Monday, April 20, 2009

Invincible: "Ropes ft. Tiombe Lockhart" (Video)

Detroit rapper Invincible submitted the video for her latest single, "Ropes" to MTVU for airplay. The station initially approved the video, but later reneged on their offer because the video had themes of suicide, depression, and mental health that were too strong for MTVU's liking. Invincible subsequently released the video online to help bring a discussion of the nation's inexcusably negligent mental health system to the forefront.

As a psychology student who has recently studied many of the issues assessed in this track, I encourage you to share the video, forward it on to your friends, and help promote the message that Invincible is expressing. It's always a welcome change of pace to see artists stand up for often overlooked problems or subjects. The least we can do as fans is to help support their activism.

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