Tuesday, January 27, 2009

J.Loonz: Nerd-Hop, Vol. 1 (Free Download)

Well, the wait is finally over. Jordan Looney, better known as J.Loonz, has finally released the first collection of tracks of his highly anticipated Nerd-Hop mixtape series. Yes, I said series. He has created so much music in the past few months that now, Nerd-Hop will be released in a multi-part mixtape series. This is Nerd-Hop, Vol. 1. You have heard some of these tracks before in posts I threw up in the past. Others will be newer tracks. All are fire. Keep on the lookout for the next volumes in the series. With that being said, I'll leave you with some words from J.Loonz himself, and his partner in crime/manager extrodinairre Zack Johnson. The download link is after the following quote.
On the 6th day, God created man. About 3 billion years later, man creates Nerd-Hop.

Please enjoy this cd, we lived off of scraps of food for a summer, barely able to afford a roof over our heads, to bring you the tracks here (and the next two albums worth).

This is Nerd-hop Volume One, which, yes, means that more is coming. Hold your horses please folks. What is nerd-hop you might ask?

Nerd-hop is a state of mind. It isn’t a fashion statement or a style of music. At its very roots nerd-hop is the idea that no matter the situation, decision or whatever it is your doing stay true to thyself. Don’t be afraid to be who you are at all times. Don’t let other people define what it means to be you because every definition is a box. Every box is a limit. At the end of the day we accept that we are nerds (we go to Northwestern, we like class, we aren’t thugs).

But what is a nerd? It usually holds a negative connotation: socially awkward, weak, always stuck in a book. We are shining a new light on the nerd community. To us a nerd is some one who is intelligent and passionate to the point of insanity about anything. You could be a nerd about fashion, music, sports, even selling yayo (shit just look at the Clipse: coke NERDS to the fullest). At the end of the day if your like “fuck them nerd hop dudes” then you’re the most NERD HOP person because you stayed true to how you felt and didn’t try to hop on just because we said it was cool.

Try out the nerd-hop state of mind for a day and see if you don’t feel better, clear-headed, and more confident. Embrace your nerdom. Be who you are, and let everybody else try and figure it out. NERD-HOP LIVES.
J.Loonz: Nerd-Hop, Vol. 1 (Free Download)

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