Tuesday, March 24, 2009

P.O.S.: "Optimist" + Interview (At SXSW)

Minneapolis Fucking Rocks, who put me up on this post, said it right. To paraphrase, P.O.S. is everywhere, for better or worse (but mainly for better). A while back he hit us with the official video for "Optimist" (the second of six videos he shot for Never Better), now here is an interesting a cappella performance he did at SXSW for SPIN Magazine. I can't knock P.O.S. for getting the SPIN girls in the background playing the cups; but the biggest shout out is to Plain Ole Bill just chilling there with the girls in the background.

Next is an interview he conducted with John Norris, formerly of MTV (way back in the way - who remembers?). P.O.S. is being his typical/likable down-to-earth, humble self here. Great to hear him shout out Freeway at the Rhymesayers SXSW Showcase!

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