on this track. It's good stuff. Remember to check on their collaborative album, A People Like Us, dropping in January of 2009.

Eyezon & Sean Lane: "Out 'O Mines"

J.Loonz: "Europe"

Photography by Andrea Brubaker

J.Loonz breaks us off with another track put down from across the Atlantic. This joint has got mad swag, a little humor, and more good rhyming that we've grown used to from Loonz. Now if only he'll enter the Rhymesayers/Jake One recording contract contest like I told him to!

J.Loonz: "Europe"

Monday, October 13, 2008

Joy Denalane: "Change ft. Lupe Fiasco" (Obama Video Version)

I'm really just posting this because I like the song a lot. Don't know much about Joy Denalane, though. I remember that this song was on the iTunes store's "free single of the week" feature at least a year ago, which was when I first heard this. Oh well. Lupe does his thing as usual. Lots of the song gets drowned out by Obama sound bites.

M.anifest: "Age Of Obama"

The homie M.anifest just shot this over to me a bit ago. He teamed up with Budo, the tremendously talented Seattle producer who also joins M.anifest and Krukid in the group A.R.M., to put down an intelligent, uplifting pro-Obama track. M.anifest has got the rare ability to express his thoughts in song better than most. I hope you're well-versed in his work. Normally, I'd do my best to explain this track for you myself, but M.anifest already did so himself:
I teamed up with Producer Budo (Seattle) to make this "age of Obama," joint in ode of the man that made the fist bump (in)famous. We made this joint to remind folks that it would be a scarier America and a scarier world if Obama doesn't get into office… so y'all know what to do. Good leadership is off essence even in a failing status quo/system.You can call it a PSA to remind folks to be weary of being complacent and to see this shit through.
There you have it. Enjoy.

M.anifest: Age Of Obama (Produced by Budo)

Common: Unsigned Hype Demo (Mixtape)

So Fake Shore Drive posted this a few days back, but since my computer was having some technical difficulties, I was not up to date with my posting. But I'm back! I'm gonna try to keep up with posting over the next couple of days, but I'm very busy until Wednesday afternoon, so expect me to get officially back on track then.
So this mixtape is Common's demo that earned him a submission in The Source's "Unsigned Hype" section, which may have jump started his career. And now he's rich and famous. But it's always fun to hear rappers before they are rich and famous.

Common: Unsigned Hype Demo (Mixtape)

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Illa J & DJ Aaron LaCrate: Freestyle (Video)

This got shot over in the inbox, and I'm down with the homie Illa J, so I figured that I'd throw it up here for you all. In case you don't remember, Illa J is the younger brother of J Dilla, and he's coming out with a project called Yancey Boys, which features him rhyming over some of his brother's (RIP) old beats. Novermber 4. Dope.
This video is Illa J kicking a little freestyle in the booth over a beat from DJ Aaron LaCrate.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Black Milk: ELEC (Mixtape)

With TRONIC dropping in the near future, Black Milk has put out a promotional mixtape featuring tracks he's been a part of recently. So, you get a little bit of Black Milk rapping, a little bit of his amazing production, and a couple leaked tracks from TRONIC, as well. The mixtape features the likes of Pharoahe Monch, Sean Price, and fellow Detroit spitters Royce Da 5'9", eLZhi, and Guilty Simpson. Tracklist is as follows, download link at the bottom.
  1. Fat Ray & Black Milk: Take Control
  2. Black Milk: Give The Drummer Sum
  3. Ras Kass & Royce Da 5'9": Go Hard
  4. eLZhi: Motown 25 ft. Royce Da 5'9"
  5. eLZhi: D.E.M.O.N.S.
  6. eLZhi & Bishop Lamont: Goatit
  7. Black Milk: Dub Rock
  8. Fat Ray & Black Milk: Nothing To Hide
  9. Jake One: I'm Comin' ft. Black Milk & Nottz
  10. Dabrye: Special ft. Guilty Simpson (Black Milk Remix)
  11. T3: Yawl ft. eLZhi
  12. Guilty Simpson: Mouth Music
  13. Slum Village: Call Me ft. Dwele
  14. Pharoahe Monch: Bar Tap
  15. Young RJ: Welcome To The District ft. Black Milk
  16. Black Milk: The Matrix ft. Sean Price, Pharoahe Monch & DJ Premier
  17. Slum Village: Bootleggin'
  18. GZA: 7 Pounds
  19. Bishop Lamont & DJ Rhetttmatic: Bang That Shit Out
  20. Guilty Simpson: My Moment
  21. Marv Won: Talk About
  22. Kardinal Offishall: Everything
  23. Fat Ray & Black Milk: Get Focus ft. Phat Kat
  24. Fat Ray & Black Milk: When It Goes Down
  25. Black Milk & Bishop Lamont: Inconvenient Truth

Black Milk: ELEC (Mixtape)

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Krukid: "Swagger Lockdown (A Voting PSA)

Krukid of A.R.M. dropped a single combining two beats of the moment, "Swagger Like Us" and "Love Lockdown," to drop some political knowledge for us. Nice timing, right in the wake of presidential debate #2. My favorite part of the debate was when McCain was quoted as saying, "We're not rifle shots, we're Americans." What the fuck does that even mean?

