Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Brother Ali: "Writer's Block" (Prod. Jake One)

Several months ago I watched an interview with Brother Ali when he announced he and Jake One would be working on an album together. I saw him debut some of that material at Soundset 2011, and recite some new verses at the 7th Street entry last month. Now Ali and Rhymesayers have decided to start off 2012 by releasing something from their studio sessions. "Writer's Block" will not be on the upcoming Mourning in America and Dreaming in Color, but it is enough to get me supremely excited for the album (as I always am for new Ali releases).

The track is a take on the often attempted but seldom expertly executed rap song about the creative process. Ali uses the first verse to discuss the quality control in his music from artistic and financial perspectives, while the second verse tackles the anxiety induced when the words aren't coming. All of this comes with a refreshingly nonjudgmental tone; Ali isn't criticizing anyone, just describing his methods.

And as good as this song is, everything else I've heard from the album has been greater.

Brother Ali: "Writer's Block" (Prod. Jake One)

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