Wednesday, September 30, 2009

M.anifest & Muja Messiah: "Visualize Close" (Video)

Video of M.anifest and Muja performing a "one-time only" (says M.anifest) song, written and performed exclusively for the '3 The Hard Way' show a while back where lots of local artists did joint sets similar to M.anifest and Muja's.

Here's my qualm, though. Why can't we just make it a two-time only song, and get two of Minneap's finest in the booth together to put it down? Only asking...

F. Stokes & Dirty Disco Kidz: 'F.I.L.M.' Release Party (Promo Videos)

For those of you Wiscaaansin Badgers here in Madison:
Thursday, Oct. 1st 2009 @ The Annex in Madison, WI. F. Stokes and Dirty Disco Kidz present F.I.L.M. (Forever I Love Madison) release party: $5, 18+ doors at 9pm.
And you can all download F.I.L.M. right here.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Mally: "The Savior"

I remember first hearing of Mally when he hit me with his EP, The Passion, during last summer. I posted the title track off that release, because it impressed me with his breezy flow and cadence. Well, Mally recently hit me with another track that really got me again, "The Savior," produced by Rem. Wake up, people. Mally should be on your radar. In fact, hit Culture Bully for their recent interview with the Minneapolis emcee, so you can get acquainted.

"Me and Minneap so close but so distant/ Just 'cause I'm not kissin' Slug's ass, now I'm dissin."

He's not dissing, just doing his own thing. Props to that.

Mally: "The Savior"

Consequence: "Whatever U Want ft. John Legend & Kanye West" (Music Video)

Via OnSmash.

Heiruspecs: "5ves (Remix)" (Live at Luther College)

Ill. Heiruspecs always bring the heat with their live shows.

Big Quarters: "Newborn" (Video)

Videos are the easiest/quickest thing I can post at work. Here's BQ rocking out in Fargo a few days ago.

Friday, September 25, 2009

Brother Ali, Evidence & Toki Wright: "The Freshest Kids" (Video + Download)

The official anthem for Ali, Toki, Evidence, and BK-One's tour has officially arrived! Ali and BK-One produced this banger together, and everyone brings the heat lyrically. Fresh is right. Here's some footage of them rocking it live, and the studio quality download is at the bottom of the post.

Brother Ali, Evidence & Toki Wright: "The Freshest Kids" (Download)

F. Stokes & Dirty Disco Kidz: F.I.L.M. (Death of a Handsome Bride Remix Album)

Back in May, I reviewed F. Stokes' Lazerbeak-produced EP Death of a Handsome Bride. Now, he hooked up with the Madison production conglomerate Dirty Disco Kidz to remix the entire thing. It's retitled F.I.L.M.(Forever I Love Madison). Being that I have lived in Madison for the past 3 years (and counting), it's always nice to post some local material on Midwest Broadcast. So here you have it; this should tide you over until F. Stokes' full-length comes out.

F. Stokes & Dirty Disco Kidz: F.I.L.M. (Forever I Love Madison)

Thursday, September 24, 2009

BK-One: Interview with Mr. Peter Parker (Video)

Another interview Peter Parker did at Brother Ali's Us release party. Radio Do Canibal coming soon, it looks pretty amazing.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

A.R.M.: "Slow Your Roll"

Some new stuff from A.R.M., and some insight from M.anifest about the song:
After releasing the joint with Brother Ali, we thought it would be useful to properly answer the "who the hell is A.R.M.?" question by liberating a series of songs that tell the story of our formation. It all began with this joint, "slow your roll," - the very first joint the vocal section of A.R.M., Krukid (Uganda) and myself (Ghana), ever worked on.
It felt very organic, and despite being two cats from opposite ends of the continent our shared experiences certainly made it feel like the most effortless rap collab either of us had ever had. We later met up with the ultra-talented production arm (no pun intended) of our crew, Budo (Seattle) and the A.R.M. trifecta was born. This joint, though, is produced by O-D.
A.R.M.: "Slow Your Roll"

In the Lab with Brandon Allday (Zip Disks Break 2009 Promo)

Tons of goodies in this one. News about the BQ show. Video. Flyer for the event. And a Brandon Allday instrumental for download at the bottom of the post (Right click + 'Save As').

Brandon Allday of Big Quarters previewing a track from "Zip Disks Break 2009"

Join Big Quarters to celebrate Zip Disks Break 2009:
Saturday, October 10th @ Triple Rock Social Club, Minneapolis MN
18+/ $8 adv $10 door / 10pm doors & music

Get the new installment of Zip Disks Break CD & Sticker FREE w/ entry

Performances by: Big Quarters, Benzilla and Special Guests.
Last of the Record Buyers Production Exhibition featuring live beatmaking by G-Mo, Mike Swoop and Greg Grease.
Noam the Drummer & DJ Nikoless on the turntables.

