Tuesday, March 6, 2012

ICE ROD: Chat Roulette Freestyle Rap Concert (Video)

The last time I wrote about Michael Gaughan it was because he did some live painting of Eyedea & Abilities during some of their performances around the time By The Throat came out. Gaughan, however, also performs under the name Ice Rod. He recently put on a rap show at the Turf Club in Saint Paul, performing not only to a live audience, but also whoever was lucky enough to bump into him on Chat Roulette. Below is Ice Rod's explanation of the event, but it's really beyond description. You must watch this video above.
Live footage from a 2 hour set Feb 11th 2012 at the Turf Club St Paul MN. ICE ROD (Michael Gaughan) sets up the stage to look like a dorm room (with "Bob Marley" and "Pulp Fiction" posters, a snowboard, etc) and uses a small inconspicuous microphone (*until it broke) sits on the bed, goes on the chat roulette website and free-style raps to the people on the computer. The whole show is improvised and one of the goals is to entertain the other person on the screen with a specialized rap for them. ICE ROD will lyrically describe visuals of that person, and also invites them to give a topic, engage in conversation, etc. The chat-partner is led to believe that ICE ROD is just a 22 year old kid in a dorm room, and they are having a private one on one rap session, while in reality it is a facade, set up in a crowded music venue, and the computer screen is projected so the crowd can see what the raps are referencing and also see / hear the chat-partner's reactions. Audience members are welcome to come on stage and act as "dorm neighbors, RA's etc." and sometimes the web cam is swiveled to reveal to the chat-partner that they are in fact in front of a crowd. Conceived and performed by Michael Gaughan. filmed by Tomas Aksamit and Dan Huiting. Edited by Tomas Aksamit.

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