Krukid: "Swagger Lockdown (A Voting PSA)"

Atmosphere: "You" (Video)

Atmosphere doesn't ever stop. After releasing Lemons, they have done TV performances, tours (EVEN TO EUROPE), interviews, and much more promotion work. And now, they released the official video to "You." Is that a fingerboard? I remember playing with those way back in junior high. Damn. That dude's got some (unique) skills, though. Interesting video. Look out for cameos from Brother Ali, Muja Messiah, and more!

Kanye West: "Love Lockdown" (Video)

Ellen DeGeneres had the world premier to the "Love Lockdown" video. I don't even know to to say.

Monday, October 6, 2008

Common: "NY State Of Mind" & "UMC" (Live Video)

Common rips one of my favorite rap songs of all time in the first video, and then performs his song, "Universal Mind Control," in the second video. I still can't make up my mind about "UMC," but I do know that I regret not making the venture to Mil-Town or Chicago to see this concert.

Update: Just added the official video to UMC at the bottom. Shouts to NahRight for that one.

"NY State Of Mind"

"Universal Mind Control"

Thanks 2DB for the live footage, who they jacked apparently from someone else.

"Universal Mind Control" (Official Video)

Friday, October 3, 2008

Add-2: "The Dating Game" (Video)

I posted Chicago emcee Add-2's mixtape, A Tale of Two's City, Vol. 2 a while back when it was still nice outside. That post actually got some good response in terms of hits and downloads, so when he released a video for the track "The Dating Game," off of said mixtape, I naturally had to throw a post up. This video is real simple, but clever and entertaining. Plus it's a fun song. Keep checking back for more Add-2 in the future, he's dope!

Brother Ali On White Van Music

Brother Ali chops it up for a few good minutes about Jake One's upcoming album, White Van Music (October 7, people!), and really kicks some intellectual game on us about the supposed divide between mainstream and underground hip-hop. Sometimes I wish everyone was as real as Brother Ali, but then I think to myself that he wouldn't be so special if that were true. I love the way he thinks and approaches the music scene in general. But regardless, he's got some interesting things to say, bumps about 15 seconds of the joint with M.O.P. on it, and has a couple funny stories to tell, also. Please go buy that album on October 7, or support RSE directly buy purchasing the online order right here! You know this is one I'm for sure gonna cop.

Bonus: I didn't post this initially, but I suppose I'll throw it up now. Jake One now has a little compilation mixtape out in promotion of his album, titled Jake One: Great Beat Writer. The good folks over at HipHopDX threw this together, and it's essentially a collection of songs he's done over his career. If you have not yet familiarized yourself with his work, this could serve as a good prelude to White Van Music. All kinds of tracks, from 50 Cent and G-Unit to De La Soul to I-Self Devine. Very thorough. Download link below the album art.

Jake One: Great Beat Writer (Mixtape) (Or Stream it at HipHopDX)

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Be In A Heiruspecs Music Video!

So, for those who haven't been exactly keeping up with Saint Paul hip-hop band Heiruspecs, they're coming out with a new album this December. Which is very exciting, because we haven't been hearing too much from them for a couple of years now. What else is exciting, is that for those of you in the Twin Cities, you can appear in their upcoming music video, which they're shooting this coming Saturday in Saint Pizzy. Details are as follows, which came from their Myspace page:
Heiruspecs will be filming their new video for the song "Get Up" at Eclipse Records in Saint Paul on Saturday afternoon. Please show up at 1PM if you would like to be a part of the video.
Eclipse Records is located at 1922 University Ave W at the corner of University and Prior in the Midway section of Saint Paul. For more information please check out . Questions, please call 651-645-7724.

I hope to see some of you in the video once it drops! Also check the above image for info on their album release party/concert!

Evidence: "Bigger Dreams"

Evidence just dropped a new "freestyle" over The Game's "Big Dreams" instrumental. This dude has been on his grind lately. Want some evidence (No pun intended)? The Layover EP drops Novermber 25. He's apparently got a Layover Mixtape, which this particular song should be a part of. He's working on his sophomore studio album, Cats & Dogs. And every track he's been on lately has been, at the very least, above average. Ev is killin' the game!

Evidence: "Bigger Dreams"

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Black Milk: "The Matrix ft. DJ Premier, Pharoahe Monch, & Sean Price"

Black Milk is doing his very best to solidify himself as one of the most innovative producers doing it right now. I dropped the album art and tracklist for TRONIC a little while back, and while the entire thing looks amazing, one track in particular jumped out at me. And now here it is for you. Black Milk. Pharoahe. Sean Price. Premo on the cuts. Introducing "The Matrix."

Black Milk: The Matrix ft. DJ Premier, Pharoahe Monch, & Sean Price

Previously: Black Milk: Give The Drummer Sum (Just in case you missed it)

TRONIC in stores October 28!

Brother Ali Speaks on "Explode The Vote" Concert

To all my Golden Gopher homies, there is an ill concert tomorrow at Coffman Union, which is so necessary to attend, unless you want to fall in the hater category.

In case you're still up in the air about this concert....

So go, damn it! I'm lookin' at you Eric!