Sunday, November 23, 2008

Muja Messiah: "Tha Madness" (Video)

The video for Muja Messiah's "Tha Madness" was shot and posted at Vimeo about four months ago, but then got inexplicably taken down. Finally, it has surfaced again on YouTube. Shout out to Six-Ton Productions for this ill video. Twin Cities hip-hop is going places! This cut is one of my favorites off of Thee Adventures of a B-Boy/D-Boy, which has recently been re-released to national distribution. So go cop that!

For those of you in the Twin Cities, Muja will be performing at the Switchblade Comb anniversary party on this Friday, November 28, at the Nomad World Pub in Minneapolis. It's 21+, and only costs $5, so I suggest you go support one of Minnesota's rising hip-hop stars.

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jon jon said...

waterboardin' looks so much better than I expected...