Saturday, July 14, 2012

Guante: "This Is The Opposite Of A Suicide Note" (Graham O'Brien Remix)

Graham O'Brien remixed Guante's song "This is the Opposite of a Suicide Note" to give the song some extra kick with his punchy live drums. Guante and Big Cats' album You Better Weaponize is due in the Fall of 2012.
“This is the Opposite of a Suicide Note” is a war cry, a manifesto, an acknowledgement that as bad as things can get, there is always hope and power in community. Guante’s trademark gallows humor and distaste for saccharine, positive-rap platitudes, however, make the journey to that conclusion engaging and unpredictable. And O’Brien’s dynamic, propulsive production work provides a powerful foundation, shifting and evolving along with the lyrics.

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