Thursday, May 12, 2011

The Daily Show: Tone Def Poetry Jam (Video)

I pondered commenting on the ludicrous story regarding Chicago rapper Common that Fox "News" is stoking, but initially opted to ignore it for its sheer stupidity. I did write on Twitter about how ironic and utterly moronic it was that on the day Tyler, the Creator's album was released, Common, of all people, was the one in the news for being controversial. Really, Fox? Common? I give up. The anchors at Fox have a fetish with being news makers rather than news reporters. But the fact that they're digging for something so trivial as Common getting an invitation to a White House poetry event to flip into controversy is outrageous. I'll continue to ignore Faux News and save for consolation the fact that the Republican party has no viable candidate to legitimately compete with our boy as we move forward towards 2012.

Anyway, as far as this post goes, on last night's The Daily Show, Jon Stewart added some excellent insight, perspective and much needed levity to the Common "controversy."

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Danami said...

WTF. Sly Fox ain't shit. Great find Mike.