Monday, May 14, 2012

Listen to Metasota's Latest Songs in his MetaMay Series

Metasota has persistently stuck with his MetaMay series, and fought through various roadblocks to continue giving us one song per day for the entire month. I've done a poor job of posting his songs as they've been released, but you can hit the jump below to catch the six most recent songs in the series (previous songs can be found here and at Meta's Soundcloud). This latest batch of songs features production by Nicademus, Mike the Martyr, Bobby Raps and more, while Toki Wright, Lizzo and Greg Grease come through for some guest appearances.

May 8th - "Urnt-Tay" ft. Lizzo & Summit (prod. by Mr. Corey French)

May 9th - "Birds" ft. Greg Grease (prod. by Greg Vinyl)

May 10th - "Better Than Before" (prod. by Bobby Raps)

May 11th - "E.A.T.S." (prod. by Prime Cuts)

May 12th - "Bright Lights" ft. Mac Irv (prod. by Mike The Martyr)

May 13th - "Cheers" ft. Toki Wright (prod. by Nicademus)

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