Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Peter Parker of B96 Calls Out Twin Cities Hip-Hop

B96's resident DJ Peter Parker got a little frustrated on air the other day. Give the following clip a listen, as his rant is really worthwhile. He speaks on the inadequate work ethics of many local Twin Cities artists. Peter Parker is putting kids on the map with his Homegrown Heatrocks segment, local artists need to send him some records!

Peter Parker Calls Out Twin Cities Hip-Hop


Chris said...

How true is this though? Man, to be honest, I really don't know much about Peter Parker. Really only heard of him with this last string of local studio freestyles he's put out... but he's saying some stuff here that is absolutely the truth--if you're not hustling right now, and you're claiming that there's no love out there for local music, you've lost your mind.

I'm especially biased on this because he's my friend, but take Guante for instance... the guy will almost play whenever, wherever... and why? To get his words out there. He's a fantastic MC and poet, but who the hell cares... there are hundreds, if not thousands of other talented MCs in the TC... you've got to hustle, get your name out there, and do work. Plain and simple.

Skill is good, but unless you're making it known, skill isn't enough.

jon jon said...

co-sign Chris, bills have to be smart and promo aggressive, his last line-up didn't achieve that + the venue is now closed, so.

Takeova said...

well if it is true then listen to my music im a local artist who's tryna put twins city on tha map with rnb and hiphop music the name sic the punchliner check me out @ www.myspace.com/takeovasick

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