Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Prof: King Gampo (Full Album Download)

You may remember Prof's announcement of his new album King Gampo because of its wonderfully creative and extensive preorder package. Well, the album came out about a week ago, but what I didn't realize is that Prof actually made the whole thing available for free. Check out the album below, go download it, and make sure to award this man's generosity by supporting him at one of his live shows.

Toki Wright: "Real Live ft. Yakub"

I posted the teaser to the music video for "Real Live" yesterday, now here's the full song, produced by DJ Three A Day. You can stream it below, or purchase it from BandCamp or iTunes.

BK-One: "Tema Do Canibal" (Music Video)

Here's some a dope music video featuring BK-One and the Hypnotic Brass Ensemble performing "Tema Do Canibal" live. BK-One's Tema Do Canibal EP will be out soon. Preorder it via Fifth Element.

See More Perspective: "Summertime Hip Hop BBQ Jam for the World (Remix) ft. Guante & Heidi Barton Stink"

Here's a new old joint from See More Perspective, as his "Summertime Hip-Hop BBQ Jam" was remixed with a new verse, some added beatboxing, and guest spots from Guante and Heidi Barton Stink.

See More Perspective: "Summertime Hip Hop BBQ Jam for the World (Remix) ft. Guante & Heidi Barton Stink"

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Toki Wright: "Real Live" (Music Video Teaser)

Toki Wright's got a new video for "Real Live," which features Yakub, coming down the line very soon. It'll be out on Thursday, so check back for it then. Also, in case you didn't catch this, Toki announced that his new album will be titled Channels.

Big Jess: "Not About Ya'll" (Music Video)

This one's from Big Jess' Self Therapy album. It's been out for a while now, and it's free, so go get that if you don't have it.

Greg Grease: "Leave It Or Love It" (Music Video)

Greg Grease shot this while out in New York City a few weeks ago. He'll be releasing The Cornbread, Pearl, and G EP next month, so be looking for that to drop.

Unknown Prophets: "Knocking Out Imposters ft. Planet Asia"

This one is a very good look for the UPs, getting Planet Asia for the lead single to their upcoming World Premier 2.

Unknown Prophets: "Knocking Out Imposters ft. Planet Asia"

Danami: "Hustle Hard (Freestyle)" + "Can't Be Friends (Remix)"

Here's two new tracks from Danami.

Monday, August 15, 2011

Danny Brown: XXX (Album)

Detroit rapper Danny Brown's newest album was just released for free download today through Fools Gold Records. Follow the link to download it, or stream the album below.

Maria Isa: "Secured"

Maria Isa must have had a busy few months. This song, "Secured" is from her new mixtape Sip It, Vol. 1. Additionally, her and Muja Messiah have been working on their VillaRosa project. Thanks for Jon Jon for sending this through.

Maria Isa: "Secured"

Youngy Ransom: "Throwing Up" (Music Video)

Youngy Ransom is a rapper/producer duo from Saint Paul, whose debut release, Jet Lag: The Mixtape, was recently made available for download on DatPiff. Their video for their song "Throwing Up" is to be taken literally. It features Youngy Ransom and friends walking down Como Avenue (shout out Speedy market) having some innocent high school fun (the things I did to kill time back then) and, well, throwing up. Props to the kid in the Como High School shirt — I walked those halls a handful of years ago.

Friday, August 12, 2011

Jay-Z & Kanye West: "Otis" (Music Video)

Watch the Throne is in stores now. Well, at least Best Buy and the iTunes store. If you haven't purchased it already, you should wait and buy it at your local record store.

MaLLy & The Sundance Kid: "Heir Time" (Music Video)

A few days after posting the teaser video, we now have MaLLy & The Sundance Kid's video for "Heir Time." MaLLy's album The Last Great... is in the works right now and will be released in the near future.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Common: "Ghetto Dreams ft. Nas" (Music Video)

SoundTown Music and Camping Festival (Video Promo)

This event will be taking place in Somserset, WI next weekend. Camping is on the nights of Thursday August 18 through Saturday August 20. Music happens on Friday and Saturday, August 19-20. There's plenty of local acts to draw out the Twin Cities crowd, including Sims and Heiruspecs, as far as you rap fans are concerned. Main headliners are The Flaming Lips. You should go. Check out the SoundTown Music and Camping Festival website for more details and to buy tickets.

Atmosphere: "Until The Nipples Gone" (Live at Lollapalooza)

A full video would have been nice, but cot damn that's a lot of people.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Audio Perm Block Party - Saturday August 27

The flyer above is all that's actually necessary for this post, but allow me a brief moment to help announce the Audio Perm Block Party. The event will take place on Saturday, August 27 at Shuga Records in Northeast Minneapolis. The lineup is basically a can't miss assortment of rising and established local artists, including Toki Wright, I Self Devine, Audio Perm themselves, Kanser, The Tribe & Big Cats!, and more. The California trio Pac Div are headlining. It costs $10 to buy an advanced ticket, and $15 if you show up the day of the show. All signs point to this being a terrific day; you'd be wise not to miss it.

