Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Brother Ali: Interview (Video)

While on tour through Europe in 2011, Brother Ali sat down for an extended interview with German Rhymes, a hip-hop website/magazine from Germany. It's lengthy, but detailed and insightful, and covers a wide range of topics. Partially because I enjoy the writing that someone from German Rhymes provided (mainly the term "u.s. american politics"), and patially because I wrote this post late at night, I'll borrow their description of the interview. Ali always gives good interviews, and this one is definitely recommended viewing.
Brother Ali, the rapper, the albino, the muslim, the father (No particular order!) affects people. In the most positive way there is. He is one of the most fascinating characters in the hiphop world. Brother Ali told us about his views on islam, his hajj (Pilgrimage to mecca) and u.s. american politics. Also we asked about the Rhymesayers state of mind and his upcoming album with Jake One (btw that is delayed to august 2012). 
The interview was held when he was on tour with the bunch November 2011. Mixed into the interview we have footage from a small in-store gig at Carhartt and from their actual concert the next day. [via]

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