Monday, May 14, 2012

Prof: "Myself" (Music Video)

Prof's latest video off of King Gampo is not what many have come to expect from the Minneapolis rapper. Free of the antics of his previous videos, "Myself" addresses more serious issues. Here is Prof's take on the video:
The video for "myself" is something far different than anything we have done before. I've always had a problem with people labeling me a "party rapper" after seeing my videos for the singles we put out. I do love to have a good time, but those are just the singles. If they would listen through whole albums, they would know I am more than that.
The video itself is very different. My previous video releases have been over the top, high production value, wild shit. This video is up-front and very personal. It's meant to ruin peoples' days. CHEERS.
"Myself" was produced by Cory Grindberg and the video was directed by Adam Dunn.

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