Thursday, February 23, 2012

Lazerbeak: "Lift Every Voice" (Music Video)

Frequent Doomtree collaborator Matt Scharenbroich was called on to create the video to "Lift Every Voice" off Lazerbeak's recent instrumental album Lava Bangers. You may recognize his work from Sims' "LMG," as well as "Land's End" and "Let It Go" from Lazerbeak's Legend Recognize Legend. The beautiful and trippy video is half elementary school art class and half acid trip, in the best way possible. Watch it for yourself, because my stupid description can't do it justice.

Equally interesting to me is this quote from Lazerbeak about "Lift Every Voice" and it being a critical song in the creation of Lava Bangers:
“This track is probably my favorite one on the album. It's one of the only beats I've ever made that no one was ever able to write a song to, it just felt like it could stand on its own without any rapping. For that reason it was a huge catalyst in putting this instrumental album together in the first place.”

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