Saturday, December 25, 2010

Sims: "Burn It Down" + 'Bad Time Zoo' Album Preorder

I'm still playing catch up from my brief vacation, but here is one of the most exciting upcoming local projects, already on my shortlist for favorite records of 2011. Sims will be releasing his sophomore solo LP Bad Time Zoo, entirely produced by the esteemed Lazerbeak, in early February. Preorders are now available on the Doomtree website, both in normal and deluxe packages. The deluxe package comes with all kinds of goodies:
• Signed copy of the Bad Time Zoo CD
• Signed poster
• Two exclusive extra songs
• Password to a live, streaming webcast with Sims and friends. [Questions will be answered. Secrets will be shared.]
• Chance to win a mask worn in the Burn It Down music video
• Exclusive BTZ t-shirt (available only to the pre-ordering crowd)
• A Sims-brand box cutter to be used to cut the origami-style album art which folds into a dioramic mini zoo. [A blade! In the mail! Dangerous and fun!]
• The entire package arrives in a silk-screened box, rendering the recipient the coolest kid on the boulevard.
Preorders help support local and independent musicians, so jump on this opportunity now. Buy two, in fact! Also, check out the lead single from the project, "Burn It Down". If the rest of the album sounds this good, we're in for something special.

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