Monday, January 24, 2011

Kanye West Announces Next LP, Other News

Kanye took to Twitter yesterday to announce some very exciting news — some of it we already knew, some of it is new to us. First, Kanye reported he was in the studio working while watching Da Bears game. Kanye probably spends much of his free time in the studio, so this isn't terrible surprising. The exciting part is that he's apparently already working on the follow-up to his magnum opus, and in my opinion 2010's best musical work, My Beautiful Dark Twister Fantasy. The yet-untitled album should apparently be released this summer. According to Kanye, it will be "HIGH END RAP MUSIC." No surprises there. And my personal favorite Tweet of his is listed below, for fun.
In other Kanye news, he claims that the video for the mega-banger "All Of The Lights" will be released in one week, and that his Jay-Z collaboration Watch The Throne will be out in two months.

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