Friday, February 13, 2009

Brother Ali: 'Making Music' In-Depth Interview (Videos)

Alright, this isn't going to be a very user friendly or aesthetically pleasing post, but FUCK IT!

So the University of Minnesota's Whole Music Club puts on a regular artist spotlight series called Making Music where certain Twin Cities musical figures (past guests include Slug, P.O.S., and Dessa) sit down for an extended-format interview and discuss, well, just about anything. A while back, Brother Ali was their guest, and the committee just posted a slew of videos from the interview on their YouTube page. Here's all of the videos from the interview, I tried to put them in a somewhat logical order. Thankfully, YouTube began embedding the titles for each video in their windows, so I don't have to provide descriptions for each one. Still, topics include his early influences, performing, his relationships with Slug and Ant, touring with Rakim, and meeting BK-One. He also performs his latest single, "Good Lord," in the first video in the list. There you have it. These are all highly recommended by yours truly, so take a break and dedicate some time to listen what the Street Preacher has to say.


jon jon said...

knowledge born!

Whole Music Club said...

We love Ali. Thanks for sharing.