Monday, August 1, 2011

Prof: "Peep Show" + "On My Way"

Those of you who follow Prof will likely find this as old news because this post is inexcusably late, but Prof will be releasing his upcoming album, King Gampo, on August 16. If you preorder the album, it comes with a pretty sweet and hilarious merchandise bundle, including but not limited to a Prof t-shirt and beer-scented air freshener. Check out the entire package on his Bandcamp page, and make sure to view the tracklist below and stream "Peep Show" and "On My Way."
1. Gampo (Prod. Noearth)
2. Anomaly (Prod. Cory Grindberg)
3. Yeah Buddy (Prod. Chickenbone)
4. Lucky (Prod. M.C. Rentz)
5. The Season (Prod. 84 Caprice & Dillon Parker)
6. Daughter Feat. Brother Ali (Prod. DJ Absolute)
7. Peep Show (Prod. Verse One)
8. President (Prod. Willie Wonka)
9. Karma (Prod. 84 Caprice)
10. Whiskey (Prod. Ant)
11. Myself (Prod. Cory Grindberg)
12. Corner (Prod. Prof and Dillon Parker)
13. On My Way (Prod. 84 Caprice)
14. Need Your Love (Prod. 84 Caprice)
15. James Bond Blimp Feat. MTV Riff Raff (Prod. K.O.B)
16. Poor Me (Prod. 84 Caprice)

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