Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Lipset: "Misled ft. Alissa Paris"

Let's continue the Level Heads LP re-release project, shall we? Here is track 6 from the album, "Misled." The homie Mike had some words to share about the track, too:
"Misled" is a song that was never meant to be, but has come to be the favorite song on the Level Heads LP to many. The beat was masterfully crafted by Lokes in such a way that it jumps from key to key, has different breakdowns in tempo, and purposefully misleads the listener to keep you engaged. Lyrically, it's about breaking molds, tip-toeing the boundaries that we all conform to and challenge in order to stay fresh, hip, relevant and ahead of the game. Download your free copy of "Misled" now!
Lipset: "Misled ft. Alissa Paris"

In case you missed the previous tracks from the Level Heads LP:
1) Outro (Credits Roll)
2) Distortion
3) Murderous Cypher
4) Frustrated
5) New Era Kids ft. Duenday

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