Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Mac Lethal Releases The Original 11:11 Sessions + More

Mac Lethal's Rhymesayers debut LP, as many of you should know, was 11:11. However, the album that was released was actually the second version, as Mac went through some personal business and decided his first version became dark and outdated. Only now has Mac Lethal released The Original 11:11 Sessions, which can be picked up at Fifth Element or Lethalville.net. And if you want to see him speak on some other projects, as well as shamelessly promote his own personal mechandise, check the video below.


Anonymous said...

Mac Lethal is a lying, douchey, attention whore. I've met him several times and everything about his presence just screams "jaded cuntwash". BTW, I know a girl who hooked up with him-she said he was rivaled by a chapstick container. Mac Lethal sucks. True story.

Anonymous said...

Mac Lethal is a truthful, awesome, humble angel. I've known him my entire life and everything about his presence calmly says "yes I will lend you money". BTW, I know a girl who never hooked up with him-he told her he had a girlfriend and politely thanked her for the CD purchase. Mac Lethal is a good person. True story.

NarcAnon said...

Best point/counter-point I've ever read!