Thursday, February 26, 2009

Last Of The Record Buyers: Lazerbeak vs. Medium Zach Beat Battle (Round 2 of 2) (Video)

Previously: Lazerbeak vs. Medium Zach, Round 1

So, I previously had a little something else written about how Lazerbeak cooked up "Legend Recognize Legend" right now the spot, but as Medium Zach himself just pointed out in the c-section below, they had two weeks to prepare for Round 2. It wasn't an impromptu, on-the-spot beat making session like Round 1 was. Either way, these videos were a chance to see two of the Twin Cities' most talented producers share the spotlight and promote good local hip-hop. As Brother Ali sarcastically pointed out, in true Minnesota fashion the battle ended in a tie. Everyone wins (especially the fans), haha.

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medium zach said...

ay man, thank you for posting:

The second round beats we had two weeks to make before the battle. The first round were the ones we made on the spot.