Monday, April 30, 2012

30 Reasons to Attend Soundset 2012 (Video)

In case you were still undecided about Soundset 2012, Rhymesayers put together 30 reasons to attend the late-May hip-hop festival. Personally, I only need 5 reasons:
  1. Soundset 2008
  2. Soundset 2009
  3. Soundset 2010
  4. Soundset 2011
  5. The lineup for Soundset 2012
I've been to every Soundset, and it's one of the Twin Cities' best music days of the year, every year. Furthermore, in terms of hip-hop, it's arguably the best bang for your buck of any single-day event in the entire world. If you're still not convinced, you probably shouldn't even both going.

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