Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Listen to the 5 Latest Songs in Metasota's MetaMay Series

When I last posted about MetaMay, we were only 2 songs deep in the series. Since then, Meta's blessed us with 5 new songs and shows no signs of relenting. In the latest batch, we've got production from Big Cats!, Tek, Cory Grindberg, and more. Additionally, the song from May 3rd, "Robb Stark," gives us the second local song of the year with a Game of Thrones reference (Guante & Big Cats! provided the first). Stream all the MetaMay songs below.

May 3rd - "Robb Stark" (prod. by Tek)

May 4th - "Real Time With..." (prod. by Big Cats!)

May 5th - "Senior" (prod. by Cory Grindberg)

May 6th - "Self defense" (prod. by Eli Myles)

May 7th - "Siete De Mayo" (prod. by Maxx Appeal)

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