Wednesday, July 20, 2011

TR0N D1AZ 8510 (aka Franz Diego): FUTUR3 PAST TR0NICLES

Franz Diego sent this through my way. I'm sure if you've hit up one of the parties he's hosted this will make a lot more sense to you. You can stream the track "Can't Fuck M3" below, or download the entire project.
Over the past year Franz Diego has continued to host and throw his high energy rap dance parties all over the city and through doing this he has developed his own entity based in the world of the party. That entity is TR0N D1AZ 8510. Much of this music has already been played by DJs throughout the Minneapolis and now these songs are available to you!

For this project Franz teamed up with 2% Muck to provide vocal effects, manipulation, editing and mixing of vocals over industry instrumentals, the outcome is an instant party.
TR0N D1AZ 8510: "Can't Fuck M3"

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