Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Blueprint: "So Alive" + EP

Blueprint just released another song from his upcoming album, Adventures in Counbter-Culture. "So Alive" is an electro-pop single with a vintage feel because of the drums and vocal samples. Printmatic also does more singing on this track than I can ever recall. Stream the song below.

"So Alive" has also been remixed by a handful of artists. The remixes are available at a handful of sites:
"So Alive" Remix by Budo
"So Alive" Remix by X:144
"So Alive" Remix by Innerpartysystem

Or, you can grab the entire package at once, which contains the original single and all remixes. The So Alive EP can be purchased via iTunes, Amazon, or on vinyl from Fifth Element. As always, props to Rhymesayers Entertainment.

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