**Pre Sale Tickets Available @ Triple Rock Social Club, Fifth Element and Electric Fetus**

Brandon Allday (of Big Quarters): "Puppies & Diamonds" (Instrumental)

Brother Ali & Evidence: Interviews with Mr. Peter Parker (Videos)

The B96 DJ caught up with Ali and Rhymesayers' newest member last night at the midnight release party for Us. Ali was on UStream last night for a live broadcast of his performance at Fifth Element, and his show was looking on point, as usual. Who else is hyped for the Fresh Air Tour?

Drake: "Forever ft. Kanye West, Lil' Wayne, & Eminem" (Music Video)

Saturday, September 19, 2009

St. Paul Slim Working on 'Bald Headed Samsun' (Video)

Slim's debut solo album, Bald Headed Samsun is in the works, but no word on a release date yet.

Friday, September 18, 2009

BK-One: "Tema Do Canibal" (Video)

Rhymesayers wins. BK-One and Zilla are crafting what looks to be one of the freshest releases of the year with Radio de Canibal. Preorder it at Fifth Element.
The second track, "Tema do Canibal" off of BK-One's upcoming album Rádio do Canibal. The song features the Chicago based nine piece horn and drum group the Hypnotic Brass Ensemble who have worked with the likes of Mos Def and Erykah Badu. The track was produced by BK-One & Benzilla.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Mac Lethal: "Lookin' Bro" (Video)


Brother Ali: "Best@It ft. Freeway & Joell Ortiz" + Preorder Special Offer

Ya'll already know what it is. Preorder Us via Fifth Element, so that you can win that nifty iPod Touch.

Also, the album leaked, and people seem to be uploading various tracks online. "Best@It ft. Freeway & Joell Ortiz" is a popular one, so I'm just gonna follow suit. It's at the bottom of the post, link via 2DBz. I hope you enjoy the song, and don't download the album, buy it. It's important to support hip-hop artists who push the craft further and put in as much hard work as Ali does. Trust me, the album is excellent and it will be worth your money.

Brother Ali: "Best@It ft. Freeway & Joell Ortiz"

I Self Devine: "Fieldwerk" (Prod. Crushcon7)

A few days back, I threw up a couple of Grayskul tracks sent to me by Fieldwerk Recordings. Well, they hit me again with some new I Self Devine, featuring production by Chicago artist Crushcon7. And, as a bonus there's also a song by Skech185, also of Chicago. It's all enclosed below in a single .zip file.

UPDATE: I fixed the link, as it seems everyone (except for myself) was having problems downloading these songs. My apologies, I have no idea what was going on; it worked for me every time.

I Self Devine: "Fieldwerk" (Prod. Crushcon7) + Skech185: "Letters from the Low End" (Prod. Crushcon7)

Monday, September 14, 2009

Toki Wright, Brother Ali, & BK-One: Creating "The Freshest Kids" (Video)

The theme song to The Fresh Air Tour, featuring Ali, Toki, BK, and Evidence.

Big Quarters: Zip Disks Break (Instrumental Album Announcement)

Good looking stuff right here:
Big Quarters' second installment of the series - and instrumental follow-up to From the Home of Brown Babies & White Mothers will be available one night only @ Triple Rock Social Club - October 10th, 2009. Zip Disks Break, featuring over 25 tracks of instrumental rap rhythms produced by Medium Zach & Brandon Allday, will be available FREE with cover. The night will feature: live beatmaking by G-Mo, Mike Swoop and Greg Grease; time-lapse visuals by the Riot Crew; photo booth with Jules Ameel and performances by Big Quarters, Benzilla, and Special Guests.

Join Big Quarters to celebrate Zip Disks Break 2009:
Saturday, October 10th @ Triple Rock Social Club, Minneapolis MN
18+/ $8 adv $10 door / 10pm doors

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Kidz in the Hall: "Jukebox"

First we had "Flickin'," which I really enjoyed after a few listens. Now, here is KITH's second single off of Land of Make Believe, which unfortunately got pushed back to February. It's not a big time hip-hop album unless it gets pushed back, right? Kidz In The Hall have officially made it, people!

Kidz in the Hall: "Jukebox"

KRS-One & Buckshot: "We Made It ft. Slug"

How 'bout some more Sluggo? This one's for the old heads. Ha! Just kidding. Minneapolis' best ever (arguably) hooks up with a couple other legends for a track off KRS-One & Buckshot's collaborative album. I know Slug is a big KRS fan, so I'm sure he was honored to be asked to be on a track. Good stuff. Props to Pigeons and Planes.

KRS-One & Buckshot: "We Made It ft. Slug"

Slug: Freestyle at First Avenue (Video)

During Atmosphere's homecoming show, yesterday at the Downtown Danceteria.

Grayskull: "Mod Volatile" + "At The Time"

Grayskul, the Rhymesayers duo comes back with some new material. Haven't heard from these guys in a bit. Huge props to Fieldwerk Recordings for hitting me with these. Both songs are enclosed in a single .zip file, so hit the link below to get both joints.

Grayskull: "Mod Volatile" + "At The Time"

Dave Coresh: "Come On Wit It"

Some new music from the Chicago rapper.

