Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Muja Messiah: "Swing First ft. Graph Nobel"

Muja Messiah posted this track up on his Myspace a couple of days ago, so naturally I asked the homie JonJon what the deal was with the song; he came through and it to me. This "new" Muja joint was actually recorded a few years ago, to the best of my understanding. It was originally featured only on the Playstation 2 video game, The Con (yeah, me neither). The track also has some guest vocals/rhymes from Graph Nobel, who you might recognize from her Talib Kweli-associated group Idle Warship. Either way, it's good to see some older Muja projects find the light of day.

Muja Messiah: "Swing First ft. Graph Nobel"

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jon jon said...

Minneap meets Toronto "Swing First, or get stole on"