Sunday, November 23, 2008

Brother Ali: Interview w/ M.anifest & "Good Lord" (Video)

The homie M.anifest recently posted this up at his blog site, The Birds & The Beats. It's a little video that M.anifest shot after a Brother Ali performance in what presumably is a high school gymnasium. Shout out to Rhymesayers! Still performing those really local shows, haha. But the interview is simply copmrised of Ali & BK-One chopping it up, and Ali giving his cosign to M.anifest's lyrical talents (Word!). Then, there is also some special footage of Ali performing one of his newer songs, "Good Lord." It should be coming on in relatively early 2009 on his The Truth Is Here EP. I'll keep you posted with any other updates.

Bonus: I wanted to hit you all with a download for "Good Lord," but I haven't yet been able to find any links. I'll definitely get that up for you once I find one. Meanwhile, here's a Youtube video featuring the song, as was first released during an appearance Brother Ali made on Radio K. I usually won't post these kind of YouTube clips, but it's Ali, man! I have to.

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