Thursday, July 28, 2011

Toki Wright: "25/8/366 ft. Oskar Ly" (Prod. Lazerbeak)

Funny story about this song: back in 2009 when I compiled tracks from artists all over the Midwest for the Flyover Land, Vol. 1 mixtape, I got an overwhelmingly positive response from artists. In fact, I had a stash of leftover songs that I chose to hold out for a second installment of the mixtape series. One of those songs was "25/8/366", a Toki Wright track produced by Lazerbeak. So, while Flyover Land, Vol. 2 never came to fruition — mostly due to my poor work ethic and getting sidetracked by life in general — I've had this song in my iTunes library for a couple of years. Fast forward to one hour ago, Toki sends me an email to release (rerelease?) it. It's stream only on Midwest Broadcast, hit the link below to visit the SoulTools Bandcamp site if you want to download it. You know you can't go wrong when you've got Toki and Lazerbeak on the same track, two of the finest artists in the Twin Cities rap scene. Enjoy.

Toki Wright: "25/8/366 ft. Oskar Ly" (Prod. Lazerbeak)

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