Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Mally: "7 Days" (Prod. The Sundance Kid)

Here's another track from Mally and The Sundance Kid. They've been releasing these monthly songs for a while now, hopefully the duo leaks some information regarding the drop of an official EP or LP. Here's what Mally had to say about "7 Days":
7 Days is a musical tale of when a boy sees a girl and is instantly hooked so much so, that he willingly learns everything about her. The infatuation this boy has (as many might) becomes so strong that they can explain what the girl does from the time she goes to work all the way down to how she chews her food on a Tuesday. In this case, the chase just might be better than the catch... Or is it?
Mally: "7 Days" (Prod. The Sundance Kid)

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