Thursday, July 21, 2011

BK-One: 'Rádio Do Canibal' Extras

BK-One and Benzilla collaborated to create Rádio Do Canibal back in 2009, one of the year's most creative and brilliant hip-hop albums. It remains one of my top-5 Rhymesayers-released albums in recent memory. Now it's 2011, and BK-One has decided to gradually release some extras from the original Rádio Do Canibal studio sessions. Included are instrumentals that didn't make the cut, and original or demo versions of album tracks. BK-One is releasing these songs via his Soundcloud page, and who knows how many more he'll let loose, so I strongly recommend subscribing so you don't miss any exclusive releases. I'll link below to his entire page, where (so far) you can find Slug's original demo of "Gittit," two unreleaed instrumentals, the demo of "Love Like That," and the original version of "Here I Am." I'll try to keep up and post the new additions to the playlist.

BK-One: Rádio Do Canibal Extras

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