Dave Coresh: "Come On Wit It"

Add-2: "Glowstick Boogie" (Prod Slot-A)

Add-2 dropped a freestyle for's weekly series. Here it is. And if you didn't get A Tale of Two's City, Vol. 3, you should hurry up and change that.

Add-2: "Glowstick Boogie" (Prod Slot-A)

Brother Ali: 89.3 The Current Interview + Fresh Air Tour Promo (Videos)

Catch up time begins, as I promised. Sorry I've been absent, folks. Here are a couple older videos, but still worth throwing up here.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Brother Ali: "Tight Rope" (Live at the MN State Fair)

More footage from locals performing at The Current booth. Here's Ali doing a little something from his upcoming album, Us. I've heard the entire thing, and I must say, it's nothing short of typically excellent material from Brother Ali. You can preorder Us at Fifth Element.

Friday, September 4, 2009

BK-One: "Here I Am ft. Phonte, Brother Ali, & The Grouch"

Hey! A non P.O.S. or A.R.M. post, what do you know? Courtesy of Rhymesayers Entertainment. BK-One's Radio de Canibal will be released on October 6, and can be preordered right now at Fifth Element.
Better known as Brother Ali's DJ, BK-One takes his years of experience as a DJ and puts on his producer hat joining forces with up and coming Twin Cities beatsmith Benzilla to craft a Brazilian musical bed for some of Hip Hop's most engaging MC's. Rádio Do Canibal features appearances by Scarface, Slug (Atmosphere), Black Thought (The Roots), Brother Ali, Raekwon (Wu-Tang Clan), Murs (Living Legends), Phonte (Little Brother), Haiku D' Etat (Aceyalone, Myka 9 & Abstract Rude), Blueprint, P.O.S. (Doomtree), The Grouch (Living Legends), I Self Devine, Toki Wright, Aby Wolf and The Hypnotic Brass Ensemble.

When not touring the globe with Brother Ali, BK-One has traveled extensively throughout Central and South America... these travels would become the inspiration for Rádio Do Canibal. The title Rádio Do Canibal refers to the Brazilian poet Oswald de Andrade's "Cannibal Manifesto". Written in 1928, the poem described Brazil as drawing its power from the absorption of other cultures. Decades later, Brazilians were creating wildly inventive music that drew inspiration from a wide range of sources. From the Brazilian sounds of bossa nova, Bahian folk, and samba, to international styles like psychedelic pop, reggae, Portuguese fado, and the soul, jazz, and funk music of the U.S., nothing was off limits. Rádio Do Canibal is a humble attempt to capture the spirit of that Brazilian music, creating something new and exciting.
BK-One: "Here I Am ft. Phonte, Brother Ali, & The Grouch"

Thursday, September 3, 2009

P.O.S.: "Purexed" (Live at the MN State Fair)

The last five posts I've threw up on this site feature only two different artists or groups. Whats' that? I'm lazy? You act like that's news to me.

P.O.S.: "Goodbye" (Live at the MN State Fair)

89.3 The Current had been hosting local acts throughout the entire state fair, and it looks as if P.O.S. got some stage time in there. Strange, my last three posts have all been by artists or groups with three-letter acronym names.

Big shout out to food on a stick!

A.R.M. Interview (Video)

Let's follow up A.R.M.'s nice video yesterday with a little video feature of the group.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

A.R.M.: "Heaven Only Knows ft. Brother Ali" (Video + Download)

A.R.M.: "Heaven Only Knows ft. Brother Ali"

Fresh Air Tour Promo Video

Ali, Evidence, Toki, and BK-One spinning records. What more could you ask for? I'll be at the Madison stop.

Franz Diego: Album Promo Video + "Sunrise"

I posted this track, "Sunrise," a while back, but it's the lead single to Franz's upcoming solo album, so I'll throw it up again. Download link below the album promo video. Here's a little press release, too.
On September 12th Franz Diego of Illuminous 3 will be celebrating the release of his debut self-titled album entitled "Franz Diego" at the Uptown Bar. This will be Franz's third release this year following the release of his EP in January and his mixtape in May which can both be downloaded for free at Franz Diego has been a well known fixture in Twin Cities hip hop for the past 5 years, performing and releasing projects with his group Illuminous 3, Co-organizing the Twin Cities Celebration of Hip Hop, Hosting Radio K's hip hop programming on "The Beat Box" and co-creating and hosting the local podcast Listen To MPLS.

The production on this album presents a very diverse and strong taste of what producers in the Twin Cities have to offer with all the mixing and recording done by Medium Zach of Big Quarters and beats from Benzilla, Brandon Allday, PC, Eyecue, Noam The Drummer, Fire Like Water and even a track by DJ King Otto. The reception of Franz as a solo artist has gone over very well with much praise through blogosphere and local DJ's.

Franz Diego: "Sunrise"

XV: "Mirror's Edge (Benzi Remix) ft. Bun B, GLC, & Mike Posner"

First day of school for my last year of undergrad. Ugh. On a different note, Mike Posner is the only singer I know who can whisper in every song he makes and still be extremely popular.

XV: "Mirror's Edge (Benzi Remix) ft. Bun B, GLC, & Mike Posner"