Monday, April 9, 2012

ICE ROD: April Fools' Day Chat Roulette Freestyle Rap Concert (Video)

I posted one of Ice Rod's previous Chatroulette rap concerts, which appear to be a semi-regular event at the Turf Club in Saint Paul. He recently did another one on April Fools' Day (naturally), so of course I'm going to share it with you; this stuff is too good.

Via YouTube:
Live footage from a 2 hour set April 1st 2012 at the Turf Club St Paul MN. ICE ROD (Michael Gaughan) sets up the stage to look like a dorm room (with "Bob Marley" and "Pulp Fiction" posters, a snowboard, etc) and uses a small inconspicuous microphone sits on the bed, goes on the chat roulette website and free-style raps to the people on the computer. The whole show is improvised and one of the goals is to entertain the other person on the screen with a specialized rap for them. ICE ROD will lyrically describe visuals of that person, and also invites them to give a topic, engage in conversation, etc. The chat-partner is led to believe that ICE ROD is just a 22 year old kid in a dorm room, and they are having a private one on one rap session, while in reality it is a facade, set up in a crowded music venue, and the computer screen is projected so the crowd can see what the raps are referencing and also see / hear the chat-partner's reactions. Audience members are welcome to come on stage and act as "dorm neighbors, RA's etc." and sometimes the web cam is swiveled to reveal to the chat-partner that they are in fact in front of a crowd.

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