Jay-Z & Kanye West: "Otis" (Music Video Teaser)

The full video, directed by Spike Jonze, will air on MTV tomorrow evening. What do you think of Watch the Throne? I'd love to read your opinions in the comments section.

Monday, August 8, 2011

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

The Tribe & Big Cats: "Stay High ft. Pat Brown" (Music Video)

Here's part two in the four-part Make Good series from The Tribe & Big Cats!. "Stay High" is a party song, The Tribe know it and don't pretend that its anything more. The video is ridiculous, and in my humble opinion no one in the local scene is fucking with Pete's hair right now. Yeah guys, you can use that in a pull quote.

Monday, August 1, 2011

Lipset: "Dreams Come True ft. Lokes" (Music Video) + Level Heads LP (Free Download)

As I alluded to last week, Lipset's lengthy Level Heads Project would soon be coming to a close with the full-on rerelease of the entire Level Heads LP. To gain some perspective, feel free to revisit this interview I did with Lipset and Lokes back in October of 2010. The album has been a long time coming, but now it's available to you in full online. And it's free. And there's a new music video posted above accompanying the album cut "Dreams Come True." You can't beat that offer, so head to over to Lipset's Bandcamp site to download the Level Heads LP in its entirety.

Prof: "Peep Show" + "On My Way"

Those of you who follow Prof will likely find this as old news because this post is inexcusably late, but Prof will be releasing his upcoming album, King Gampo, on August 16. If you preorder the album, it comes with a pretty sweet and hilarious merchandise bundle, including but not limited to a Prof t-shirt and beer-scented air freshener. Check out the entire package on his Bandcamp page, and make sure to view the tracklist below and stream "Peep Show" and "On My Way."
1. Gampo (Prod. Noearth)
2. Anomaly (Prod. Cory Grindberg)
3. Yeah Buddy (Prod. Chickenbone)
4. Lucky (Prod. M.C. Rentz)
5. The Season (Prod. 84 Caprice & Dillon Parker)
6. Daughter Feat. Brother Ali (Prod. DJ Absolute)
7. Peep Show (Prod. Verse One)
8. President (Prod. Willie Wonka)
9. Karma (Prod. 84 Caprice)
10. Whiskey (Prod. Ant)
11. Myself (Prod. Cory Grindberg)
12. Corner (Prod. Prof and Dillon Parker)
13. On My Way (Prod. 84 Caprice)
14. Need Your Love (Prod. 84 Caprice)
15. James Bond Blimp Feat. MTV Riff Raff (Prod. K.O.B)
16. Poor Me (Prod. 84 Caprice)

BK-One: Tema Do Canibal EP + Mega-Mix

In addition to dropping exclusive demos and unreleased cuts from the Radio Do Canibal studio sessions, BK-One is coming out with the Tema Do Canibal EP, read the full press release below.
Minneapolis DJ/producer BK-One has announced the follow up to his Brazilian inspired opus, 2009's Rádio Do Canibal. The forthcoming EP, dropping on Rhymesayers Entertainment August 30th, is comprised of remixes of the album cut "Tema Do Canibal". With contributions from the legendary MF Doom, Brazilian maestro Arthur Verocai, West Coast producer Exile, Chicago's Hypnotic Brass Ensemble, famed São Paulo percussionist Helcio Milito and many more, BK has assembled a worldly collection of talent to reinterpret his music.

Available exclusively through iTunes and on hand-numbered, transparent green vinyl, the EP starts by introducing the listener to BK's multi-layered tropical aesthetic by way of the "Tema Do Canibal Video Edit" featuring the Hypnotic Brass Ensemble. Things quickly change pace with Exile's expert chopping of the original horns and Doom's expectedly bizarre verse on the "Mind The Gap Remix". Among Brazil's most notable DJs and record collectors, DJ Nuts flexes his expert knowledge by contributing the "Tamba Remix" which features Helcio Milito on the tamba, a percussion instrument he invented in the early '60s. Further Brazilian influence comes from the oft-sampled Arthur Verocai who writes, arranges, conducts, and produces an entirely new version of BK's "Tema Do Canibal". The B-side is rounded out by two outstanding interpretations intended to light up the dancefloor. Mike 2600 amps up the tempo in his "Journey Into Sound Remix" and replaces the original's thick horn lines with squiggly keyboards, while Tom Noble's "Disco Ginga Remix" drenches those horns in reverb and adds disco-inspired batucada drums.

Between BK-One's groundbreaking collaboration with the Hypnotic Brass Ensemble and the five wildly different reinterpretations made by such a talented and diverse group of artists, this EP is not to be missed.
Preorder the Tema Do Canibal EP via Fifth Element, and listen to the Mega-Mix below.