Monday, March 5, 2012

Brother Ali Joins Occupy Homes MN Movement

Those of you who follow Brother Ali on Twitter may have noticed that he has been particularly vocal lately about the Occupy Homes Minnesota movement. Ali has been working hard with the organization to help individuals and families who are in danger of losing their homes to foreclosure.

One of Occupy Homes MN's recent projects was Bobby Hull, a Vietnam veteran who hosted a community protest/block party at his house to take a stand against an unfair eviction (Toki Wright recorded a song to raise awareness for that event). Occupy MN successfully defended Bobby Hull from eviction, and has since moved on to working with North Minneapolis resident Monique White.

White is a long-time North Minneapolis community member who is at risk of foreclosure. Instead of being flexible and renegotiating White's mortgage, US Bank is attempting to evict her from her residence and community. Learn more about Monique White's story by watching the video above, and help the Occupy MN defense of her home be successful by signing this online petition.

Brother Ali is one of literally countless local artists who is using his voice to stand with the oppressed and push for important social change. His work is a prime example of the inherently interconnected nature between hip-hop, the local music scene and community activism.

Below are two more videos about videos related to the Occupy Homes movement. The first elaborates on Monique White's story, and the second features a brief speech from Slug at Bobby Hull's house.

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