Saturday, September 17, 2011

Midwest Broadcast Posting Update

Let's cut right to the chase. The most recent post in Midwest Broadcast happened on Friday, September 2. That was over two weeks ago. That's pathetic. But instead of apologizing to those of you who still check and read this website, I think this is a good time to reassess the current state of Midwest Broadcast. 

Gone are the glory days of this blog when I was attending college and had the free time to update it multiple times throughout the day. I'm currently looking at some big turning points in my life. I'm just starting a new job, and on top of that I'm beginning to apply to graduate school. Frankly, I just don't have as much free time to work on this site as I once did. That doesn't mean I'm going to stop updating Midwest Broadcast – I still aim for it to be an important forum for Twin Cities and Midwest hip-hop. I just want to make it clear that I am not currently able to update the site as diligently as I once was. I encourage you to keep visiting the site, and in turn I'll do my best to be more prolific than I in recent weeks. 

As always, thanks for reading. Peace.

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